Why I won’t be doing Kmart doubles this time

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I’ve been reading a number of places that Kmart will be enforcing the five doubled manufacturer coupons per day limit this time (week of April 4) by tying it to their Shop My Way rewards card. You can sign up in store for this or online, should you so desire.

If this is true, I ain’t playing.

Yes, I could drive down the street and probably get five items for free, even though they do jack up the prices for these events. But you know what? I can also get those same items for free at CVS and Walgreens, with a little bit of patience, and without having to step into their dirty understaffed understocked overpriced oddly warm store. If I could haul out a cart of freebies? OK. Five? Nah, I have better things to do with my time.

Never fear, I’ll link you up to other folks doing Kmart matchups — and if you have one of the nice Super-Ks, or at least a nicer store than mine, maybe you’ll want to play.

(Wow, I just read this and my last post about the Chef’s Requested and I sound really snotty tonight! Sorry!)

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    • says

      That’s “cashier” — no plural! My store had one lackadaisical line open last doubles … people with full carts stretching back into the aisles. Finally CS started taking people, but boy were they not happy about it. :)

  1. Marissa says

    I’m lucky because my kmart is super nice. I used to play by the rules – 10 coupons per day. UNTIL THEY TOLD ME THEY REALLY DIDN’T CARE HOW MANY COUPONS I HAD. I’d double 100 coupons and no one would even blink an eye. It was amazing. That is just one store..The other store about 25 miles a way sucked. They wouldn’t even let me use multipes of the same coupon.

    So, I’m hoping that my favorite store will know how to bend the rules a little bit. It would be nice if we could do multiple transactions of 5. Someone on afullcup siad when michigan was able to do doubles…they were allowed to do multiple transactions and the card didn’t know.


  2. Audrey says

    I was just in my SuperK this afternoon, the cashier didn’t know a thing about the double coupon deal coming up. I do know that there registers must be programmed to NOT except coupons, she would scan one and say “oops, can’t use this, it won’t go threw, I said, it’s good, bought the required product, call somebody over to make it work, she did!” They just don’t like using coupons at Kmart. I did some pricing while I was there today, if it’s not on sale, even with coupons doubling, it’s not gonna be worth it. I tried using a B1G1 on soft scrub and another cents off, they refused to take it said “you can’t use another coupon with a buy one get one free, because that’s what the B1G1 coupon is for, I said that coupon is for the free one, the other is for the one I paid full price on” NO, ” so take them off, I’ll go to Walgreens.

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