Ham all week — Kentucky Legend is good!

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Wow that was a lot of ham. I picked up a huge Kentucky Legend ham on clearance this morning at Ultra for $6.62, made it in the crockpot, and am putting half in the freezer immediately (to join his Farmland bacon brothers)! That is a gallon freezer bag and a LARGE bowl you see — I might freeze more in a couple days, but we’ll see how we do, lol. Don’t think we ever had Kentucky Legend before, but it turned out to be darn tasty, and the frozen ready made slices will be handy another time.

What To Eat Wednesday — Leftover ham edition

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Welcome back to What To Eat Wednesday for 12/19/13. Which, yeah, I think just might have to change into What To Eat THURSDAY… Each week, Trish and I feature a couple of recipe ideas around current grocery store sales, and then  all of you are invited to share your own ideas in comments here. Most grocery sales started yesterday 12/18 or today 12/19.

Note: We’re just listing which stores have some of the major ingredients for these recipes on sale, not saying to run around to every store to pick up an ingredient here, an ingredient there, because that’s not frugal. :) Combine what’s on sale with what’s already in your pantry, to feed your family frugally and deliciously.

What’s up this week?


Well, since a lot of you will be partaking in some of this week’s ham sales for your holiday feasts, we thought a couple of uses for your leftovers might be in order. First up, to use that nice flavorful ham bone, is Spicy Ham Bone slow cooker soup: If you’re not big on split pea or other traditional ham bone soups, try this one!


And then we have Pasta With Ham & Broccoli in Parmesan Cream Sauce, which is a different use for some of that left over ham.

So where are these things on sale?


  • Meijer: Bush’s Best variety beans, $1.00.
  • Tony’s: Goya low sodium beans 4/$3.00. Print $1.00/5 here.


  • Angelo Caputo’s: Broccoli crowns, $.69/lb.
  • Meijer: Broccoli crowns, 5 for $5.
  • Pete’s Market: California broccoli or cauliflower, $.79/lb.
  • Tony’s: Broccoli crowns or cauliflower, $.79/lb.
  • Ultra Foods: Broccoli crowns, $.69/lb.
  • Valli Produce: California crown broccoli, $.69/lb.


  • Mariano’s: 32 oz Swanson broth, $1.75.
  • Meijer: 32 oz Meijer broth, $1.69.
  • Pete’s Market: Kitchen Basics or Medford Farms stock, $1.79. 32 oz College Inn broth, $1.99.
  • Valli Produce: Medford Farms 32 oz broth, $2.00.


  • Mariano’s: California organic celery, $1.49.
  • Tony’s: Celery, $.99 each.
  • Ultra Foods: Dole celery, $1.18.

Half & Half

  • Pete’s Market: Quart Dean’s half & half, $1.99.
  • Tony’s: Dean’s 32 oz half & half or egg nog, $1.99.
  • Valli Produce: 16 oz Prairie Farms half & half or .5 pint whipping cream, $.99.


  • ALDI: Shank ham, $.99/lb. Butt ham, $1.19/lb. Spiral ham, $1.49/lb. Specially selected spiral double glazed brown sugar ham, $1.99/lb.
  • Jewel: Cook’s spiral sliced whole or half ham, $1.49/lb limit 1 with $25 purchase. Cook’s shank half ham, $.69/lb limit 1 with $25 purchase. Cook’s butt half ham, $.89/lb limit 1 with $25 purchase.
  • Meijer: Cook’s or Hormel Cure 81 spiral sliced half ham, $1.27/lb limit 2. Cook’s shank ham, $.77/lb limit 2.
  • Pete’s Market: Sugardale shank smoked ham, $1.19/lb. Butt, $1.39/lb.
  • Tony’s: Sugardale shank portion ham, $.69/lb limit 1 with $25 purchase.
  • Ultra Foods: Sugardale hardwood smoked ham shank, $.89/lb. Butt, $.99/lb.
  • Valli Produce: Jamestown spiral sliced ham, $1.49/lb.


  • Jewel: 8 oz mushrooms, $1.50.
  • Tony’s: Green Giant 16 oz white mushrooms, $2.50.
  • Ultra Foods: 16 oz Green Giant whole white mushrooms, $2.50.


  • ALDI: 3 lb yellow onions, $.69.
  • Pete’s Market: 3 lb yellow onions, $.99.


  • ALDI: Priano parmesan or asiago 8 oz cheese wedge, $2.99.
  • Valli Produce: Parmigiano Reggiano, $9.99/lb.


  • Angelo Caputo’s: Barilla pasta, $.99. Use $1.00/2 pasta AND sauce in the 11/10 SS.
  • Meijer: Barilla blue box pasta, $1.00.
  • Pete’s Market: Misko pasta, $.99. Barilla pasta, $.99.
  • Ultra Foods: 32 oz Creamette pasta, $1.99.
  • Valli Produce: Barilla pasta, $.99.


  • ALDI: 10 lb russet potatoes, $1.49.
  • Angelo Caputo’s: Russet potatoes 8 lb bag, $1.29.
  • Tony’s: 5 lb bag red or Idaho potatoes, $1.50.
  • Ultra Foods: 8 lb Idaho potatoes, $1.98.

Next up: Share your own recipes!

After you check out this week’s recipes, be sure to check out the store sales this week. Most grocery matchups are now up, so choose a store from the top menu and browse their current deals. Then, please share: What are you going to be making around what’s on sale this week? Let’s help each other out with recipe ideas — thanks!

ALDI — check for $5.00 off ham

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Some of you mentioned a while back that your ALDI had hams for $5.00 off. Well, I stopped by the Villa Park ALDI on Roosevelt today (for cheap strawberries and $1.88 milk!) and finally saw the wonderful $5.00 off sign there. So if you’re in the area or want to see if your store is clearancing them out as well, Appleton Farms spiral sliced hams are $1.49/lb, then $5.00 off each at the register.


I got two, one for $6.83 and one for $6.10. These expire soon — one was 2/15 and one was 2/23 — but ham freezes nicely. That made these hams about $.86 a pound, and they’re really good!

Zaycon Foods — ham and sausage events open in Illinois!

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This is new! Zaycon Foods has upcoming Illinois pickups for Carve Master Boneless Smoked Ham and Sausage Links.

Again, if you’re not familiar with Zaycon Foods,

Ham and sausage product info from their site

Ham — $3.29/lb, $72.38 for 22 lbs

• Made from fresh outside muscle only
• Precooked and slow smoked with real apple wood
• Approved as LEAN by the USDA
• Completely boneless for easier carving
• Freshness guaranteed for up to 100 days
• Each 22lb order contains two individually vacuum sealed hams per case

Pork sausage links — $2.69/lb, 20 lbs for $53.80

• Rated #1 by Cooks Illustrated January 2012
• The best trim (loin, ham, belly)
• Fresh – “Today’s trim is today’s sausage.”
• 100% natural spice blend
• Each order contains two 10lb cases of 1oz links — not precooked!

Pickup locations and getting together

They have a lot of pickup locations this time, so hopefully there is a date and time that will work for you. Head over to Zaycon to place your order now. And please feel free to chat and get together in comments about splitting orders, if these are too large for your family.

Illinois locations include:

Elk Grove Village

All pickups are in late February. See the Zaycon site for specific locations and times.

Hormel Cure 81 Ham Deal — Jewel

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This was in reader deals, but let’s pull it out by itself. Most Jewel stores appear not yet to have Hormel Cure 81 half hams — I went to Villa Park and Lombard today with no luck, and Steve F. commented that only 2 out of the 5 Jewels he visited had it in stock. However, I’d suspect more stores will start to stock these as we get closer to the holidays, and we have a couple of weeks here.

  1. Hormel Cure 81 half hams are $3.99/lb. Look for the smallest hams you can find, running around $12-$14 each. Buy two.
  2. Use the BOGO store coupon from the booklet in today’s Chicago Tribune; also available in-store.
  3. Use two $3.00/1 manufacturer coupons from the Winter Feast booklet currently out in stores — the one with the roast on the front.
  4. Get two half hams for about $6-$8 after stacked coupons!

Help me with my ham-potato soup

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… lol. I threw the chicken I bought yesterday into the crockpot, but that was going to be done too late for dinner. So, decided to cobble together a ham/potato soup out of leftovers. It turned out pretty good, but I think it is missing something to make it better. Here’s what I did:


diced 3 small onions, browned in butter with a bunch of garlic.
diced up my last 4 Idaho potatoes, added to pot, added water to cover, brought to a boil, then cooked til potatoes were tender.
Added 2 3/4 cups milk (end of a container).
Added about 2 cups diced ham (from one of those cheap Jewel holiday hams).
Added a little over 1 cup shredded cheddar (what was left in the bag).
Added salt, pepper, parsley, basil, and crushed red pepper to taste.

Now — I think if I make it again, I’d either add a little flour or mash up some extra potato and add to thicken it up. But it also seems like it needs a little something else. Kale? (I have spinach, but don’t think that would stand up…) Help me out, here. :)

Beer rebate for your ham/turkey deal

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town comments on an even better deal, if you’re a beer drinker:

This gets even better. In Jewel there was a tearpad with a $10 rebate back on 12 pack of bud brands of beer with any turkey or ham purchase (over $10). The beer was only $8.99. So combining that with the Turkey/Ham offer also get a 12pack of beer. Who can argue free beer and make an additional $1.01? Sweet deal.

Read Jill Cataldo’s forum for more. Ginny notes that the $10.00 rebate is on Bud but that there’s a coupon for $5.00 off Miller wyb a ham. So, stop on over by the beer and look for rebate forms and coupons if you’re planning on buying the ham/turkey!

If you missed the earlier posts: In Sunday’s Tribune in the front section, there was a $9.00 off holiday ham Jewel store coupon. This is also found in Thursday’s Jewel ad, if you get yours in the mail before Th. Combine with the blue in-store coupon found by the turkey or ham: Get a free Jennie-O turkey breast when you buy a Cook’s spiral cut ham. (This expires 12/16, so you’ll need to do this through Wed. only.) If you want the beer, too, look for the rebate forms and you’ll end up with free beer to go with your free turkey and cheap ham — Now that’s a holiday! ;)

Ham coupon in Thursday’s Jewel ad!

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Hey! For those of you who didn’t get a Sunday Trib with the $9.00 off ham coupon for Jewel, there is also one in Thursday’s ad! I just got mine in the mail, and the coupon is good 12/13-12/26. So if you get yours in the mail today or tomorrow or can pick one up in store, you can use it through Wed. with the buy Cook’s spiral ham, get free Jennie-O turkey breast in-store coupon. Sue points out in comments that it’s good to hand the ham coupon over first, because it requires additional $20 purchase. The turkey should about get you there, but if you hand the turkey coupon over first, the register won’t show over $20 anymore.

Jewel ham coupon in Tribune

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Megan points out that there’s a $9.00 off holiday ham coupon (requires $20 purchase) on p11 of the front section of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune. Also look in-store — people on Couponers Wanted — especially Mrs. Piggy, who posted it first (thanks!) — are finding a buy a Cook’s spiral ham, get a free frozen Jennie-O turkey breast coupon near the Jennie-O. (Thanks, Michelle, for the clarification!) If you can find that in your store, this is a great deal with both coupons. I forgot to check at my Jewel today, but will be giving a look next trip.

Ham-veggie soup recipe, I made it up!

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If you still are working on your Easter ham and looking for something to do with the ham bone, here’s a crockpot soup recipe for you. We got one of those ham deals least week — I just couldn’t see tossing that bone, and couldn’t find a good recipe for anything but baked beans (which my family is not so fond of). So I made up a recipe with stuff I happened to have in the house, and here’s what I did:

In a large crockpot, combine:

  1. Ham bone (with some good chunks of meat still left on it)
  2. 5-6 smallish potatoes, cubed
  3. 8oz fresh mushrooms, sliced
  4. one bag valley fresh steamers green beans
  5. one can corn, drained
  6. one medium chopped onion
  7. one can cream of chicken soup
  8. Enough water to cover the bone
  9. a little bit of salt, generous shakes of black pepper, a few shakes of red pepper flakes

Cooked on low for 10 hours, then pulled out the bones, shredded the rest of the meat off and put it back in. Refrigerate for a few hours, skim off the fat, reheat, and eat. If I were to make this again, I’d leave out the salt (I forgot how salty ham is!) and maybe add a couple more veggies, but it turned out pretty darn well — we’ve been eating it for a couple of days now :).

So, I thought I’d share, because I never winged a crockpot recipe before — but this was easy, cheap, and good!

I figure: The ham bone we had anyway, the canned soup was $.50, green beans $.40, mushrooms $1.50, onion $.20, potatoes $.25, corn $.50 — so call it an even $3.50 with the seasonings. This made a lot of soup — I’m going to say 8-10 servings, easy.