Walgreens deals week of 8/15/10

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Here are the best Walgreens deals I see for the week of 8/15/10.

Confused by abbreviations in this post? See lingo for newbies.

Register Rewards deals

  • Um… I guess you could do aussie or herbal essences hair care, $2.99, get $1.00 RR. Use the buy one get one styler free from the 8/1 PG and get two for a net cost of $1.99, or a buck each.
  • Listerine zero, $2.99, get $1.00 RR. Use $.50/1 from the 4/11 RP. That’s it! LAME Register Rewards week at Walgreens; spend your drugstore time at CVS instead.

Other deals

  • There’s an in-ad coupon for $.50 off each of various school supplies up to 20. items per coupon limit one coupon per customer. Nothing super-thrilling here, but paper-mate mechanical pencils $.49 after coupon, scissors $.79, etc. Nice filler items.
  • Pilot Frixion pens 2-pack, $1.99. Use $1.00 Wags coupon from the monthly booklet + $1.00/1 printable for more free pens.
  • 280 sheet filler paper, $.99.
  • Mars candy, $.49 limit 6.
  • Royal gelatin, 5/$1.00 with in-ad coupon.
  • Lindsay olives, $.99 with in-ad coupon. Print $1.00/2 here.
  • Starbucks doubleshot or frappuccino, 4/$5.00 with in-ad coupon limit 4. Print BOGO doubleshot here (close the silly business card thing) and get two for $1.25 Well, don’t do that either — poor Pam was mislead by me twice and found it’s the wrong size can. Or, print $1.00/1 Frappuccino here Pam says this has changed to $1.00 off a four-pack! and get it for $.25.
  • Stride gum, BOGO at $1.29 with in-ad coupon. Use BOGO Stride shift from the 5/16 SS (I’d give the manufacturer coupon first) to get two for free.
  • Right Guard and Dry Idea is BOGO. Use the BOGO from the 7/25 RP and get two for free — although CVS may be better with a BOGO on a BOGO sale, so try there first. :)
  • Renuzit adjustable air freshener, $.79 with in-ad coupon. Use $.55/3 from the 7/25 or 8/15 RP.
  • Expo dry erase markers 4-pack, $1.99.
  • 2-pocket folders 6/$1.00 with in-ad coupon.
  • Envelopes, $.59 with in-ad coupon.

What to know at Walgreens

If you’re newer at this, the three big things to remember at Walgreens are:

  1. Register Rewards (RR) do not roll — meaning, you can’t use the RR you get from one item to buy another of that item (or even another item from the same manufacturer, which will be listed on the RR) and get another RR for that item. That is why you see people rolling back and forth between different deals each week.
  2. RR are manufacturer coupons. At Walgreens, the number of manufacturer coupons you use in one transaction, including RR, has at a minimum to be less than or equal to the number of items in your order — and each manufacturer coupon needs its own item to “attach” to. A multi-item coupon (like $1.00/2) attaches to both items, so counts as a coupon for both. This is why you’ll see lists of low-priced “filler” items in Walgreens roundups  — sometimes you have to throw something small into your order and not use a mfr. coupon on it, so that you can use a RR. You can use as many STORE coupons as you want, including the in-ad coupons; this only applies to manufacturer coupons.
  3. Only one RR will print per offer per transaction. So, for example — if the offer is that you get one $5.00 RR for buying a certain razor for $7.99, you can’t buy two of those razors for $15.98 and get back $10.00 RR. If you want to get two, you’d have to split them up into separate transactions.
  4. Here’s a list of the Walgreens store coupons in their August coupon booklet. Two of note: $1.00/1 Purell — combine with the $3.00/3 in the 8/1 SS or the new $1.00/1 on Coupons.com, and $1.00/1 Huggies wipes — combine with the $2.50/3 on SmartSource.com.

And for those of us in the Chicago area, the big bonus thing to remember is that:

  • JEWEL TAKES REGISTER REWARDS. And so do most Dominick’s. Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons, they scan, and can be redeemed at other stores that will take them.

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  1. Pam says

    The Frappuccino coupon that printed out for me was $1 a 4-pack just a FYI. Lame process to go thru too and it prints a LOT of ink.

  2. Pam says

    And on the BOGO coupons it’s for the 15oz – the ones on sale are the little itty bitty cans as I found out this morning.

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