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An Espritza Bubbly Rose Wine Review

Have you tried these cans of Espritza Bubbly Rosè wine at ALDI? Check out my review, and let me know what you think of it!

an espritza bubbly rose wine review

About a month ago, I impulse bought this pack of Espritza Bubbly Rosè at ALDI. Happy summer, right?! Let’s start with the basics on this limited time special buy:

  • You get four 250 ml cans for $4.99 (price at my store; may vary by region)
  • This is a light, fruity rosé, which boasts “notes of strawberry and raspberry”
  • 10% alcohol by volume

So, what did I think of this one?

An Espritza Bubbly Rosé wine review

espritza bubbly rose packaging

This review is for those of you of legal drinking age, in states where stores are allowed to sell alcohol. I’ve been meaning to check out and review this seasonal summer Find for you for a while, and finally got around to trying my Espritza this past week.

(Also look for four packs of of Espritza bubbly white wine in stores seasonally, if rosé is not for you.)

A pretty little sparkling wine, in a pretty little glass

pouring aldi bubbly rose

I’ve been cleaning out my cabinets and downsizing in preparation to move soon. After being in a house for so long you run across all sorts of interesting things in the process, and I recently found these pretty little floral etched glasses that I didn’t even remember I had. So, these feel new to me — what fun! (And, doesn’t the bubbly rosè look so nice in there?)

I highly recommend chilling this wine in the fridge before serving. I first brought a couple of cans to a friend’s house to share at an appropriate social distance in her driveway, but since this was an impromptu decision I just grabbed the pack out of my cabinet. While Espritza rosé was lovely straight out of the can with a friend, it was definitely tastier the second go-round, chilled in a glass.

Perfect for one

stephen king book with a glass of bubbly rose

Since I’m the only adult in my household (and generally only drink socially), I don’t open a whole bottle of wine for just one person unless I’m planning also to cook with it. These little cans of ALDI bubbly rosé, though, are the perfect size for one. Just open the one you’re planning to drink, and the rest will keep nicely for later!

My pretty little glass of sparkling rosé paired perfectly with the Stephen King series I’ve been re-reading, elevating my socially isolated solo date night while the kids were at their dad’s this weekend. Light, refreshing, and fruity as advertised, very tasty chilled, and just the perfect amount in these little cans.

What’s your favorite ALDI wine?

I think the last wine I purchased at ALDI was the cheap Winking Owl for cooking, but I really enjoyed this Espritza Rosé. (It’s seasonal, so try it this summer while available…) Plus, it’s pretty affordable: At $4.99 for four, that’s just $1.25 a can — a relative bargain compared to other bubbly rosés.

What’s your own favorite ALDI wine?