Very cheap Third Alarm coffee on Amazon


Here are some nice deals on Third Alarm coffee on Amazon.

There are no reviews on any of these yet, so I can’t vouch for the quality — anyone heard of it?

Reader deals 8/20/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Outlander shares: “I made my own Almond and Cashew butter the other day with those great Planters nuts we bought recently from Amazon. They are awesome!!!! Last one I made mixed almond and cashew and added a teaspoonful of coconut oil to it. It is just soooooo tasty! I’m gonna buy more, because with 20% S&S it’s still a great deal. Hopefully there will be a Q again soon too.” They are still $37.35 shipped with Subscribe & Save, or $3.11 per BIG can.


  • Outlander reports: “Raspberries are Driscoll’s!! I have to print a lot more of my Qs and go get them. Only got 3 today, and I had 1 $1 Q and 2 $0.50. I asked if its ok to come back and get more with $1 Qs, and the lady said no problem, but they will adjust them down to 99 cents. I’m hoping to stock up my freezer. I love raspberries!” Yes, I have never had a problem with them adjusting those coupons down and accepting.

Dollar General

  • Jane says: “Well I signed up for the new Digital coupons on Dollar Generals site a few days ago and finally went last night to try it out. BIG MISTAKE! I bought almost $5 worth of stuff and when I tried to punch in my phone number to get my free $2, it locked up the transaction. People started forming a line behind me and 1 lady walked out it was taking too long. (for her) The manager was not there so they had to call her and between 2 employees and the mgr. on phone now…none of them had tried the new system yet. There were signs for this new digital program right on the registers and I even asked about it before I started to check out, in order to prevent what ended up happening. I was in the store for well over AN HOUR and left the store in my prescription sunglasses because it was bright out when I got there and pitch dark when I left! I was the first person to try to use this new system!? I think I signed up Friday night for it because I recall we rode bikes on Sat. and I was dying to test it out then.”
  • And she adds: “*also wanted to share an article I read yesterday about DG.”


  • From mama: “Another ingredient to watch for is triclosan. Colgate Total includes this ingredient. The news report that I saw recommended that pregnant women and children avoid this ingredient.” She also says: “Was bummed to read about triclosan in Colgate Total yesterday. I have 12 tubes in the closet – good thing they were free so I don’t feel guilty not using them! Just not worth it IMO.”


  • Valentina S. comments: “Jewel at 4 E Ogden Ave Westmont, IL has avocados tagged $0.59. I checked with a lady at the produce department whether the signage was right. She confirmed that it’s right. She added that this store has some special prices. I got 2 avocados. I found EE Ketchup, 20 oz. squeezable bottles that stand upside down tagged 5/$5. Just $0.25 each after $1.50/2 EE any condiment coupon. I got 2 since the EE coupon is 1 per transaction. I also used $1/2 Fresh Express printable coupon from Salad Swap on two spinach bags to make $0.49/bag. Jewel eggs at this store were $0.99, limit 2. Great shopping trip. Spend $4.76 OOP after coupons with tax for all the items above!”
  • And Kitty found: “Bananas were 19c PER POUND at the Jewel in the Glen in Glenview. There was a RED ALERT sign with the price showing that it is good thru Aug 26.

Online deals

  • From Kari O.: “Oooh, this is dangerous knowledge. I got sucked into the same [Tilly's] sale during the 4th of July and ended up spending $65 using three different orders. lol. They’re stuff is awesome! Although, be aware that the “lightweight hoody” is actually as thin (if not thinner) as a T-shirt. Stretchy and long sleeved, but really really thin! I like mine but was surprised how thin it was when they came. (We got men’s and women’s).”

Reader requests

  • Mary Lou emails: “I need to find out if anyone out there has used Smart Must Haves for the $10 rebate.  I have emailed them numerous times and no one is responding.  It leads me to believe that this site is just a scam.”
  • Kerri is wondering if anyone has noticed: “was the quaker protein instant oatmeal included [in the Target deal]? There was a 55 c off in the 8/17 rp too.”


  • On the nut butter recall, Suzann shares: “There was a similar recall about 5 years ago–I no longer had my receipts. I printed the story and customer service at Walmart refunded with no problem.”
  • And jen asks: “I have 5 jars I just bought because it was on sale:( is anyone getting through to this number? It rings ones and disconnects for me.”


  • Wendy in Hot Deals points out: “I think [the TI-84 Plus] $90 at Target this week?”


Nesco food dehydrator $48.89 shipped


Right now you can pick up this Nesco food dehydrator for $48.89 shipped on Amazon — it’s a nice one, too! 4.5 stars in 226 reviews.

  • 500-watt 4-tray food dehydrator dries in hours instead of days
  • Top-mounted fan; adjustable thermostat from 95 to 155 degrees F
  • Converga-Flow drying system; flavors don’t mix; no need to rotate trays
  • Includes fruit roll sheet and 2 original-flavor jerky spice and cure packets
  • Measures approximately 13-1/2 by 13-1/2 by 9-4/5 inches

I have the cheap $19.99 one from ALDI, and am wishing I’d waited to pick up the fancier one with temperature control, etc.

(Thanks, The Coupon Project)

Amazon Gold Box — Norton Anti-Virus Software $24.99

Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day today is for Norton anti-virus software for $24.99. Norton is the leading anti-virus software and usually costs $50 or so. Norton offers virus protection, excellent parental control options and much more. Shipping is free with Prime or a $35 order. You can also opt to download the software and avoid shipping costs that way.

Reader deals 8/18/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Outlander found V-8 Fusion: “There’s this one Also check that Q for other options, there’s some good ones.


  • Nancy M shares: “For those of us with a Costco membership these are an amazing deal this month. The 110 count box [of Finish dishwasher tabs] is on B1G1 free. They are $14.50 in store so each box comes to $7.25 + tax. That is an incredible deal!”

Food information

  • Vicky says: “This [Farmer's Garden] version of pickles lacks Polysorbate 80 which most commercial pickles have.”
  • Sarah comments: “I just learned how to do a whole chicken in the crockpot thanks to my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook for slow cookers. The basic idea is to mix your spices and oil in a bowl and nuke them in the microwave until it is fragrant. You stir about every 30 seconds. Rub the mixture under the skin and on top too. Place breast side down and cook on low 4-5 hours. You place it breast side down so the juices from the leg keep it moist, who knew!” I love America’s Test Kitchen!


  • A find from peaches: “I was shopping at the Jewel on Chicago Avenue in Evanston last night, and I spotted the Al Fresco chicken grillers, but there was not a shelf tag for them. When I scanned them, they scanned for $2.99! They are normally $10.99. There is a $1 coupon that is in the 6/22 RP, that I am going to post redeem the next time I am in Jewel. I bought the Italian ones, but they also had buffalo and blue cheese, and caramelized onion burgers too. I have not tried these yet, but I love their chicken sausage. The grillers are in a freezer near the deli department.”
  • And she is wondering: “Anybody have any idea if this cheese is on sale at any other Jewel stores?”


  • Charlotte posts on Facebook: “Allergy sufferers! Meijer in Bolingbrook, on Boughton, by the expressway has 180 mg 150 count “Aller Ease” (Meijer brand) Fexofenadine for $23/bottle. The ones I saw expire in Nov 2015. The boxes are labeled more than $23, but the shelf tag says $23. That’s $0.15 a pill. Yay!”

Reader requests

  • From lynn: “The fine print on the clearasil rebate says you need to send in the UPC. How do you get the UPC off of the plastic bottle?”
  • Ellen asks: “Has anyone found the rave hairspray anywhere? I checked at jewel, meijer and target with no luck so fR.”