Upcoming KRAFT CHEESE Catalina at Jewel


If you’re finally running out of cheese from the last Kraft cheese Catalina deal at Jewel, you’re in luck! This one starts 6/19 (Friday) and runs through 7/12, so you have a good long time to take advantage (and hopefully things will go on sale in that time frame):

Kraft natural cheese shreds, chunks, cubes, sticks, crumbles, cracker cuts, string/twists, Cracker Barrel chunks, cracker cuts, sticks, slices, Polly-O strings/twists, and Kraft deli fresh slices. Buy 3, get $2.00 OYNO. Buy 4, get $3.00. Buy 5 or more, get $4.00.

Print $1.00/1 Kraft 2% milk natural cheese here. (This seems to have reset, because it just let me print 2 more.) Look for $.50/1 Kraft naturals 2% tearpads in front of the cheese. There was also someone giving out dairy pamphlets in Dominick’s today with another $.50/1 coupon in there.

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