10 speed Oster Blender just $15.00


If you’re looking for a cheap blender to do smoothies, etc., this Oster should do the job — and it’s currently just $15.00 on Amazon! Eligible for Prime or free shipping at $35.00.

  • Powerful 450 watt motor of ice crushing power with 10 speeds including pulse
  • 6 Cup break-resistant plastic jar is BPA free
  • Oster All Metal Drive for lasting durability
  • Removable filler cap for easy and convenient filling and measuring
  • Stainless steel “Ice Crusher” blade for perfectly crushed ice every time

(Thanks, Grocery Shop for Free)

Quilted Northern Double Rolls as low as $0.30 Each!

Amazon has 48 double rolls of Quilted Northern toilet paper for as low as $19.15! Choose Subscribe & Save and have 5 subscriptions to get this price.

Don’t want to do that? No problem! This product is also part of the buy 3 get 1 free back-to-school promo, so buy 4 and even without subscribe and save, you’re paying just 18.7 cents per single roll equivalent!

Want the best deal? Buy 4 and checkout with Subscribe & Save and have 5 total subscriptions and you’ll pay just $0.15 per single roll equivalent after 20% discount and B3G1 free promo!


Prices on Amazon often change quickly. You need to be logged in to see and clip coupons, which are limit one per account and will come off just the first shipment. You can cancel subscribe & save or skip a shipment at any time. You get 5% off and free shipping with subscribe & save, which increases to 15% off if you have five subscriptions on the same day/month, or 20% off if you have five + Amazon Mom with Prime.

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Reader deals 8/28/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Found by feelgood, select Amazon accounts are receiving an offer for a free $10 promo code with a $50 gift card purchase. Sign into your account then click on this gift card promotion link, and you’ll either see the offer or a message saying your account is ineligible.


  • Sarah says: “I know that Costco always has Horizon organic creamer in the 32oz carton for that $4ish price. They also carry organic milk, but its not the Horizon brand. Their organic ground beef is a little over $4/lb which seems to be a good price. If you eat a lot of organic food, it seems like Costco would be a good place to go.”
  • She also shares: “I don’t know if this was a special deal or not, but at the Costco in North Riverside, they had an 8 pack of cartons of Kirkland Campbell’s soup tomato basil bisque soup for about $5 and they are delicious. I also got an 8 pack of Muir Glen fire roasted diced tomatoes for around $3. Right now La Croix sparkling water is $6ish for a pack of 30, which is a good price for that.”
  • Artie confirms: “Every Costco I’ve been to,7,carry Horizon half & half,and heavy cream. 64 oz cartons”
  • From Lori: “The [Namaste] GF flour is a favorite of my gluten free teen who loves to bake! We also have been purchasing the Nitrate free bacon at Cosco – I think it is $14.99 for three 12oz pkgs. My family loves bacon, but I hate to feed them Nitrates – and the bacon tastes great.”
  • Martha comments: “The organic milk is sold in multiple packs of 1/2 gal containers, and I want to say the works out to around $4 per 1/2 gal.”
  • SoapboxTray adds: “I regularly buy the Horizon half and half for creamer, I gave up the flavored ones about a hear ago. The expiration dates on the half and half is good too, usually a month or two out. Lake Zurich usually carries Horizon whipping cream too and the individual chocolate milks. There organic milk was $11 I believe for 3 half gallon containers.”
  • Martha shares: “I have a family of five and a few regular items I buy there are:
    • Kirkland/Starbucks Fair Trade coffee beans, it’s something like a 3 or 5lb bag for $10
    • Organic tortilla chips, a HUGE bag is about $3
    • Their 2pk of Kirkland multigrain bread is delicious and is $4, and does not have that yoga mat bread additive in it
    • Hamburger buns come in a 12 pack for about $2.30, nice big ones, also without the additive in it.
    • Usually I’ll buy them and we’ll have burgers and crumbly burgers (like sloppy joes) that week.
    • Their 4 lb packs of butter are between $8-9, so about $2 per lb
    • Their 24 pk of organic free range eggs are a little over $6, they can be found cheaper occasionally elsewhere, but for consistency, this is a decent price
    • They have a big pack of 6 romaine lettuce hearts for I think just under $4 that we get and use for salads, sandwiches, shred for tacos, etc.
    • At first I thought I was crazy for getting so many at once, but so far, I don’t know that we’ve had much waste when I’ve bought them.
    • I also buy their diapers when there is a coupon that month, it works out to be cheaper than Amazon Mom (both huggies and Kirkland), and
    • Oxyclean generally goes on sale for $4 off every couple of months, making it about $12-13 for the big box of it.
    • We used to always get string cheese there, but the price has gone up a bit over the past year or so. It is still a decent price at $10 for a 48 pack, but it used to be $8-something.”
  • Lynn says: “Charisma bath sheets (the great big towels) are $11.99. They have limited colors, but I bought off white and they’re less than half the price of other stores. They also now sell baguette style bread in their bakery and it’s delicious. The shorter fatter loaves were tasty, but the long skinny ones are more versatile for our family. I think they are $4.99 for 2. Fage nonfat yogurt is also a good deal. They increased the size of the container and raised the price – now 48 oz for $5.99, but delicious if you can eat the equivalent of 8 small containers by the expiration date (hint: only use a clean utensil to scoop; fruit remnants will encourage mold to grow quickly!). K-cups, organic chicken stock, sea salt, dog food and (for an occasional indulgence) cheeseburger flavor chips – weird, but oddly addicting – are recurring buys.”


  • On the Starbucks coupon, Terri J reports: “Wouldn’t work at Walmart. Worked at Jewel with 1.00 overage.”
  • And Valentina S. points out: “Save $1.00 when you buy one single bottled Starbucks iced coffee offer is also on Saving Star. Exp. 9/15/2014. One time use only.”



  • A find from Liz: “I found GOT 2 Be hairspray on clearance at jewel in park ridge normally 4.99 priced at 2.49..use the man. coupon 2.50 off hairspray for free hairspray”


  • Sent over by feelgood: “Sears & Kmart Coupon for Shop Your Way Members: $10 in Points w/ $10+ Purchase (Facebook Required)” Click earn $10 back in points here, click get offer, then they email the code/coupon.


  • From SoapboxTray: “I buy my organic milk from Marianos. $4.99 for a gallon but it is in plastic.”
  • She adds: “Also noticed that Mariano’s had Kalona Super Natural Milk with cream on top! I was going to try it but didn’t want to get too much milk to haul into work. If anyone has tried curious to know how it is. $4. for half gallon.”
  • Something to look for from John W: “The front section of my Tribune today had a Mariano’s wraparound ad that included a $4/$40 coupon thru Sept 3 (it doesn’t seem to have any exclusions, has anybody tried to buy alcohol with it?). Also, some specials in the ad good through Sept 3, $3/lb fresh made Black Angus pub burgers, half gallon fresh orange juice $3.50, fresh wild swordfish $10.99/lb. Mariano’s is also running a daily $4 special announced on their facebook page each morning”
  • From peaches: “Every time I have been in the Northfield Mariano’s they have had the fresh squeezed OJ for $3.50. It is really good. I think it is a lost leader. They sell tons of it. “


  • A report from liz: “just came back from Meijer in rolling meadow and they had about 30 trial size rave hairspray..free coupon expires in 3 days..excited I finally found them”


  • Kari O. warns: “In Utah and Oregon I LOVED these 50% Holiday sales, but here the Lake Zurich store has been a huge disappointment. They overprice their items anticipating this sale…. For example: Regular Used Under Armor shorts priced at $19.99 instead of the “normal” $9.99 during non-holiday times.
    So, if you’re in between Crystal Lake or Lake Zurich… Go to Crystal Lake! Or any other location. :)”


  • Something to be on the lookout for, from Kari O.: “I got a new Target Mailer of $21 worth of coupons…. It’s adorable. ‘How do we thank you? Let us coupon the ways. As one of our favorite shoppers, we think you totally deserve it.’ I love Target….”
  • From ellen: “went to target today and got Pasta Chips on sale $2.00. I had a printable for $2/2 so they were $1 each after coupon. Hope I like them. I had 2 $1 target couons for scotch tape. they were on sale bogo50%off. I got ones that were $1.44 so just $.44 after coupons on the 2 of them.”
  • On the Glad deal, Like2save says: “FYI – The $3.44 trash bags are the 4 gallon size.”
  • Maureen says: “8 gallon, those are $3.44, too.”
  • And anne warns: “Just did this deal and the 50% off the second one didn’t come off. Of course I only noticed AFTER I left. BUT I had 2 mobile q’s for glad, one was for $2/1 and the other for $1/1. I bought 2 and should have paid $1.16 minus the 5% CW. Going back to the ad to see if it says the bogo half off is only on larger ones…”
  • From Shandelle: “Like anne mentions, there’s also $1 off one Glad trashbags with mobile coupon PACKITBACK exp 10/4. I think you could stack both since those mobile coupons are from different sets on the same phone and the store coupons are different values, if your store doesn’t let you use multiple of the same one (mine has never cared but others have said theirs won’t).”
  • She adds: “Also the Buy 1 get one half off is only for larger sizes per the ad on target.com. Good on 13 gallon at the smallest.”
  • She also says: “You should be able to scan coupons from multiple barcode sets on the same phone in the same transaction also.. Like if they’ve sent you several sets and you did some of the promo code ones. They all count as separate ones as long as the barcode is different and you’re following the rules of one store and one manufacturer per single item.”
  • And finally, she suggests a way to possibly get more than one of the same mobile coupon: “In my experience you can. I have a friend that never shops Target because it’s a half hour drive when he has WM & Meijer basically across the street. When he comes to visit me, he does the Target texts so I can use his. We’ve done 2 of the same mobile coupon from 2 phones/barcodes in one transaction before and it worked. YMMV as far as cashier resistance to trying, though.”


  • An idea from feelgood: “The $5 Minute Maid Walmart $5 gift card deal is still going on. Minute Maid is now $1.88 at Walmart, but can be price matched at $1.29 from the Eurofresh or Butera ad. After price matching and using the $1.00/4 printable, it becomes a $0.84 moneymaker!”

Cheap Planters peanut butter, shipped to your door


Thanks to Zack for spotting this one: Get this four pack of 26.5 oz jars of Planters creamy natural peanut butter for just $11.97 shipped when you clip the 20% off coupon on the page and check out with subscribe & save! That’s like paying $1.81 per normal 16 oz jar — even less if you are on the 15-20% off tier, too.


If you don’t like natural, you can also: Get a four pack of 28 oz jars of Planters creamy peanut butter for $13.98 shipped with subscribe & save — that’s the equivalent of $2.00 per normal smaller 16 oz jar. (If you’re on the 20% off tier, they’re $11.78 shipped — or the equivalent of $1.68 per 16 oz jar.) No coupon on this variety. :(


Prices on Amazon often change quickly. You need to be logged in to see and clip coupons, which are limit one per account and will come off just the first shipment. You can cancel subscribe & save or skip a shipment at any time. You get 5% off and free shipping with subscribe & save, which increases to 15% off if you have five subscriptions on the same day/month, or 20% off if you have five + Amazon Mom with Prime.

(For more about combining coupons with subscribe & save, see the guide here.)

Amazon Gold Box — up to 60% off Rubbermaid Lunch Supplies — Tote for $7.19

lunch tote
Today’s Amazon Gold Box deal is for up to 60% off Rubbermaid lunch supplies. Get the lunch tote pictured above for only $7.19. Lunchblox brand containers are also on sale, in addition to water bottles.


And the Lunchblox sandwich container to fit in the insulated tote is just $5.75!

End of August school supplies deals on Amzon


Here’s a 30 pack of presharpened Ticonderoga pencils for your last minute or replenishing school supplies shopping — I just realized we didn’t buy pencils for home so had to run around the house scrounging up a couple for homework today, lol. $6.85 and eligible for Prime or free shipping at $35 (as are the few other supplies below).


And here’s a 12 pack of triangular ergonomic Tri-Write Ticonderoga pencils for $1.97.


Elmer’s washable school glue is just $.50.


12 pack fine point Sharpie markers, $4.14.

Five Kindle freebies and five cheap Kindle books 8/27/14


Happy daily free Kindle books and cheap Kindle books!

Cheap Kindle books

Free Kindle books


More cheap Kindle books

Find more Kindle e-book bargains on the Amazon Kindle daily deals site here.


Be sure to subscribe to my 99 Cent eBooks sites! Each 99 Cent eBooks site brings you just that: A new list of thematic 99 Cent Kindle books, almost every weekday! Why $.99? $.99 is so affordablePick up a new book for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and it will last you a lot longer. :)

Free Kindle books and cheap Kindle books info

Free Kindle books are usually only free for a day or two, and cheap Kindle books can go up in price. Prices are current as of the date and time of this post, but can change at any time.

Reader deals 8/26/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Artie says: “This was the ‘Cooks Illustrated’ runnerup best grill pan. The winner costs $160.00″


  • From focadima, for the various Kraft deals: “Mio is still on a catalina deal… MiO, MiO Energy, MiO Fit Liquid Water Enhancers 8/11/14 – 9/7/14 Buy 2 Get a $1 Catalina Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina Buy 4 Get a $3 Catalina”


Dollar General

  • Shandelle: “Noticed in the Dollar General add that they have 10 ct BIC stic pens for $.50 this week. Use the $1/2 coupon if you have any left or price match at Walmart, which is what I plan to do. No DG near me.”


  • A reminder from Charlotte: “And don’t forget, Tuesdays kids eat free :)”


  • Don posts on Facebook: “Its Baaaaaaack !!!He is referring to pink slime, in this article. There are a couple more articles here and here.


  • A tip from Patty for those finding limited Food Should Taste Good flavors: “Try getting a rain check. Then, when the other flavors come in, you can try them. And don’t forget to print out your coupons too, or they might be gone by the time you need them.”

Reader requests

  • From karen: “does anyone have a suggestion for a deal on car rental in the chicago area for the Labor day weekend? Looks like we need to rent a car to get to a wedding in Chattanooga !”
  • VB asks: “Looking for school lunch ideas last year I gave up and don’t want to do that this year. So far I have found my kids like pulled pork( I had enough for 8 lunches after dinner score!), chicken salad, tuna, waffles, hot dog. Looking to stay away from lunchables and am looking for homemade chicken noodle soup recipes since I think they would like that. Anyone have any recommendations on lunch ideas that a 3 yr old and 6 yr old would like and would keep in a lunch box or thermos?”
  • An idea from erin: “would they eat pinwheels? put cream cheese and whatever meat/veg they like on a tortilla. roll up and slice in 1 in 1pinwheels’.”
  • Sent over by james: “regarding the Walmart/ground beef/hamburger helper $6.44 rebate from May 2014. Has anyone else had difficulty getting the rebate? does anyone have any contact information? I contacted General Mills and they told me to contact Walmart. How?”
  • Veronica is wondering: “Can you do more than one of the spend 30 get a 10 gift card [at CVS]? My receipt doesn’t say. It says needed 30 spent 30 Thanks”


  • Elizabeth sends over: “The 16.2 oz Cinnamon Toast Crunch was included in the Buy 5 get a $5 Gift Card deal. Despite what the tag below says, these were also on temporary price cut for $2.50. And… I used my last $1/1 cereal coupon from the 4/20 Tribune (along with two $1/2). Net cost for five bigger boxes = $4.50.”
    target cereal

Ultra Foods

  • From letsshop: “Also don’t think I seen this posted ,but Coke,Pepsi and 7Up soda all are on sale 4 for $8.88 good time to use those $1.50 coupons we printed exp.8/31 ! not sure about exp. rules on printed coupons .” They will take them 30 days expired just like any other coupon.



  • Nora shares: “I saved 30 cents on a green pepper through Savings Catcher and another 40 cents on a bag of baby carrots. As others have noted, it works on produce items that are sold per item, rather than by weight.”