Mushroom, Black Bean, & Spinach Vegetarian Burritos

These filling mushroom, black bean, & spinach burritos have all the goopy, cheesy goodness one might want in a comforting warm burrito -- so much so, in fact, that you'll probably want to eat them with a fork rather than going for the messier hand-held method.
Course dinner
Keyword burritos, mushrooms, vegetarian, veggie burritos
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 4
Author Rachel Singer


  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 medium yellow onion chopped
  • 2 tsp minced garlic
  • 16 oz baby bella mushrooms sliced
  • 4 oz spinach roughly chopped
  • 1 can black beans rinsed and drained
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • Sea salt to taste
  • 1.5 cups shredded cheddar
  • 1/2 cup salsa of choice
  • 12 medium flour tortillas


  • Slice and chop your veggies, and rinse and drain the beans.
  • Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat until shimmering. Add onion and saute for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in garlic and saute just briefly before adding in the mushrooms.
  • Cook mushrooms over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about 7 minutes or until they have softened and started to brown.
  • Near the end of the mushrooms' cooking time, heat a separate skillet over medium heat. (I prefer cast iron for this for better browning, but a regular skillet will work.) Heat tortillas by ones or twos on each side until lightly browned and more pliable, then remove them to a separate plate for filling.
  • After you have sauteed your mushrooms, stir in the spinach and continue to cook over medium heat just until wilted and bright green.
  • Stir in the black beans and spices and heat through.
  • Reduce heat under the pan to low. Stir in cheese until melted, then stir in salsa.
  • Divide the black bean/mushroom filling evenly among the tortillas and roll them up into burritos, topping them with any leftover filling. 
  • Serve your veggie burritos with additional salsa, chopped avocado, sour cream, and/or other burrito enhancements of choice.


These are fairly goopy, so you'll want to use a fork to devour.