Who needs SmartSource coupons anyway — Java alert

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Joy just shared this article warning about security problems with Java — and a rare US Department of Homeland Security warning to completely disable the software. When I went in to  disable Java in my Firefox, I found that Firefox had already disabled it, with the warning that “Java Platform SE 7 U5 is known to cause security or stability issues.”

Here are a couple more articles with more info, as well as instructions for how to turn it off.

What this means for coupon printing

Both Red Plum and SmartSource use Java-based coupon printing. So, with Java disabled, you won’t be able to print their coupons. You can turn it on long enough to print a coupon and then turn it back off, if you feel crafty.

And note

Java is not the same as the unfortunately named JavaScript, which is… everywhere. Don’t worry if you disable Java and then still see JavaScripts running in your browser.

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  1. says

    Java 7 has never worked right for me with Target coupons, I would never be able to print from certain computers and it came down to that. A month or so back I looked into the Java issue and removed 7 and installed 6 without automatic updates and it prints. Still a little wonky on the Target coupons, sometimes no expiration but sometimes it does… no one at Target has complained yet on those but it is hard for me to remember because they will not scan if they are expired. That I did find out.

  2. jane says

    Thanks for the heads up on this.
    Does this mean I won’t be able to print Target coupons, either, unless I enable Java for printing?

    • says

      From what I read… and I am running Mac OS 10.8.2 and have been using Safari, that 7 is the most recent Java and that is what caused my problems with Target printing. The Apple boards talk about it causing issues as well and recommend going back to 6. Since I have done that I have had no problems printing. I was just getting this little screen saying “error printing”. They print fine now except for the expiration date is missing.

      My older computer at the office with an older OS have had no troubles. So I print a copy of whatever Target ones I need from that and use for remembering expiration dates. Weird.

      Not sure if this helps at all but just my story! :-)

  3. Jackie says

    If you look on Homeland Security’s website, you’ll see the alert is actually for JAVA 10 and lower. From what I’m reading the most current version 10.9 is not effected. This is defiantly a story worth keeping watch on and a good reminder to keep your software up to date. Thank you.

  4. Donna K says

    I disabled Java first thing this morning after I saw the news, then of course I saw post about a smart source coupon, went to go print and got the ‘no java installed’ error message. UGH….hope they fix the glitch soon.

  5. says

    I disabled Java from my laptop, and only open a different browser for a few moments when I want to print coupons. But my son plays Minecraft on our desktop PC, and that requires Java to run. Does anyone have any advice for making it as safe as possible without banning all Minecraft play in our house?

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