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Welcome, visitors! So you might be wondering: How on earth did I end up here? Well, since I stopped updating LISJobs several years ago, it seemed high time to take down that crumbling edifice: The site came down for good back in 2016.

  • Still looking for a library job? I suggest as a place to start.

Also visit your local library system. In IL, for instance, RAILS is a fantastic resource.

What am I up to?

Or, were you looking for Rachel Singer (Gordon)? This is where I hang out now (speaking of alternative careers)… I’ve been using my librarian skills to run Mashup Mom since 2009. Welcome!

Please stick around and browse for a bit, since there’s something for everyone here:

… and so much more! (OK, not library jobs… but other things for everyone!)

But wait, there’s more

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What else are you looking for?

Good luck with your library job hunt, and I’m glad you’re here — however serendipitously.