Zaycon Foods — chicken review

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You might remember that Zaycon Foods recently opened in Illinois, and had their first event back in November! What do they do?

  • They sell fresh boneless skinless chicken breast by the case, as direct from the farmer as possible.
  • Head to local pickup locations to pick up your order.
  • Most recent price: $1.49 a pound!

Head over to Zaycon Foods here to sign up and you’ll be notified when they’re having an event in your area.


photo.JPG photo.JPG

Zaycon Foods gave me a credit on their site to try out their chicken and tell you guys about it. Now, I foolishly scheduled a pickup time simultaneous to a doctor’s appointment, so my friend picked up the chicken for me. She reported that it was a smooth process — hand them your order confirmation, pop the trunk, they lay down plastic, they put a 40-lb box of chicken in there, and you are on your merry way!


This, was some really nice chicken, and I’d definitely get it again. Fresher than the grocery store, generally cheaper, never frozen, and none of the saline filler junk you get from some of the cheap bags of store-brand poultry. And, look at the size of these! They needed a bit of trimming, but nothing major.


What have I made with this? So far, things like cheddar-garlic oven-fried chicken breast (not heart healthy, but oh so good — and there were all those Panko bread crumbs crying out to be used). This lovely, juicy chicken seemed to lend itself to a recipe like that, and it was delicious, if I do say so myself.


Last week, used more of this to make some post-dairy-allergy-diagnosis salsa chicken for Mr. 9 — super easy in the crockpot: About 3-lbs chicken, packet of taco mix, jar of salsa, cook 10 hours on low, shred, serve. (If you’re not dairy free, stir in a generous dollop of sour cream while shredding, but it’s optional.) Serve on tortillas, in taco shells, over rice, with guacamole, with all your favorite taco fixings.


This is a lot of chicken — but that’s OK, because you’ll want enough to tide you over until their next local event. :) And yes, I should have trimmed it before freezing, but I was in a huge hurry and didn’t have room in the fridge, lol.

Sign up and get on the list

I’ll let you know when Zaycon is coming back to IL — but sign up for your advance notice from them as well. They have been bringing bacon and other events to other states, so watch for those as well!

The fine print

Zaycon Foods provided the chicken for this review; however, all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Kaylea says

    Thanks for this — I have really been wondering about the quality. I aim for ethical meat in addition to cheap, local, tasty — but 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.

  2. Charlotte says

    With a husband on Atkins you should know that fat = heart healthy. 😉

    Looks like good chicken, I wish we had a freezer large enough to accommodate that much.

  3. Sandy says

    Yep – I recommend the Chicken from Zaycon foods too! The pick up date was changed to the day after the original date – they sent e-mails to buyers – but I did not receive it and neither did about 6 other people (as I found out when I called them from the church parking lot). We were all a bit shocked and thinking we may have been scammed. I called Zaycon, right away! Spoke to a really nice woman – Michealle I think was her name. She explained the original pick-up date was incorrect – e-mails were sent the day before – some people did not receive them – gliches happening somehow. I told her I drove over 50 miles to get the chicken, and that I would rearrange my schedule to come back the next day to get it. She offered a full refund if I did not want to make the return trip. I told her that I heard so many good things about this chicken, I did not want to miss out! She then said she would put a 30.00 credit in my account to use on the next event! Gota love a company that would to that! I told the others there to call too! When I returned home, the credit was in my account! I returned the following day to get the chicken – very fast, in and out! The guy put a plastic down in the suv to put the box of chicken on. Very pleasant experience! I cleaned and trimmed & packaged all of it when I got home and of course cooked up some right away too! You are sooooo correct about there not being all that watery salty goop coming out as the chicken cooks! The taste was a LOT better than store bought chicken. I will be getting 2 cases next time!

  4. jennifer zeug says

    i just got my chicken today i was worried but now i am happy and very surprised at the size of the chicken breasts .this is the best deal i have had in a long time for chicken ..sure will order again.. i really want a deal on ground beef or pork..hope there is one coming soon .i trimmed and portion packaged it with new portion bags from took me a little while because it was alot of chicken but worth all the work.thank you ! please inform me when there is another deal like this can’t wait!thank you!

  5. Cindy V. says

    I got the chicken breasts last winter after reading about it here. I was kind of skeptical but, since I’ve had some fairly disappointing chicken from the grocery stores, I decided to try it. Glad I did–and so sorry I missed out on the last chicken deal! The pick up went exactly as was stated: Not having to leave the car, the guys putting down the plastic and off I go. Was a bit of work to trim/portion into small sizes. I first started weighing out 1 lb. portions, then that got old quick, so just ended up putting two pieces per bag. Had to get a freezer from the Jewel deal to store it. (Meaning, I needed an excuse to get in on the freezer deal!) The chicken was very good. Much better than what I usually get from the grocery stores. I don’t really have an interest in the other products they offer, but I would definitely want to buy the chicken from Zaycon again soon!

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