Web Pickup — all of this net $1.59 at Walgreens insanity

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Update — CW asked that I pull the code from this post, so it’s gone. The step-by-step instructions remain for those of you who wish to use future codes or the $5/$25 on the Wags site.

OK! This one will only work for those of you who have Walgreens web pickup available in your area. In Chicagoland, many stores are participating. So here’s what you need to know, and then I’ll walk you through the process below. You’ll want to read this, because the above order came to net $1.59 after coupons, web pickup code, and Register Rewards.

What you need to know

  1. When you do a web pickup order, your order will be waiting inside at the photo counter.
  2. When you pick up your order, you CAN use manufacturer coupons, and you CAN receive Register Rewards.
  3. You have to use your credit card online to reserve your order, but your actual charge will be your final amount after coupons in store.
  4. The web pickup code comes off the amount BEFORE manufacturer coupons!
  5. Web pickup codes will not affect Register Rewards where you have to buy a specific item or number of items. They will affect Register Rewards where you have to hit a certain dollar amount.
  6. Web pickup is currently only available in select areas of the country.

The process

Head over to Walgreens.com and look near the bottom right for a web pickup “can’t wait?” as shown above. Click that.

This will pop up a screen asking you to select your local store. Enter your ZIP code to see if web pickup is available at any stores near you.

If web pickup is available in  your area, it will show you a list of stores near you to choose from. Click the blue “shop this store” button under the one where you wish to pick your order up.

Once you select a store, you will see on the top of the screen that you’re shopping that particular store.

Now when you search, you are searching for products available in your selected store. If they are in stock, they will show up. Here, I searched for “Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh.” Simply add products to your cart until you’re ready to check out — try to hit just over $30.00. When you’re done shopping, view your cart. Look on the bottom left for a box to enter your code. Enter your code, then hit apply.

This will show you over on the right under your total that the code has been applied. Then click “Proceed to checkout,” and checkout normally.

You’ll receive an email within a few minute confirming your order. However, you’ll want to wait for your second email, telling you that your web pickup order is ready for pickup. (I placed my order just before 8AM this morning, and got the ready for pickup email just before 9AM.)


Head over to the store you selected, where your web pickup order will be waiting for you at the photo counter. You do not want to do curbside pickup, since you can’t use coupons or get Register Rewards unless you go in the store. And don’t worry — my lunch meat and cheese were in a cooler and she had to go get the second bag; they weren’t sitting out unrefrigerated!


Hand over whatever coupons you are using on this order. They will scan them there, and if you earned Register Rewards, they will print out after you pay. Note that it did put it on the credit card I used online, even though I tried to swipe a different one in store.

What I bought

Yes, the rubber bands were incredibly overpriced, but that doesn’t matter since they were essentially free, lol — Mr. 9 needs them for Pokemon cards or something.

5 Kraft singles, $12.50. Used five $1.00/1 printables.
5 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh lunch meat, $12.50. Used five $1.00/1 printables.
Rubber bands, $3.99.
Popcorn Indiana, $1.99.

Used a code for $10/$30 web pickup. Paid $11.59 and got back $10.00 in Register Rewards for a net cost of… $1.59!

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  1. Joy says

    You can pay with a different method (cash included) when you pick it up but you have to tell them first thing (and usually keep repeating it throughout the transaction!) :)

  2. Gina says

    Hi, Thanks!
    I just did it! I did the $5.00 scotts paper towels(we are completely out) to equal exactly $30.00 and there is a .75 Q in 8/12 S. I only have 2 computers so I could only print 4 of each of the meat and cheese coupons…but still a great deal…THANK YOU!

    • lisa says

      I only have access to 2 computers as well. What was your total (if you don’t mind saying) so I can do the same deal. The paper towels will work for me as well. Thanks!

      • Gina says

        Hi, It shows my total of $20.69 on my invoice. After the 8.75 in Q’s it should be a total of $11.94 for a net cost of 1.94. I am going to call my hubby though and see if he can print 2 Q’s for me and then it looks like it will be a a profit of 6 cents :)

  3. Jadeyzma says

    Just a FYI…The code is only good once per account & you cannot add anything to your order once you get there (can cause an issue when rolling RRs & an item is out of stock after you place your order).

  4. Amy says

    Thanks for the Web Pickup info! I don’t need the Kraft products, but I do need Secret Clinical strength deodorant. So I ordered 6 Secret deodorants ($8.99 BOGO 50% off)=$40.45-$10code=$30.45-$9MQs(4x$2q+$1/2qs)=$21.45-$10RR(from purchase)=$11.45-$5P&G rebate(mail-in)=$6.45-$2.22(SAH)=$4.23(+tax) for 6 clinical strength deodorants (71c/ea) after it all! :)

    • Amy says

      The $10RR I referred to is for buying $30 of Gilette, Old Spice or Secret products (so my total after the $10 online code was applied had to be $30 to get the $10RR).

  5. Eden says

    confused, i thought the 10.00 cat was just off the Kraft items. But everyone is talking about WAY different stuff. Please explain.

    • says

      The $10 cat is just for the Kraft items — the $10 web pickup code will work on anything. So you can use it to buy whatever you want, including other RR deals or just stuff you need.

  6. Andi says

    5 Kraft, 5 Deli Fresh, one large and one small Cottonelle flushable wipes. 10 $1 printable coupons (for Kraft items), and $0.50 MQ for the Cottonelle wipes. Net $0.69!

  7. PeteyB says

    Scored 5 Kraft Cheese, 5 Oscar Meyer Turkey, 2/4-packs of batteries and 1 .29 box of paper clips…I originally included 2 bags of .40 cent Chex mix (after 2/.60 coupons and RR), but they were out of Chex Mix, but still gave me $10 off $30. So, for $7.76 oop, I got back $10 RR from Kraft, up $2.24! Thanks again for all you do.

    • says

      You can print two sets per computer. After you print, just click the coupon link again and print your second one — hitting the back button will not work.

      • Jolene says

        Thanks…. Just picked up my order & was bummed it said redemable ONLY at wags…. Oh well i got $11 in rr’s back (bought a glade expressions too w/ $3/1 mq)…. & only paid $8.20 oop & that was on a gc that i got for refilling a script at the pharmacy :)

  8. says


  9. Kim says

    Yikes! Won’t let me add anything to my cart anymore…says an error occurred. Hmmm…but it will let me add diapers to my cart…

    • says

      You need to put a credit card number in online to reserve the order. In store you will be charged the final amount after coupons when you pay at the photo counter.

  10. Elaine says

    Thank you so much for another great deal. I was able to get the cheese, the lunch meat, the popcorn but instead of rubberbands I bought the buy one get one free NICE almonds. I had the 10 coupons and got back the $10 catalina. We are set for lunches for school!

  11. Amanda says

    Such an awesome deal! Does anyone know what to do if your RR doesn’t print and the clerks won’t do anything for this deal? Should I call Wags or Catalina? (I did call Wags and they are “looking into it” but I’m not sure if I should have called Catalina instead).

  12. Sharon says

    I just did 6 cheese and 6 lunchmeat. $8.35 with tax + $10 RR. . . .$1.65 moneymaker. We have 3 computers and I already printed out 6 of each computer . . .might as well.

  13. Jessica says

    Awesome! I did the Kraft deal, and got 3 of the glade candles on sale for $3 ea.
    I had a coupon for B2G1 free glade candles, 5 $1 off cheese, 5 $1 off deli meat.
    Total was $12.67, used 2 $4 RR from last week, paid $4.67 oop and received the $10 Kraft cat & $1 glade rr. Total cost was a $6.33 money maker!!

    Thanks for posting!

    Most funny thing happened – as I was picking up my order the gal at the photo counter was asking me how to get the $10 off code to work. She turned her screen around for me to see & showed me that it said invalid code. Turns out it was not her first order, so it would not take it. LOL – She ended up calling her husband to create an account with his name so they could get the deal. :)

  14. Melissa says

    Ok – I have a two questions:
    1) the “Pick10” code – is it for first time web pick up orders only?
    2) Where can you use register rewards? only at Walgreens?

  15. Allison says

    I haven’t read all the comments yet, but I noticed that your receipt said $10 off $25+ orders. Is it $10 off $25 or $10 off $30.

    Also, does the $10 off web pick up code expire?

    • Jolene says

      The email i received w/ that code says it expires 8/18, so it could be shut off at anytime…. The web codes always show a lower amount in store…. You can go down to $25 after wags q’s oerr if thedir out of an item ordered & get the $off…. Hth

  16. Kara says

    It worked even with fewer coupons – I made net $0.39!

    5 Oscar Mayer deli ham for $12.50
    5 Kraft American singles for $12.50
    Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter kit for $2.99
    Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist refill for $3.19
    Subtotal = $31.18
    Estimated tax = $0.77
    Subtract Web pickup $10/$30 = -$10
    Total = $21.95
    5 Kraft coupons = -$5
    4 Oscar Mayer coupons = -$4
    Glade Buy refill get kit free = -$2.16 (no idea how they came up with this amount)
    Total with tax = $10.61
    RR = -$11
    MM = $0.39 !!

    • Jessica says

      The reason the free coupon only took off $2.16 is because they apply a bit of the $10 to each item. Therefore you are only paying $2.16 for the glade, not $2.99. Same thing happened to me with my B2G1 glade candle coupon, got $2.12 off instead of $3.

  17. Amanda says

    I have a question, too. If I received the $10 off catalina from Dominicks could I roll that into the WAGs deal and then receive the $10 RR cats? Thanks for always posting such great deals :)

  18. Pam W. says

    On the $10/$30 Kraft deal, did the web pickup today. Also saw “spend $20, get $5 back if you have an AARP card. Had 10 coupons, 5 Oscar Mayer deli meat & 5 Kraft American Cheese from couponnetwork.com. Used 3 different computers for 2 prints each. Also bought 2 Kettle Chips w/$1/2 also on couponnetwork.com to bring me over $30. Paid $9.35 on gift card from transferring a prescription & got back $15, $10 for Kraft deal & $5 for spending over $20 w/AARP card. Awesome deal, Rachel! Thanx for posting!

  19. Allison says

    Ordered 4 of the Soft Scrub, 36-oz. bottles (bonus size with 12-oz. free) that was on the website after I put in my zipcode and selected my desired store for pickup. I received the email saying my order was ready for pickup. Well, I just so happen to call and make sure that they had the right size of Soft Scrub in my bag and the employee said, “Oh yeah, we didn’t have that size so I put the 24-oz. size in your bag.” Isn’t the whole purpose of providing your telephone number at checkout for them to call you if they have any problems with your order, like not having the item you ordered in stock.

    I spoke with the manager and he was pretty rude stating that it is not their policy to call customers if they don’t have the item in stock… he said that they find out when they come to pick the order up. I was shocked!! I asked him if that was corporate’s policy and he said that is how corporate trained them.

    Long story short I asked his name and title because I was going to call corporate first thing tomorrow morning and ask what their policy is on this matter. He did a whole bunch of back pedaling and finally just gave me 6 of the 24-oz. bottles (2 free to compensate for the value bottles not being in stock).

    Was I wrong to expect what I ordered online to be at the store when I received an email stating that my order was ready? Shouldn’t the actual inventory of a certain store pull up once you have selected that store for pickup? I would love the convenience of ordering online, but not if it is going to be a hassle of worrying whether or not my right order will be there when I come to pick it up.

    • says

      Walgreens for whatever reason does not call if they don’t have an item in stock — see a couple people’s comments above. I agree that they should, and esp. if they are going to substitute, but it appears to be their policy.

      • Allison says

        Thanks for the response! Why do they ask for your phone number to have to contact you in case there is anything wrong with the order? It seems to me that if they send you an email stating that your order is “Ready for pickup” then I would assume that everything that I ordered was in stock.

    • lifelongwalk says

      I had the same problem – everything showed as in stock when I submitted my order (admittedly it was at like 11 PM), but I don’t think they filled it until the next morning and when I tried to pick up that evening most of my order was unavailable.

      The store manager was nice, but why on earth can’t they call when there’s a problem and not waste our time? Lesson learned: Order during “regular” hours when they will pull the order almost immediately and then pick it up quickly!

      I might try again and I’m certainly going to give corporate some feedback.

  20. Marie says

    The two wags i go to the most always call me if an item is oos….. & i’d say your lucky they gave u the smaller size instead of not including it in your order b/c w/o it it would of dropped u below the $25 threshold & deleted the code…. & once that’s done it can’t be added back in….

  21. Joy says

    Hi Rachel! I sent you two very important Facebook private messages regarding web pick up a few minutes ago. Wasn’t sure what was the fastest way to reach you. Thanks! Joy

  22. Gale says


    I am a member over at CW and made a post that I would like for you to read at your convenience.

    Keep up the awesome job. You are the best blog around

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