From Walmart to Whole Foods — ow, my head shopping

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Well, actually it was the other way around — I went to Whole Foods since I was already over in Glen Ellyn so halfway there anyway, and wanted the $5 rotisserie chicken today. Then I was driving back past Walmart on the way home, and figured I should try Savings Catcher at least once! Spent too much at WF, but it’s all good stuff; the sockeye salmon is a VERY occasional splurge, and the mozzarella is destined for Caprese salad tomorrow to help use up more of our insane tomato production over here. :) The waffles were a back-to-school request from Junior High Guy, and one chicken will be dinner maybe tomorrow, the other will become soup.

2 rotisserie chickens, $10.00. (They’re $5 today only!)
Sockeye salmon, $10.06.
Mozzarella, $3.99.
Van’s gluten free waffles, $2.50.
8 Brown Cow plain Greek yogurt, $6.40. (I’m going to TRY the non-sugar yogurt thing and add honey and fruit…) Used four $1.00/2 printables.
6 So Delicious non-dairy yogurt, $11.94. Used six $1.00/1 coupons from the 6/15 SS (not in Tribune) and two $1.00/3 Whole Foods coupons from the current Whole Deal. Got $1.00 back from Ibotta.

Paid $33.68. Got back $1.00 from Ibotta for a net cost of $32.68.

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  1. peaches says

    Rachael do you ever make salsa out of your tomatoes? Homemade salsa is way better than the stuff you buy in the jars. Of course that is assuming that you have good tomatoes. I am going to try to make some tonight from some heirloom tomatoes I got yesterday at the Daley Plaza farmer’s market. I got a medium size tropical melon, over 2/12 pounds of heirloom tomatoes, and 8 hot peppers for $8. I think he short changed himself, and did not charge me for the peppers. The tomatoes were $2.49 a pound, which is a good deal for heirloom tomatoes. The heirlooms in my garden are not producing well this summer. At least I am finally picking some sun gold cherry tomatoes.

  2. Maureen says

    Naperville Whole Foods was chicken crazy today. People were scooping them up faster than they could package them. Got my three and got outta there!

  3. Jen k says

    I bought two chickens, pulled the meat off and threw the bones straight into the crockpot for stock. Let it cook on low all night – it smells wonderful. Ms. 11 is a soup fiend so this will be great to make quick batches of soup for her this Fall. We used some meat to throw on some salads last night. Maybe curried chicken salad for lunch today. Looking forward to the salmon for dinner! We all love fish here but our tastes run to the expensive stuff :-) — this is a bargain!

  4. Kerri says

    This wasn’t the same Greek yogurt that they are now pulling because the sugar content isn’t correct is it? :) It’s funny this article and the article about whole foods pulling yogurt were only 2 away from each other in my news feed!!

    • says

      Oh dear! No, I just looked and that appears to be their own brand: “The lawsuit alleges that the Texas-based supermarket chain is misleading consumers by listing its 365 Everyday Value Plain Greek Yogurt as having only 2 grams of sugar. Last month, Consumer Reports analyzed six samples of the yogurt and found that the containers had 11.4 grams of sugar, on average.”

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