Walmart Farmland bacon coupon + rebate — just got mine!

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I just received and printed out my $5.00 Walmart gift card from Farmland from this afternoon’s trip, so thought it deserved a separate post so it didn’t get buried in the shopping trip post. :) The fact that it comes fairly immediately is really nice!

Farmland Bacon Deal

Farmland bacon is regular price $4.98. You need to buy two for the gift card deal, which is itself limit two. So:

Note: the manufacturer coupon prints with “redeemable at Winco Foods” on it — but doesn’t say “only” at, is a manufacturer coupon, and scanned fine at self-checkout.

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  1. Outlander says

    Did anyone ever get those rebates from Walmart for $6 of ground beef with Hamburger Helper purchase?
    Also, did anyone ever get those free Almay make up bags with those codes from Walgreens from a few months ago?
    I never got either.

  2. Carolyn says

    I did the ground beef/Hamburger Helper MIR- I got mY CHECK FROM Walmart a couple of weeks ago. HTH.

  3. Shandelle says

    Is the Walmart eGift card only good for web purchases or can the cashier punch it in at the store? I’m unclear how that works. I never shop their website so if I can’t use it in the store, it’s probably not worth it for me.

      • feelgood says

        I’ve used Walmart E-gift cards in-store before…but it can be a PITA when the cashier and the supervisor have no idea how to input them, even after reading the instructions.


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