When can I use “on your next order” Catalinas from other stores at Jewel?

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Since this has been coming up a lot in comments lately, and there is much confusion about Jewel’s new July 2012 coupon policy, let’s talk about when you can use “on your next order” Catalinas from other stores and/or Register Rewards at Jewel.

First, let’s look at what the policy actually says:

  • Catalina Manufacturer Coupons with the verbiage “Redeemable only at” [a competitor]) CANNOT be redeemed at Jewel-Osco or any SUPERVALU location.

The key here is our word “only.” This does not say that you cannot redeem manufacturer Catalinas that say “redeemable at,” just that you cannot redeem manufacturer Catalinas that say “redeemable only at.” Most Register Rewards now say “redeemable only at,” so Jewel will not accept those. They will accept the occasional Register Reward without that wording.

Jewel confirms

This has been confirmed repeatedly on Jewel’s Facebook page, for instance on the Jewel-Osco Facebook Wall here as of yesterday 8/27/12. (And let’s go back just a few days — see, this comes up a lot — verified here, here, and here.)

Here’s what to look for


The above $10.00 Catalina from Ultra Foods IS OK to use at Jewel, because it does not contain the word “only.” Even though it has an Ultra Foods logo, and even though it says “Redeemable at,” it falls within Jewel policy as an acceptable manufacturer Catalina coupon without the dreaded word “only.” Jewel should take it.


The above $10.00 Register Rewards from Walgreens is NOT OK to use at Jewel, because it contains the wording redeemable “ONLY” at Walgreens. Even though it is also a manufacturer Catalina coupon, the word “only” always now means that Jewel will not accept it.

Even though both of these were earned on the same Kraft Catalina deal, ONLY the Ultra Foods one may be used at Jewel, and the Walgreens one cannot.

If you have trouble at your store

Lots of cashiers are unclear on the new policy and believe that this extends to all Catalinas from other stores. Be familiar with the policy, and be patient — I’ve had this issue at my store and when I point it out, it’s so far always been cleared up when the cashier verifies with customer service. So, try these steps in this order:

  • If a cashier refuses the Catalina coupon, point out the policy.
  • If they still refuse the coupon, ask that they check with customer service — or, finish your transaction and then head over to customer service to post-redeem, especially if there is a line.
  • If customer service refuses the coupon, talk next to the store manager. Again, have the policy on hand.
  • If the store manager refuses the coupon, contact Jewel corporate or head over to the Jewel-Osco Facebook page and post your experience and store location, so that they can follow up with the store and get everyone on the same page.

Hope this helps clarify for everyone!

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  1. Silviavm says

    Thank Rachel, I also have printed the Facebook discussion n took that with me!!! Jewel needs to pay me or training their cashiers n cs workers in the 3 surrounding stores!!! Lmbo

  2. marjie says

    I have to say my Jewel and Ultra are training their cashiers well. I used 3 $1 off catalinas from Kmart at jewel the other day and they scanned fine. The cashier just checked them to make sure they didn’t say only on them. Tonight I used my $10 kraft catalina at Ultra. The cashier was aware that it was okay to use but the register asked for a manager over ride. The manager came right over and pushed it thru without a problem.

    • Cindy says

      Ultra cashiers need a manager override even on catalinas generated at their store if they are over a certain amount. I used two $10 cats from the Kraft deal at separate times today, and both had to be overriden. The first cashier said they never scan and had have manager override because of the amount.

      This evening I used catalinas at Jewel that were from Dominick’s and Meijer. At first the cashier was reluctant, but I said that they did not state “redeemable only at”, and then there was no problem.

  3. Mandy says

    I find it really aggravating that we have to carry a bunch of coupon policies with us. I think all stores should post their policy in an obvious place and keep it updated. When I think of the time I have wasted to resolve simple problems that anyone being paid for the job should have known, it makes me really upset. I always worked in customer service type jobs and was told I should know my job, and I did! I also wonder when customers became unimportant to businesses? I always thought you had a strong company and good solid jobs because customers were valued, and the reason you had a job!

  4. Rachel says

    Even Customer Servive people at Bolingbrook Jewel refuse any type of catalina coupons and total off purchase from other stores. I showed my printed coupon policy and they still would not care to look at it and just kept saying “we don’t take any catalina coupons from any stores and it is our new policy.” I called and asked Corporate for help and she made the call to the store but I still have problem yesterday. It all depends on which cashier you get and who works at the Customer service desk.

  5. Judy says

    Is this also true of Walmart. Some times they take it and sometimes they don’t. I talked to the manager and he said it doesn’t matter if it say redeem at Walgreens or redeem only at Walgreens. He wouldn’t accept it. Other times they have. Help.

  6. Jen says

    The FB profile pic is my son Joey on his first day of first grade! The other FB link is my niece Katelyn. Aren’t they cute? 😉

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