Veggie Fest 2014 — Free Naperville Event

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I saw a little blurb about 2014 Veggie Fest in tomorrow’s Chicago Tribune, so thought I’d pass it on! Free admission, today and tomorrow 8/9-8/10, 11AM-8PM. Music, demos, family fun, speakers, more. Their site is loading really slowly for me right now, but read more about it here.

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    • peaches says

      Anybody have any idea how much they charge for the food at the food tents? It sounds like there are going to be lots of vegetarian restaurants and catering places, selling food. It is free admission, but their website said that they got 25,000 visitors last year. I am sure they will be giving out some free samples, but when 25,000 people show up, the free samples are only going to go so far. It is interesting when you look at the people speaking there, out of all the doctors speaking, at least five of them are doing their presentation only in Spanish.

      I remember reading once that this vegetarian fest has volunteers that go through all the trash to figure out what is recyclable. I think they encourage restaurants to avoid using plastic as much as possible, and so 90% of the trash is recycled. Even the toothpicks are recycled.

      • DON OCONNELL says

        We had a great time at this event…. there were tons of people but this event was still very much well organized, plenty of free samples, transportation (buses) were great and timely…. food prices were reasonable… I can clearly see why soooo many go to this yearly event.

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