Walgreens — spend $25 get 50 points per dollar


Here’s another Walgreens promo — they texted it yesterday and I kind of forgot! But here’s the scoop: Spend $25 or more at Walgreens in one transaction through tomorrow 4/29, and get 50 Balance Rewards points for every dollar you spend.

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  1. Krystle says

    Heads up, you do not have to spend $25 OOP to earn these points! Used RRs total went from $40 to $9 and I still earned points for having spent $40.

    • Shandelle says

      Do you have to do anything special at all to prompt this? I don’t get text alerts from Walgreens but this sounds like a great deal and I have nearly $30 in RR from the 15% off sale!

      • says

        It’s for everyone — click the link in the post and they have a webpage up with details. If you think about it though, 50 points is 5 cents so on $25 you are making a whopping $1.25 in points. :) But if you have RR to roll, might as well get the bonus.

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