Walgreens — CHEAP Revlon with new coupon booklet

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walgreensRemember that Walgreens January coupon booklet I mentioned 5 minutes ago? Well, here’s how to get some cheap Revlon foundation and concealer this week. Revlon face products (not lip) are on sale BOGO this week. You have two great options here:

  1. Buy two Revlon Age Defying concealer, BOGO at $10.49. Use two $2.00/1 from 12/13 SS, plus $3.00/each from January coupon booklet. Pay $.49 for both!
  2. Buy two Revlon Age Defying Foundation for $12.99. Use two $2.00/1 from 12/13 SS, plus $3.00/each from January coupon booklet. Pay $2.99 for both.

Remember, prices at Walgreens can vary regionally so may not exactly match, but you’re bound to get a good deal.

(Thanks, Common Sense with Money!)

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  1. jennifer says

    Thanks I just did it and it cost me 6.50 with a total savings of 44.87. The foundation was 13.99 here:( Still an awsome deal!!! Thanks Rachel!!!

  2. Phyllis Martin says

    Tried it at my Walgreens this afternoon and they would not take the $2 coupons because they were not for age defying products. Without those 2 coupons, it was not a great deal. If I wanted the ones that were not age defying then I couldn’t use the walgreens booklet coupon. It was not a good Walgreens trip…I voided out my whole purchase. :(

  3. says

    Sorry that happened, Phyllis — the coupon says “Revlon Color Cosmetic.” They don’t have a line called Revlon Color, so that doesn’t make sense — might try a different walgreens?

    Edited to add — I always interpreted this to mean their cosmetics that come in different colors :).

  4. Dana says

    what market are you in? my 12/13 smartsource didn’t have a coupon. come to think of it, i’ve looked in my ss before when someone mentioned there was a coupon… no luck then either

    • says

      Dana — I’m in Chicago. I usually use coupontom.com to look up coupons — mine are clipped but I do have the $2.00 Revlon so am assuming he’s got the correct date?

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