Zaycon bacon and sausage events open

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Zaycon Foods has open March pick-up dates for bacon and sausage. I haven’t had the sausage, but we’ve been very pleased with the bacon!

  • If you’re not in IL, they have other open events all across the country, too, so see what’s by you.

If you’re not familiar with Zaycon Foods,

  • They sell fresh meat products by the case.
  • Head to local pickup locations at a specified date and time to pick up your order.
  • They schedule events across the country.

How much bacon or sausage was that, again?

  • 36 pounds of bacon, $3.49 a pound, $125.64 (+ tax).
  • 20 pounds of pork sausage, $2.79 a pound, $55.80 (+ tax).

Pickup locations and getting together to split this stuff

Hopefully there is a date and time that will work for you. Head over to Zaycon to place your order now.

  • And, please feel free to chat and get together in comments about splitting orders, if these are too large for your family.
  • You can also talk about splitting orders over in the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Facebook group.

See the Zaycon site for specific pickup locations and times for the bacon & sausage events.

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  1. Outlander says

    Speaking of sausage- I bought today at Tony’s 2 kinds of Italian sausage. One Jalapeño- cheddar and the other Portabella- provolone. Both are REALLY delicious! They are $2.99/lb.

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