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Spinach Feta Quesadillas

Vegetarian dinners can be both fresh & filling, as in this Spinach Feta Quesadillas recipe! Try these on Meatless Monday, or any night you have a hankering for flavor-filled little pockets of deliciousness. Yesterday I was thinking about how much I like the combination of spinach and feta in spanakopita… but of course didn’t have …

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Many Mushroom Quesadillas

Full of garlicky mushrooms and melty cheese, 30 minute Many Mushroom Quesadillas make for a quick & satisfying Meatless Monday dinner. Sometimes you just need easy and quick on a busy Meatless Monday evening… Quick like Many Mushroom Quesadillas, perchance! Sometimes I just whip up a small batch of mushroom quesadillas for myself — when …

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