Why I don’t want Dominick’s to go out of business

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I’ve seen a lot of angry comments and emails from you guys (and on Facebook, and on other sites) hoping that these recent Dominick’s stories and missteps bring about their downfall so that they just shut their doors forever. So I think this needs saying:

That’s not good for anyone!

Am I annoyed at Dominick’s? Yes, of course. Do I think that Dominick’s corporate is making boneheaded move after boneheaded move? Yes, obviously. Do I think they could handle things better and address problems in their stores better and work on a little consistency? Yes, indeed.

Are they the only grocery store that makes mistakes?

Not so much!

Who here is pleased by Jewel’s move toward filling their ads and shelves with store brands, and toward including random manufacturer coupons in their ads rather than actually putting items on sale? Who here is pleased by the general lack of useful electronic coupons on Avenu?

Who here is pleased by the inconsistencies at Ultra Foods and their refusal to take coupons with other stores’ logos or Catalinas from other stores?

Who here is pleased by needing a PhD to decipher your Target receipt and the nagging feeling that your coupons never do ring up quite right?


And besides…

I don’t want to see my store go out of business. Aside from the fact that they’re generally very, very nice over there, these are real people with real jobs that we’re talking about here. I don’t want to see anyone go out of business, especially in this economy.

Fewer grocery stores in the Chicago market means less competition. This is not good for consumers. If Dominick’s went out of business, do you think Jewel’s first move would be to lower prices? Not likely.

We’re forgetting that Dominick’s has given us some really, really good deals. There is a reason people (well, most of you :) ) keep shopping there despite your annoyance with corporate or with policies or with customer service issues at your particular store.


Yes, I’ve done my share of complaining about Dominick’s and linking to the crazy news stories and Facebook anarchy lately. These are stories that need to be told, and yes there are lots of issues that they need to address. But I’m not wishing corporate doom on anyone.

That’s all. Just thought it needed to be said.

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  1. Melanie says

    I agree. The people who work at my Dominick’s are very nice and do go above and beyond when I need assistance.

    I also agree that these are hard working people and some people that I know on a personal level. The employees are not a part of the problem here, they are just doing their jobs.

  2. says

    Very well said Rachel. I really enjoy shopping at my local Doms. The people there just can’t be beat. Everyone says hello. Staff is there to assist. If all Dominicks were like the ones that I shop at they would be doing fabulous. I just hope that corporate can take a look at that and do some aligning. In my opinion it is the staff and managers make them or break them and corporate doesn’t hold it consistent.

    • Segal says

      My dominicks (3 of them) are not like that. My Jewel is like that (2 of them).

      Just yesterday, I walked in, and 6 differnt employees within 8 minutes of walking in the store said hello, and half them asked how my day was going. I’ll never find that happening at Dominicks.

      • says

        I am lucky… Mundelein location is awesome. I hope some consistency can come out of this. I hope the same wrath doesn’t fall on the bad ones vs. the good ones. Hopefully the good ones can be an example of how it should be.

  3. Connie says

    Well said!

    I used to live in Minnesota and they had Cub Food ands the ever-declining Rainbow Foods. When Aldi, several smaller chains, and a couple luxury food chains came in (and later Super Target and Super Walmart), it made for a better experience for everyone – and now its not uncommon for my friends to be going to a small chain for meat, Aldi for produce, Byerly’s for luxury cookies, and Cub for everything else.

    The same goes in this area – I buy my meats at Brookhaven Market, I buy my produce at Westbrook Market, Michaels Fresh Foods or Aldi, and I buy everything else between Jewel and Dominick’s and Aldi. To cut one of those out would mean a degraded buying experience.

    Competition is good! It keeps merchants on their toes. And journalists are good to make sure that while the merchants are on their toes, they’re also doing things the right way.

  4. Joy says

    No one involved in the search & highlight mission to brightline the expired products problem at Dominick’s wishes that Dominick’s doors will close. It was not the point of doing this at all. The point was that everything that could be done to get Dominick’s to address the issue had already been done. Nothing changed…if you could even get a response from them, it was a canned “oops sorry, thanks”.

    Everyone should remember the reason we did this was to draw enough attention to it that Dom’s would be forced to fix it, NOT to drive them out of business or cost anyone their job. There have been too many stories of people buying/consuming long expired products in their stores for too long. We’ve all talked about what a ghost town their stores are because of all of their issues. Eventually that would have probably led to stores closings and jobs lost. Hopefully they really will turn things around now and return Dominick’s to its former glory.

    • says

      I hope you are right Joy. I hope that upper level management will open up to these issues. I have not seen them. I am close to 2 very awesome Dominicks stores where the people and the products are great. I read these horror stories about Doms and just feel awful for the good ones. I hope that good comes out of all of this.

  5. Beth says

    I hope Dominick’s stays in business because they have excellent coupon books to take to Walgreens, Jewel, CVS, Meijer and Target! 😉

  6. Heather says

    My dominick’s happens to be one of the better ones (shorewood). At least I’ve never had a problem. The customer service staff, especially the one lady that works mornings during the week, has always been great about fixing any coupon issues that happen at the register. When everyone was having trouble with coupons last week, she had the cashier total me out, then she manually added up the coupons the register wasn’t taking and gave me the difference. I would be very sad if they closed.

  7. Katie says

    I agree… plus I will say I do like Dominicks meat better than everywhere else (besides Costco). I rarley buy my meat at Jewel.

  8. Angela says

    I’m with you, I agree and hope that they don’t go out of business. I have actually always had a fine experience at my Dominick’s in Bartlett. The other one close to me in Hoffman Estates needs major customer service training, but honestly, this whole expired food problem I have never encountered at either location. I hope that there is a change coming that will trickle down to a consistent experience at all of their stores.

  9. RCP says

    I agree Rachel. I love my Dominick’s in Shorewood. My cashiers are friendly and courteous. I even know them all by name. The service desk people are also very nice. I hope Dominick’s fixes this problem b/c I don’t want them to close.

  10. Carol says

    I agree with you too. The staff where I shop are very nice. The produce guy always says hi to me and the butcher brought us a bunch of coupon books when we asked and chatted with my husband about football. They certainly do not deserve to lose their jobs. Corporate just seems totally clueless.

  11. Laura says

    I was so excited I ended my previous post too early. I really like my Dominick’s. I was there today and they were so nice and friendly (as usual). This is the Geneva/Batavia store on Randall at Fabyan. They helped me about a coupon issue, they broke up a meeting so that I could get some meat cut (cube steaks). I saw a lady removing expired items from the shelf. I mentioned that Dominick’s was all over the internet and she said unfortunately Dominick’s is under fire when other store besides Dominick’s have this issue too! She indicated she had been up and down 6 aisles and she had about 12 things in her cart all from January or early February, 2011. I like the competition. I hope Dominick’s has some great sales as a result of making up for all the backlash but I stay loyal to them, and Jewel, and Super Target, Meijer, Caputo’s, Trader Joe’s and all the rest.

  12. says

    No corporate doom, but maybe some new PR people in there. They should do the secret shoppers at the stores with the highest amount of complaints so they can learn what their customers are going through. They need to let their employees have some clear cut understanding of rule changes. The employees are never sure what’s happening and that’s the corporate office’s fault. I’ve gotten some awesome deals from that store. It would be sad to see them go out of business, I’ve got a feeling they are going to have to do some major butt kissing to get people back in the store.

  13. says

    The Dominck’s here in Shorewood is a beautiful store, and they have always been friendly there, too. I will be checking VERY carefully all of the products I buy there, now. I will also be watching other stores as well. It’s a good heads up for everyone.

  14. Rachel says

    You know I get it nobody wants people to lose their jobs if they work at a good Dominick’s that has friendly staff and non-expired food on the shelves. But why is it OK for the Dominick’s employees that staff these stores where all the expired food was found to just get off scott free? Somebody dropped the ball at the corporate level and yes they should lose their job. And managers at these stores that don’t have a quality control method to check expired products should lose their jobs too. If you are doing a crappy job at work why should you be allowed to keep your job? It is clear that many of these stores had complaints from customers about expired food and nothing was done. I for one had issues with my Dominicks in Naperville and complained and nothing has changed. If I went to my work and didn’t do my job why should I just expect to keep it? I have worked with so many people that just get thru the day for the paycheck and put nothing into their work and that is OK? At least Target did something about their issues and trained their cashiers how to handle coupons better. And by the way why is there no law against selling expired food but the food pantrys can get fined and shut down for having expired food on their shelves?

  15. Mariel says

    The city of Chicago Dominicks ARE FABULOUS! I love my Chicago Dominicks and would be sad to see this affect them…boohooo.

  16. says

    Excellent post & keeping up with the story, Rachel. I’m not sure if my Dominick’s is one of the good ones (Lake St, Oak Park) but it’s pretty nice since I’m only a few blocks away. And for some reason, they have the cheapest El Ranchero chips. :) I like having the choice to compare prices & work the sales at multiple stores, so long live Dominick’s!

  17. Becky says

    yeah, I still like dom’s and the one in Fox Lake doesn’t normally have that many expired products on the shelves…I would like to see them stay in business…I love their meat sales!

  18. JenMB says

    I agree! I am one of those that have posted the angry comments on Doms FB page and made statements about shopping at other stores … in hopes Doms will wake up and fix things or at least respond to the people. Unfortunately, they seemed to basically abandon their FB page.

    I don’t want Doms to go out of business. I feel like Doms has higher quality goods than Jewel. I’m even more angry at Jewel than I am at Doms these days because of their whole “Valued Shopper” movement. I just want to feel like maybe the stores really do VALUE us as shoppers which they have not been demonstrating lately.

  19. Sheila says

    I do not shop at Dominick’s due to what I feel is poor corporate policies. I’ve felt that way for about a year now. They don’t seem to want my business as a couponer, so I don’t want to give it to them.

    But that doesn’t mean I want Dom’s to go out of business. Partly because I believe that competition is good for consumers, but mainly because I don’t want the consumers who DO enjoy their Dominicks to lose their favorite store.

    Different strokes for different folks, y’know? Just because it’s not the right place for me doesn’t mean that it’s not the right place for others.

  20. Jessica says

    Thanks Rachel!! As an employee it’s good to here that some of you are shopping at awsome stores. I hope that the customers that shop at my store feel the same!! Thanks again for the good feed back. After all the bad talk its nice to hear something possitive!!

  21. Anita Myers says

    Hi there,
    Kudos for you for saying all that! I am WITH YOU in regards to concerns of others jobs and the competition!

  22. says

    Corporate has NEVER listened to their consumers. Hopefully this attention will roll head CEO’s. (probably temporary) Safeway may own Dominicks, but long time shoppers of Dominicks expect, the same fresh value, that it was when it was NOT owned by them, but instead mom & pop. I hope Dominicks does NOT close up. Having said that, Ultra takes expired as well as other stores. NO notice was SHAMEFUL. Dominicks SHOULD meet their customers half way for a time. How about taking expireds for 3 – 6 months, until they get back on their feet and give the customers time to adjust as other stores have done, in the past. I feel Dominicks needs to throw a bone to the customers, since all complaints and concerns for years fell on deaf years. My heart goes out to the employees, even the NASTY ones who got put in the middle and felt they needed to do what they had to , in order to keep a job in this economy. If Dominicks wants us back, then fix the just for U (joke) and address with NOTICE that coupons will change in 6 months reflecting they will no longer accept expireds, unless they are only, up to 30 days old!!! Fair is fair! HELLO, Safeway knew that made a draw to their overpriced store. Meet the customers half way as a kind gesture of not listening to all concerns for years. Want us back??? PROVE IT!!! Hope the store stays open , as we need the competition, and the employees need their jobs. Thank you

  23. priscilla says

    i love my dominicks too (in Elmwood Park and the one on Roosevelt Rd in glen ellyn). They have the best deals and I love their coupon books too. So they goofed up w/expired food but I am sure they are going to work hard to turn things around. Dominick’s staff is so friendly and their Just U website offer are incredible.
    Dominicks fan here!!!

  24. jilldianne says

    Well said. I don’t shop at Dom’s myself because it’s just not convenient and I have a Jewel, Meijer, Target, Aldi and Wags within 5 miles of my home. But, I hope this is a wake up call to corporate. What’s important is to do the right thing. The bottom line should be secondary.

  25. jilldianne says

    Well said. I don’t shop at Dom’s myself because it’s just not convenient and I have a Jewel, Meijer, Target, Aldi, Walmart, CVS, and Wags within 5-7 miles of my home. But, I hope this is a wake up call to corporate. What’s important is to do the right thing. The bottom line should be secondary.

  26. Laurie says

    So true, though dh is proof that having a PhD doesn’t even mean you will ever even understand basic coupon stacking. He did recently do the weekly grocery shopping when I was sick, w/out coupons. After, he looked over the reciept and said, wow, I can see how gettings stuff on sale really adds up to savings. Success!

  27. says

    As unhappy, like most of us with Dominicks, I hope they stay open, so that there is a competitive Chicagoland market. I would not like to see more people out of work either. I’d also like them to give the Jewel CEO that came from Walmart a lesson, as well. I don’t think other shoppers are as happy with Jewel placing more generic brands on their shelves. Shortly before Dominicks stopped taking expired coupons, it seemed that they were putting a few nice promotions out there. If only in my dreams, it was a bit better. With all the shelf clearing, there should be many FRESH items to pick from. Hope it all remains fresh!!! Now if they would revert back just a bit and take expired coupons for up to 30 days (like Ultra) it might be a grand gesture!I must be dreaming. LOL

  28. says

    I love my Dominicks , the river grove location is the best …. I love my girls there Sandy and Debbie , they always take care of me even when they are busy . Dominicks is so much cleaner than other stores … 5 star treatment !!!!

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