Ultra Foods deals week of 3/8

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Here are the best Ultra Foods coupon matchups and deals I see for the week of 3/8/12.

I’m using the Lombard version of their ad (valid for Lombard, Downers Grove, Wheaton, Hanover Park), so note that pricing can vary between stores, particularly on the extreme value meat deals and sometimes on the cereal deals. Check your own store’s ad to verify.

Confused by abbreviations in this post? See lingo for newbies.

Top deals

  • Thurs-Sun: Strawberries, $.98 limit 2.
  • Thurs-Sun: Centrella milk, $1.88 limit 1.
  • Asparagus, $.99/lb.
  • Progresso classics, $.88. Use $1.00/4 in the 2/5 GM or 2/26 SS for $.63 soup.
  • Bob Evans sausage roll, $1.98. Use exp. $.35/1 in the 11/13 SS.

Top buy five save $5.00 instantly deals — must buy five mix/match items for savings; see other participating items below

  • Hills Bros can coffee, $6.98. Print $1.00/1 here, and it’s $5.98.
  • Post Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles, Golden Crisp, or Raisin Bran, $1.88. Use $1.00/1 Raisin Bran in the 2/12 SS for $.88 cereal!

Four-day sale Thurs-Sun

  • Strawberries, $.98 limit 2.
  • Iltaco pizza puffs 48 oz, $6.98.
  • Oreos, $1.78 limit 2. If you printed the $1.00 off Oreos and milk from FB (no longer available), use here.
  • Centrella milk, $1.88 limit 1.

Save $5.00 instantly wyb 5 sale

Buy any five mix/match items, save $5.00 instantly limit one $5.00 savings per customer. Prices shown here are after instant savings wyb five.

  • Hills Bros can coffee, $6.98. Print $1.00/1 here, and it’s $5.98.
  • RC, Sunkist, Sun Drop, 12 packs or 1/2 liter six packs, $2.48.
  • Nestle 24 pack water, $2.99.
  • Dutch Farms gallon OJ $2.99.
  • Post Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles, Golden Crisp, or Raisin Bran, $1.88. Use $1.00/1 Raisin Bran in the 2/12 SS for $.88 cereal!

Buy 10 participating frozen items save $5.00

Save $5.00 for every 10 participating frozen items you buy, mix/match, prices shown here AFTER instant savings wyb 10.

  • Bird’s Eye veggies or steam fresh, $.98. Use $1.00/3 in the 3/4 RP or print $1.00/3 here (click scissors). $.65 veggies!
  • Edy’s ice cream, $2.88.
  • Farm Rich mozzarella cheese sticks, bites, or meatballs, $3.88. Use $.75/1 or $1.50/2 in the 1/15 SS.
  • Gino’s East thin crust, $2.88.
  • Michelina’s zap ’ems gourmet, $.48.
  • Rosetto ravioli, $2.88. Print $1.00/2 here.
  • Tombstone pizza, $2.98.
  • TGI Friday’s skillet meals, $5.88.
  • Palermo’s primo, hand tossed, natural rising, breakfast, $3.88. Print $1.00/2 here. And print $1.00/1 here.
  • Larry’s mashed potatoes, $.98.
  • Jimmy Dean 36 oz sausage, egg, cheese, croissant, or biscuit $5.88. Use exp. $.55/1 in the 1/8 RP.
  • North Star ice cream bars, $1.88.
  • Super Pretzel, $1.88. Print $.35/1.
  • Smucker’s uncrustables, $1.88.
  • New York Texas Toast, $1.88. Use $.40/1 in the 1/15 SS.
  • Sea Pak, $3.88. Use $.75/1 in the 2/12 SS.
  • Nestle drumsticks, $4.88.
  • Gorton’s fish, $3.48. Use $.50/1 in the 1/1 SS or print $1.00/2 here.

Weekly deals


  • California Dole head lettuce, 2/$1.00 limit 2.
  • Asparagus, $.99/lb.
  • Avocados, 12/$10.00.
  • Zucchini, yellow squash, or b-size red potatoes, $.79/lb.


  • Sanderson Farms split chicken breast, $.98/lb.
  • Pork steak family pack, $1.48/lb.
  • Johnsonville chicken sausage, $2.99. Use $1.00/1 in the 1/1 SS or $1.00/2 in the 1/22 SS.
  • Oscar Mayer selects lunch meat, 2/$5.00. I saw peelies at Dominick’s, so check Ultra as well.
  • Bob Evans sausage roll, $1.98. Use exp. $.35/1 in the 11/13 SS.


  • Their fresh baked Italian bread 16 oz, $1.18.
  • Kraft Deluxe mac & cheese or Velveeta shells & cheese, 4/$6.00 limit 4.
  • Progresso classics, $.88. Use $1.00/4 in the 2/5 GM or 2/26 SS for $.63 soup.
  • Miller High Life 18 pack, $7.88 limit 2.
  • Aunt Millie’s homestyle bread or buns, $.99.
  • Reese’s, Kit Kat, Almond Joy, Mounds, Firebreak, York 6-pack snack size, $.88.
  • Betty Crocker helpers, $.88. Use $.75/3 in the 2/5 GM. Exp. $1.00/5 in the 1/8 GM.
  • Healthy Life bread or buns, $1.50. Use $.35/1 in the 1/8 RP or SS.
  • Starkist chunk light tuna cans, $.79.
  • La preferida tomato sauce, 4/$1.00.
  • Healthy Balance juice cocktail, 3/$5.00.
  • Grande tortilla chips, $2.50. Use $1.00/1 in the 1/15 SS.
  • Pop Secret, $1.50. Use $.50/2 in the 1/29 RP or 2/19 RP.
  • Mistic Tropicals or Snapple Singles or Sunny D singles, $.88.
  • Ruffles, $2.00. Use $.55/1 in the 2/26 PepsiCo.
  • Atkins bars or shakes, $4.99. Use $1.00/1 in the 1/1 SS.


  • Dutch Farms cheese slices, $2.00. Use exp. $.50/2 from the 11/13 RP (not in Trib).
  • Dannon light & fit, natural, or fruit on the bottom yogurt, 10/$5.00. Use $.30/6 in the 1/29 SS.
  • Kraft American singles, shredded, crumbles, chunks, 2/$4.00. Hmm, I wonder if the Kraft Catalina is running here — anyone know? Print $.50/2 shred on Coupons.com.
  • Dutch Farms butter, $2.00.
  • 32 oz Tru Moo chocolate milk, $1.99. Use $.55/1 in the 2/12 SS.

Not food

  • Xtra detergent or Nice n’ Fluffy fabric softener, 3/$5.00 limit 3.
  • 12 double roll Cottonelle or Viva towels 6 big roll choose a size or Scott 1000 8 roll or extra soft 12 double roll or Scott towel 6 mega choose a size, 2/$11.00. Print $.99/1 1000 ct Scott here. And print $.99 off Scott paper towels here. Exp. $1.00/1 Scott extra soft and $1.00/2 1000 ct 1/15 SS. Exp. $.55/1 Cottonelle 1/15 SS.
  • Aim or Pepsodent, $.50.


Things to know at Ultra

At many Ultras, Catalinas will NOT print at the self-checkouts, so use the registers. Ultra accepts expired manufacturer coupons back 30 days; they do not accept expired store coupons. View the Ultra coupon policy here (click on your local store from this link and it will come up). They now accept manufacturer Catalinas from other stores; however, they will not accept Register Rewards from Walgreens.

Some Ultras will give you a $.05 credit for each reusable bag you bring in and use, so be sure to mention them to your cashier.

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  1. says

    Hi for the last 2 months I see the $1 off coupon for Hills off and on !And I try each time )O: But it says sorry you have done one !Yes last year months ago !
    Why is it still showing up if its a one time deal ????

  2. jamie says

    There is a catalina on ice mountain sparkling water, buy 3+ get $1 OYNO. It’s a good deal if you’ve still got the BOGOs from 01/08 RP (exp 2/19), Buy 2 get 2 free (total of 4), get a dollar back. On Tuesday they were $0.89 each, but it was some kind of sale price, so I’m not sure if it ends today or if it’s a longer term price drop. If that’s still the price, then get 4 ice mountain for $0.80, that’s 20 cents each! Still not a bad deal if you don’t have the Qs, buy 3 for $2.70, get $1 OYNO, $1.70 for 3 or <60 cents each.

  3. Jamie says

    That’s at ultra in downers grove. The Catalina is on coupon network, so maybe the cat is at other stores. I didn’t check.

  4. Joan says

    Our local paper stopped including the weekly Ultra circular on Wednesdays — is there a way to see the upcoming week’s ad on the Ultra website?

  5. Nikki says

    If you signed up for the ‘Savings Club’ at coupons.com, there was a $1-something off 2 coupon on there.

  6. Janie says

    Re: Hills Brothers coupon… No matter what I do, Smart Source will not let me pring anything. Yes, I checked Java, all is enabled, etc. Then as it prepares to print, I get a message that says Sorry, unable to print. I get that every time. So frustrating. Any suggestions?

    Also, can’t find the 75-cent Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls coupons at all, even using various ZIP codes.

    • says

      I didn’t link to a Jimmy Dean coupon? But as far as SmartSource — I had that happen on my laptop for a while, but it let me print out of INternet Explorer, not Firefox. You might try switching browsers?

  7. Laurac says

    The grill time Catalina is printing at Ultra. It worked for me.I still had the $5.00 kingsford charcoal coupons. Used those even though they had to check against the counterfeit coupon list since they didn’t scan.

  8. Jamie says

    Planters Peanut Butter was $2 today when I went so if you still have the $1 off printable, the small jars are just $1 each after the coupon.

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