What 30 Jewel game pieces gets you

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Opened all 30 Jewel game pieces. Won: 2 free Jewel bakery donuts, and 10 more free game pieces. Have a pile of $.25 coupons, mostly for products I’ll never buy, and a pile of duplicate game pieces.

So have any of you won something more interesting? So far this seems like a lot of effort for nothing :)

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  1. Karen says

    Well, you did better than me. I got 15 game pieces this morning and only won 2 additional free game pieces out of all those. I never thought I’d say it, but I actually wish they’d bring back the free pots/pans promotion. At least I could actually GET something out of that instead of winning a chance to win nothing with this game!

    • says

      I have tons of tickets I have opened, and always it is just 1 last ticket needed to win the I-pad 2, $250 gift card, 100 Jewel gift card, the $10 cash, $5 cash $2 cash…I’m 2 tickets away from the $5K, and the $25K. UGH! There is only 2 more days till it’s over. I have tons extra…if we can match up a big winning prize, I feel it would be fair to split the prize 50/50. If anyone is interested please let me know ASAP…Feel free to send me a fax of what you have, and what you need.

      Does everyone else have the same issue of way too many win-big tickets? (the mail in 3×5 cards) I wonder how many times you can enter? Or if we need to use a different address each time we mail it in?

      I also wonder if I go to a different Jewel store (rather than my local one, I always use). If my chances are better on getting different tickets I need.

      Anyone who works for Jewel or Osco, or have a friend that works for them can give me any extra input? Thanks!

      My fax number is 630-470-9463 to send your list…I will get right back to you ASAP! Let’s get someone out here in cyber space to win. (Or two of us if we split a prize)

    • says

      Sorry Karen, I don’t know how that posting got in your reply zone..
      ..I did want to comment to you though that it cost me way more money to win the cookware, rather than just purchasing it from Homegoods, TJ Maxx, or another store along that line. I like the cookware, but you can get just as good just purchasing it outright.

  2. Fran says

    Did you also notice there is one part on there that is a drawing, and you need to mail in the game pieces on a 3X5 card. Of course, I didn’t realize it until AFTER I stuck them to the game board.

    • says

      If you shop at Jewel ever, you will get plenty more – those are like the most common game pieces. Plus the pieces come off pretty easily…so be careful with the others.

      I am trying to decide if and how much the sweepstakes is worth entering at .44 a pop.

    • Katie says

      And you can only mail 1 each. So you waste money on stamps, envelopes, and cards. I hate this rip off waste of time scam game!

  3. says

    Yeah, I have a little stack of those. If they think I’m spending a $.44 stamp to mail in each set of two of those, they have another think coming…

  4. jen says

    i feel like you’ve got a better chance of winning something big if several people who shop at jewel on a regular basis combine and split a prize. i got 12 cards last week and won squat, did get some coupons i will use though (eggs, produce, etc).

  5. Coupon Princess says

    Maybe we should start a thread and list all our extra game pieces LOL

    I do have to say that one of our cashiers won $250 with her first game piece :)

  6. Melissa says

    How is everyone getting so many during one shopping trip? I have gone twice and only received 2 game pieces total! I spent $10 once and $20 this am!

    Are you buying the products that give you bonus game pieces?

      • Melissa says

        Thanks Rachel! I was talking with a Jewel employee this morning and asked if you get one per bonus item purchased and he said that is how it is supposed to work but it wasn’t working like that yesterday! I guess they fixed the glitch!

        I am not going to attach mine onto the sheet yet in case someone I know needs one of the pieces I have! Unless I win something myself of course! :-)

  7. sandy says

    They need to put the stinky tabs in numerical order in the game piece itself. Also a front and back game board is stinky. And is anyone else finding it difficult to rip em open?

  8. Joan says

    So far won 8 free cards, one free donut, and a coupon for 25 cents off onions that are on sale for 99 cents this week :). Wish we didn’t have to flip the board back/forth and tired of dunking pieces in a cup of water to stick!!

  9. Su Miller says

    Geez, this is just THE MOST ANNOYING PROMO! So far I’ve won 8 game pieces, and a bunch of 25 cent coupons (the only ones I may use are for eggs, onions, potatoes, evaporated milk and I think that’s it). I’m one game piece shy of several things, but even then, I’ve started a 2nd game board just so I don’t have all of these duplicates sitting around (this game is killer if you have any form of OCD). And even with 2 boards, I’ve still got duplicate/leftover pieces and haven’t actually ‘won’ anything.

    I’d rather have the pan promo back! How about Bake Ware?

    Let’s start a thread…design your own promo…what would you want? I’d love to save up stickers for some nice Pyrex, since the Kohls deal keeps going out of stock. LOL.

    • says

      I’d rather they ditch the gimmicky promos and lower the prices on some basics. Dominick’s keeps getting me back for the cheap milk — so what if they dropped everyday prices on things like: milk, eggs…

      • jane says

        Half-and-half, too! I always go to Van Til’s because their h-n-half if always .25 to .50 cents less than Jewel, and it’s something I buy every week. Once I’m there, I might as well buy other things I need as well. :)

  10. says

    opening all those game pieces makes my fingers tired. I think I am developing Wish Big Win Big Arthritis. I miss the stickers from last year. 1. easier to affix and didn’t need to open them up!

    • says

      I just cut mine open, right along the indented lines…you can do a few pieces at once, and it makes the whole process a go little quicker. I hope this helps you out. I know it gets a bit tedious. :)

  11. says

    Well I got 2 free game pieces and a free 2 liter bottle of Super Chill Soft Drinks. Tons of 25 cent coupons, the only ones that looks somewhat good are for .25 off Gold Medal flour and .25 off Betty Crocker Cookie Mix.

    I haven’t even tried sticking them on the board yet. It makes my brain hurt trying to match things up and keep track of all the duplicates. I guess I’ll pick up more copies of the board next time.

  12. says

    Do not glue or tape them to the board!

    I got my $5 cash today, which they were very excited about and said was the first non-instant winner at the store. We had to remove them from the board and tape them to a form we filled out, then I signed for my $5. I guess this is why they come off so easily…. So anyway, no need to start a second board because that section is empty now and I will just refill it as I get those pieces again.

    I also got 20 more pieces today. No more good prizes, but 3 instant winners and a good handful of new pieces. I am still hopeful!

  13. Paula M says

    I have came up with a alternate solution for trying to stick these little stickers to the game board. Maybe it will help someone else. I picked up 2 boards. One I am using to mark, not stick, the games pieces on. The second one I will use if I do happen to win. I have 3 envelopes, 1 is for the game pieces I actually “mark” on the board, 1 for duplicates and 1 for the little coupons. When you get the game pieces simply mark an X on the appropriate spot, if it’s a new one and put it in either the first or second envelope (1st if it’s a new piece, 2nd if it’s a duplicate). If I do happen to win (which I probably won’t) I will simply pull the winning pieces out of envelope 1 and take them to the store with the unmarked game board. Hope this makes sense to someone.

  14. BK says

    Could we all list the “WINNING” game pieces so that we could just look for those instead of continuing to stick all of the non-winning on the boards?

    These are the tickets I think you need to win these prizes

    $50,000 Cash = Breyers Oreo Ice Cream – SJ10

    $1000 TV = McCormacks Brown Gravy SJ44

    $650 Ipad = Redi Whip – SJ46

    $500 Gift Card = ?Crackers – SJ50

    $100 Gift Card = OreIda Potatoes O’brien SJ59

    $100 Camera = Hormel Pepperoni Stix SJ62

    $50 Gift Card = Diet Coke AJ68

  15. Jeff says

    35 pieces and all I have won is 10 entries into the drawing. As with others, I don’t think I will be rushing out to buy stamps to send all those in.

    The comical highlight so far was 2 .25 coupons for Jell-O. Not like I just stocked up on those. lol

  16. Kristy says

    I got a coupon for the BC cookie mix that I was going to stack with a MQ that I have. But my son ate it. (He’s almost 8 months old and is obsessed with paper…)

  17. Karmalita says

    I got 13 game pieces when I bought 12 boxes of jello. 7 out of the 13 pieces were exactly the same, coupon and all. Doesn’t Jewel know that 25 cents off coupons aren’t that desireable on their $9 bag of walnuts?

  18. Coupon Princess says

    BK- are those the only ones you need??? I need those too and probably one of each of the others.

    Connie – I know thats the one I need too. I really want that IPAD :) But my son thinks he’s got dibs on it ROFL

    So far I won one yummy donut, a recycleable bag, and about two dozen instants.

    Anyways Here’s the ones I need:
    Sj4, SJ5
    SJ08, SJ10
    SJ12, SJ15
    SJ18, SJ19
    SJ22, SJ26
    SJ33, SJ35
    SJ39, SJ41

    I’m Willing to trade all the rest, I have about 150 of them so far…

  19. jen says

    I had 23 game pieces from my trip the other night. Made my husband stick them all on while I put the groceries away. Didn’t win ANY instant prizes, so I would’ve been happy w/ one of those crappy prizes! LOL

  20. Alex says

    I have a question, has anyone here gotten the reddi-whip bottle. Its under the I-Pad giveaway. Have any of you gotten that? Im curious because that is the last one my mother needs for the free I-Pad.

  21. vanessa says

    ive been looking on ebay and people are selling lots of game pieces but almost all are ones we probably have.I agree with bk’s post that those are the money tickets if you can find.I’m waiting on 54, 73, 76, and 50

  22. Laura says

    I think this game is a scam. I must have had over 200 pieces and have so many duplicates I don’t know what to do with them. The most I’ve won so far is two free donuts and a few more than 10 free game coupons. On the cheaper end of the board, the side that includes the camera, tv, and so on I have every piece full and I’m missing one piece from each. I am yet to find them, this game seems like a scam after all the pieces I went through.

  23. Megan Dugo says

    These are the tickets I need to win these prizes
    $250,000 Cash = SJ04,SJ05
    $50,000 Cash = SJ08,SJ10
    $50,000 Vehicle = SJ12,SJ15
    $25,000 Cash = SJ18,SJ19
    $25,000 Vehicle = SJ22, SJ26
    $10,000 Vacation Prize = SJ27,SJ31
    $1000 TV = SJ44
    $650 Ipad = SJ46
    $500 Gift Card = SJ50
    $250 Gift Card = SJ54
    $100 Gift Card = SJ59
    $100 Camera = SJ62
    $50 Gift Card = SJ68
    $20 Gift Card = SJ73
    $10 Cash = SJ76
    $5 Cash =SJ79

  24. Valerie says

    I have the semi-rare piece for the $50k car (piece #12) along with the common pieces (13, 14, and 16, if I remember correctly).

    If you have the rare piece for the $50k car (piece #15) and are unable to get the semi-rare piece by the end of the promotion (or just don’t want to buy thousands of dollars of groceries in the hopes of finding one, since the odds are 1 in 5,000), please respond to this comment. I would be willing to sell it if we can reach a mutually agreeable price.


  25. worlee glover says

    Got a bunch of tickets and nothing. Need 1 or 2 tickets to win major prizes and a lot of duplicates. Very disappointing promotion.

  26. happygal37 says

    JEWEL GAME WAS A COMPLETE SCAM!!! I spent over $100 per week during the entire game buying products to get the game tickets. In the end I had many free donuts, many free tickets and completed the area of tickets to win $2 cash. I also sent in about 50 entries on 3 x 5 card for the $1,000 prize. I was absolutely sure I would win something. My siblings and friends were all comparing and shairng our game boards. In the end I found out that Jewel employees were stealing bags of the tickets for friends and family to split the prize profit. WHAT A SCAM THIS WAS! I will never shop at Jewel again!!!!!

  27. Barb B. says

    I too am VERY disappoint with this promotion! I don’t know about the stealing of game pieces but I do know they gave them out like they where gold and God forbid they gave you one too many. I didn’t even win a lousy donut!!!

  28. Mandy Frohlich says

    I hear that the game is controlled …. so they won’t release those rare tickets until the very end of the promotion.

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