Zaycon Foods — Bacon, Sausage, and now Ground Beef events open

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Zaycon Foods just opened Illinois pick-up dates for ground beef in November! Plus, they still have bacon, sausage, and ham events open. I’m trying to decide between ground beef and bacon, since my freezer cannot handle both. Decisions, decisions…

Ground beef


Yes, I have purchased this myself in the past. Yes, I was indeed annoyed at Zaycon with the way they handled discussion of the LFTB fiasco last year, and still think they handled that poorly, but have been very pleased with the products themselves.They are back in IL with a ground beef sale, and now specifically advertise it as LFTB free! (Yup, them and almost everyone else now, right?!)

BACON, sausage, and ham

*** This is the BEST bacon, seriously.

They have open pickup dates for bacon, sausage, and ham — but not all products available at all locations, so check out the Zaycon site for details.


  • If you’re not in IL, they are running events all across the country, so see what’s by you.

If you’re not familiar with Zaycon Foods,

How much ground beef was that, again?

  • 40 pounds of 93/7 lean ground beef — four 10 lb tubes at $3.49/lb = $136.90. They do charge IL food tax, which brings it to $142.74 after tax.

How much bacon was that, again?

  • 36 lbs of hickory smoked bacon at $3.49/lb = $125.64.
  • 20 lbs of frozen pork sausage links at $2.79/lb = $55.80.
  • 22 lbs of boneless applewood smoked ham at $3.49/lb = $76.78.

Pickup locations and getting together to split this stuff

Hopefully there is a date and time that will work for you. Head over to Zaycon to place your order now.

  • And, please feel free to chat and get together in comments about splitting orders, if these are too large for your family.
  • You can also talk about splitting orders over in the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Facebook group.

See the Zaycon site for specific pickup locations and times for the bacon, sausage, ham, and ground beef events.

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  1. Abigayle says

    So glad to se a Saturday pick up near me! I have 1 lb of the ground beef left from a split order about a year ago and I was worried there might not be another event in time. This beef really does have a much better flavor than anything I have ever bought in a store.

  2. Cari says

    Love the beef… glad they are doing another one. 40 lbs!!! I do not remember it being that much before. Hmmmm.

  3. Kristina says

    Love the chicken and I think we will try the beef this time. I wish they sold the bacon in smaller quantities.

    • Michelle says

      I bought the pork sausage last time it was available. The flavor is very good, but I think it’s a little too salty. (I am a salt loving kind of person)

  4. Renee says

    I bought the bacon last year. It coked well, very meaty, great flavor but thought it was a little salty. Did anyone else find it salty? I want to buy the sausage links but was concerned about them being salty too. Can anyone help with this. I know everyone has different tastes and salty to some may not be salty to others. So if found the bacon to be salty and you bought the sasages, did you find the sausage salty too?

    Thanks for any help.

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