Products that make me mad — Yoplait Whips

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So I was at Ultra Foods the other day taking advantage of their big Yoplait yogurt sale. They were out of the light cups so I went with “whips,” which I’d never purchased before. HUGE MISTAKE. Check this out:

  • Yoplait light yogurt? six ounces
  • Yoplait whips? four ounces

Yes: You get a third less product for the same price — and it appears to simply be Yoplait light yogurt that they have simply whipped up so it’s full of air. Stir, and it collapses like a souffle into four ounces of real yogurt. Nice trick, Yoplait! Not only that, the texture is completely off. I don’t like it. The kids don’t like it. Good thing I have 10 more cups…

So what products make you mad?

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  1. Jill says

    We love the texture of the whips better than regular yogurt. It does stink that it is less than other yogurt but if you look it also is made with a lot of sugar not sweetener like the light.

  2. Becky says

    Yep, noticed that a long time ago…DH is picky about HOW many OUNCES of yogurt he eats…anything less than 6 ounces and he pisses and moans about how he will then have to take TWO yogurts to work! :)

  3. says

    We love the Whips. I guess everyone has different likes and dislikes. I don’t feel upset about the size. It is not like they marketed them as the same amount.

  4. Trish says

    I feel the same way you do about the whips, they don’t taste right and the texture is awful, but they are my husbands favorite so I constantly have them in the fridge. I feel the same way about the deceiving amount of air found at the top of most chip bags :)

  5. Amanda says

    This comparison was just in this months Consumer Reports. They did an article on products that showed various products that have decreased in size but not price due to the economy. I guess research showed that people would rather pay the same price for a smaller product than have the price increased on the “regular sized” product. Very psychological, but there are those of us that don’t aren’t really sensitive to one over the other when it really equals out to be the same thing in the end.

    • Logan says

      Heh. smaller packages at the same price is nothing new. it’s not just the recent economy, companies have been doing this (and consumer reports has been reporting on it) for *decades*. The real kicker is that once the packages get so small that people finally notice and start complaining, then the company will come out with a “new” “value” sized item at the original size but significantly higher price than you used to pay.

      my personal pet peeve? ice cream. First the industry downsized from half gallons to 1.75 quarts, then again down to 1.5 quarts. Now we have 1.5 quarts of “double churned” and “lower calorie” — which is just marketing speak for more air whipped into it — which they’re trying to convince us somehow makes the product better?? It won’t be long at all before they start pushing “convenient” quarts as the “normal” size, and the standard half-gallon comes back as a more expensive “family” size.

      (Anywho… sorry for all the excessive quotes in that last paragraph, but it’s hard to keep a straight face when discussing food marketing)

      • says

        I know, it’s not new — another personal favorite is the Kraft 2% milk cheese, which started out as 8oz and then dropped to 7oz while the regular cheese stayed the same. But to whip it up with air? Just seemed like a new low (or incredibly smart marketing, I guess — LOL). Ugh, I’m just annoyed at myself for buying so many.

  6. Anne says

    Put some whip cream or Cool Whip Lite on it to make it more of a dessert. I love Pop Chips, but there is hardly anything in the bag. Thankfully, Ultra had the wrong sign in front of the Pop Chips, it said Vitner’s Pop Chips 3/$5. Vitners delivers Pop Chips and Pop Chips were actually $2.50/each. They actually honored the 3/$5 price, but $1.66 for a bag of hardly any chips is still steep. At least it’s a little healthier than regular chips and I did get a bargain compared to the regular pricing.

  7. JenniF says

    I don’t think you’re supposed to stir them! LOL! Try freezing them and eating them frozen, they’re good that way too!

  8. Christine says

    How about tiny candy bars like the 3 Musketeers “lite” or whatever it is. What is that? YOu think you are getting a CANDY bar not a mini!

  9. says

    Well, who pays for this stuff anyway? Rachel, are you pissing about only getting 4 ozs for free instead of 6? Why doesn’t anyone comment on the fact that the standard size used to be 8 oz (a full cup – wait, is that phrase trade-marked?) Just hold on, you’ve got 16 quarts of Chobani coming your way…

  10. Pam says

    If it wasn’t for the whips, I wouldn’t eat yoghurt at all. I, for one, love the texture. So, to each their own, eh?

  11. Nancy K says

    Thats what “whipped” is though… Like whipped cream, whipped eggs, etc. So it shouldn’t be a surprise, really.

  12. Tammi says

    The Motts for Tots juices since they are just watered down apple juice. You’re getting less juice so you should really just buy regular apple juice and water it down yourself if you want to.

    • Samantha says

      I agree one day I took the time to read the label and saw the first ingredient was water -it’s actually just watered down apple juice! So I bought the “regular” and added my own water.

  13. ammommy says

    I LOVE Whips………..I’m not a huge fan of yogurt though and this reminds me of a whipped jello my mom used to make. I usually put two containers in a bowl with some nuts and eat away :-)

  14. Chris says

    Orange juice. Used to be 64oz was standard, now Tropicana and other big names have down-sized to 59oz, but charge the same. Some off-brands are still 64 oz,though, so make sure to compare prices before you buy the stuff on sale that is really only 59 oz.

  15. maia says

    I have to say that I don’t like this yogurt in the regular flavors, but the chocolate one, that a whole different ball game.
    my daughter and I just LOVE the chocolate whip yogurt.

  16. LauraL says

    I hate products that make it seem like they are low in calories or salt. If you look at the calorie count on those low calorie frozen meals and compare it to regular meals – there’s not much of a difference.

    Same with “lower sodium” products – read the label they might be slightly lower than there regular product but still very high in salt.

  17. Dee says

    My son prefers the whipped yogurt but I never noticed the size difference…I just bought a bunch of these (and other types) the other day..What I hate (as well as other people do) is how the ice cream containers have SHRUNK but they charge the same price…grrrrrr (ditto for coffee, cereal and so on..)

  18. Lisa says

    My personal pet peeve is boxed pasta. It used to be 16oz. aka 1 pound. Now you have to check the boxes, many of them are 14.5 oz for the same price. I have yet to come across a recipe that calls for 14.5 oz of pasta.

  19. CouponMe says

    Did anyone else notice all the food coloring and HFCS in your Yoplait Light yogurts?! THAT had me very upset… “healthy” yogurt packed with HFCS and tons of food coloring, then tack on some artificial sweetners. The one I ate gave me a headache… we won’t be buying these again at any price until they clean up their ingredient list.

    • Melanie says

      Did you know that some foods such as yogurt, ice cream, boxed red velvet cake and so on sometimes use the red coloring extracted from insect shells? I think its specifically a certain type of beetle. It is called Carmine (also called Crimson Lake, Cochineal, Natural Red 4, C.I. 75470, or E120)

      I learned about it about a year ago while watching Dateline or 20/20 or something like that. I still eat foods that use it because I am sure there are othr weird things that have been out there forever that don’t really harm you.

  20. nancy says

    it seems terrible to pay that much for air, same thing applies to Macdonald’s soft serve ice cream (which is why I never buy them). Paying extra for whipping in air shouldn’t cost that much

  21. Sandy says

    Juice is a bad one. 50 and lite to me means they watered it down so you are paying the same full price for something you could have watered down yourself and got double the product.

    • says

      LOL Kindra — I think this is my favorite reason of the lot: “Reason: The marketing department decided to change the packaging, and with that came a change in size.”

  22. Molly says

    I was buying feta the other day and just grabbed one. When I got home I realized it was fat free feta. Don’t ever ever go for the fat free. It tastes like feet.

  23. Lynne says

    You are not supposed to stir them. If you just take a spoonful and stick it in your mouth, it’s supposed to be like moose (sp). I think that they are also trying the old trick of putting the food on a smaller plate (container) to fool us into feeling fuller. Doesn’t work with me, but I don’t think that my daughters know that there is an ounce difference.

    • says

      LOL you guys — I didn’t figure you were supposed to stir them, just thought I’d see what happened after we all tasted and didn’t like it. It collapses into 4 oz, but the consistency still isn’t the same. :)

  24. M. Singer says

    Oh ick! Melanie had to go and bring up Carmine. When I found out about
    Carmine (many, many years ago in a galaxy far away) I stopped wearing
    lipstick. And now I read on the Wiki that they add it to yogurt! I know it’s added to some lunch meats and hot dogs.
    My Grocery Peeve is the foil pans (I like to use them when I go to a potluck)
    aren’t 9×13 any more…they’re 8 x 111/2 or something like that. Trying to find
    5×9 foil loaf pans is also tricky. Many 5×8’s. I see that the 8×8 square cake
    pans are now going to 7×7.
    Rachel’s Mom

  25. says

    Hi. I am The Director of Consumer Services for General Mills/Yoplait and happened to see your posting. I am sorry you did not enjoy our Whips product. Whips is an entirely different product than Yoplait Light, designed primarily as a dessert substitute with the consistency of mousse, in great tasting Yoplait flavors. I would be happy to refund the money you spent on Whips or replace them with other Yoplait varieties. Please contact me at the email address provided.

    • Linda Cuellar says


      • Jeff Hagen says

        Linda, I’m happy to hear that you enjoy Whips. I’m sorry that they are sometmes difficult to find. While we would like every flavor of every product we make to be on all retailers shelves, the retailers have limited space and stock only the products that sell teh best for them. It gets even tougher with club stores like Sam’s bcause they carry very few items within any product category. I will forward your comments to our sales and marketing teams so they can let the retailers know what we’re hearing. You may wish to tell the store manager where you regularly shop that you’d like to see more of these.

        • brandy morgan says

          Im addicted to the whips! I have scoured all the grocery stores in my area and have managed to find 5 flavors, but im steadily hunting for the vanilla. There needs to be some sort of tracker or “yoplait delivery boy” lol. I HATE regular yogurt but i havent found a flavor whip i dont like!

          • Julie says

            I love the vanilla whips too, but nobody carries them around me anymore! I’ve asked at my local Jewel, and they said Yoplait was discontinuing them to make more of the more expensive Greek yogurts. I hope this is not true. My kids and I are fans of plain old boring vanilla, and it’s getting harder to find.

    • Tyggs says

      Gee. None of you should be eating that Yoplait crap yourselves let alone feed it to your kids. It’s more pudding than anything remotely resembling yogurt. Check the sugars and carbs: the amounts are staggering! And, it is added high-fructose corn syrup! No wonder we are an obese, sick nation!!

  26. Angel says

    I’m so glad you posted this. I know I’m late, but I just opened up this crap and didn’t even realize (until I read your post)that it has real sugar. Glad I just grabbed one.

  27. ADW says

    Well, if it wasn’t for whips I would never eat yogurt….At 48 years of age, the whip is the only reason I eat yogurt and that just started about 3 weeks ago…lol, so I guess I have no complaints as of now.

  28. Michelle says

    I eat Whips as a dessert. I get the idea that’s what they’re intended to be, more or less. Just look a the flavors. Desserts…

  29. Wilma says

    Reading all these replies,I now know why it is so difficult to find Whipped Yoplait. I am almost 90 years old and never could eat yogurt, then found Whipped!! now my nephew checks every other day and buys all they have on the shelf – from 12 to 20, for he knows that I have become an addict, but would just like to have more variety…but this great-grannie will make it if they keep making it!

  30. Suzann says

    For ice cream, Blue Bell is still sold in 1/2 gallon containers–still a private company.

    I have way too many recipes I have to buy 2 of something instead of 1 and then wind up with an open
    container in the fridge.

    • feelgood says

      Suzann, check the dates on your Blue Bell 1/2 gallon containers, your store may have sold you expired stock. All the ones I bought in the last year and what’s in my freezer are 1.75 qt.

  31. Natasha says

    What the hell does Chicago have to do with anything?
    Yoplait Whips is my crack. Everyone hated them but I love them, Whips has in general ruined all other yogurt. Keep the Whips coming!

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