Whole Foods freebies — Almond Milk, Clif Mojo — Plus more deals

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I stopped in at the Wheaton Whole Foods today, and here are a couple more freebies for you. First, in this month’s Whole Deal (in store flyer or printable here), you’ll find $1.00/1 Pacific non-dairy beverage 8 oz+. The 8 oz singles are everyday priced at $.99, and you have your choice of free organic almond or free organic oat.

The Whole Deal coupons will be out in store and printable through August, so no hurry on these — the coupon does not expire til 9/30, so you can grab a couple of free dairy free singles on any trip through then!


Some varieties of Clif Mojo bars are everyday priced at $.99. (Careful, others are $1.49.) If I hadn’t cleverly cut off the side of this coupon in the photo, you’d see that there is a $.50/1 Whole Foods coupon in this month’s Whole Deal that you can stack with the $.50/1 manufacturer coupon in the 6/8 SS to make these free.

Other freebies

  • They did have the 1 oz Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts for $1.00 each. (Not out, but I asked, and they brought a bunch out of the back.) Use the $1.00/1 Manitoba Harvest coupon on HealthESavers to get these free! Note: This comes via email. Although it lets you print multiples, they have unique identifiers at the bottom so the actual print limit is one per email address/computer.
  • Honest Tea singles were $1.39, so if you printed the $1.50/1 (no longer available) you can get those for free as well.
  • Clif Kit’s organic bars are $1.19. There is a $.50/1 Whole Foods coupon in this month’s Whole Deal, which you can stack with the $1.00/1 manufacturer coupon in the latest Mambo Sprouts booklet to get them free. (Pick this up at places like Fresh Thyme, Fruitful Yield…)

Other cheapies


Plentils are on sale for $2.69. Use the $1.50/2 Enjoy Life products Whole Foods coupon in this month’s Whole Deal, and stack with two $.75/1 Plentils manufacturer coupons to get two bags for $2.38, or $1.19 each.

Fresh sockeye salmon fillets were on sale for $11.99/lb — they looked great, and I was tempted, but…

Also remember:

What I bought

This was less than I expected — I just noticed he only rang up 6 yogurts, although I bought 7, for one thing. I think they might have entered too many coupons, but it’s impossible to tell what since they entered in chunks — like “vendor coupon, $5.00” etc.


2 bags Enjoy Life Plentils, $5.38. Used the $1.50/2 Enjoy Life products Whole Foods coupon in this month’s Whole Deal, and stacked with two $.75/1 Plentils manufacturer coupons.
Earth Balance non-dairy spread, $3.99. Will get $1.00 back from Ibotta.
2 So Delicious non-dairy ice cream, $6.00. Used two $1.00/1 So Delicious frozen treat printables (no longer available).
7 So Delicious yogurt cups, although they only rang up six, oops, for $11.94. Used 7 $1.00/1 So Delicious in the 6/15 SS (Sun-Times or Hoy only; not Tribune) and three $1.00/3 So Delicious Whole Foods coupons from this month’s Whole Deal on this and the ice cream above. Will get $1.00 back from Ibotta.
2 Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, $2.00. Used two $1.00/1 printables.
3 Clif Mojo bars, $2.97. Used three $.50/1 from this month’s Whole Deal and three $.50/1 from the 6/8 SS.
5 Clif Kit’s bars, $5.95. Used five $1.00/1 from Mambo Sprouts (that I traded for) and five $.50/1 from this month’s Whole Deal.
Tasty Bite, $2.48. Used FREE coupon a friend gave me from a booth at Eyes on the Skies earlier this month.
2 Go Veggie dairy free cream cheese, $5.38. Used two $1.00/1 printable coupons here.
6 Pacific Almond milk singles, $5.94. Used six $1.00/1 coupons from this month’s Whole Deal.

Paid $12.94. Will get $2.00 back from Ibotta for Earth Balance and So Delicious, for a net cost of $10.94.

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  1. Krystle says

    K stopped at the hinsdale location on the way to breakfast this morning, picked up some free clif mojo bars, and noticed they had Kettle chips with $0.55 MFG peelies. Stacked with the instore coupon they were $1.44 each, not bad IMO. No hassle check out either, oh and Rachel is correct the way they deducted my coupons was just weird. Some scanned, and others were bulk discounted. Overall nice experience, will be adding whole foods to my monthly rotation!

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