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Amazon Prime sharing changes to be aware of


Amazon has made some unannounced changes to their Amazon Prime sharing benefits as of August 1. If you’re already signed up for sharing benefits, you’re currently grandfathered into your current scheme — although it’s unclear what will happen when your Prime renews.

Before August 1st, you could share the cheap shipping benefits of Amazon Prime with up to four other adults. Now, the company will limit sharing Prime benefits to two adults and four children—unless you already signed up—in a new feature called Amazon Household that shares all Prime benefits, and even payment methods.

The new feature, dubbed Amazon Household, seems to be aimed at treating Prime as a family service, rather than a communal pool of benefits. In other words, you and your three best friends can’t pitch in to split it, but you and your spouse can. The two adults will share all benefits, including cheaper shipping, Instant Video, Kindle Lending Library, and more. The four children (who don’t need their own accounts) will only be able to use non-purchase related features, like streaming movies or sharing books.

Note that you’ll need to be open to sharing your Amazon payment method with the other adult on your account, making it pretty apparent they now intend sharing benefits to be limited to a single household.

However, on Facebook Elizabeth suggests an alternative if you’re not comfortable sharing debit or credit card info: “Easy enough to get around sharing a credit card. Put a prepaid card in that has a $1 balance. When the order doesn’t go through you can add and select a different card.”


Wednesday 5th of August 2015

I have a friend with Prime and he allows me to use it all the time to order stuff and to order things for my mom, too. I know he orders things to be shipped to his parents and sister & brother and law also. How would Amazon be able to limit this? People can have multiple credit cards and ship "gifts" to addresses other than their own. My friend gave me his password and I just login when I want to buy something and he forwards the confirmation emails to me.


Wednesday 5th of August 2015

They can't stop you from sharing your password with someone else, but most people aren't going to be comfortable doing that -- these articles are talking about the official Prime sharing, since you used to be able to share the shipping benefits with up to four people without the requirement to share cc info (or a login).

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