Ultra Foods deals week of 11/15/12

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Here are the best Ultra Foods coupon matchups and deals I see for the week of 11/15/12. I’m using the Lombard version of their ad (valid for Lombard, Downers Grove, Wheaton), so note that some pricing can vary at other Ultra stores, particularly on the extreme value meat deals and sometimes on the cereal deals. Check your own store’s ad to verify. Sale prices start at 6AM on Thursday. This Thanksgiving ad runs through Thursday 11/22.

Confused by abbreviations in this post? See lingo for newbies.

Top deals

Weekly deals



  • Pictsweet 10-16 oz veggies select varieties, $.68 each limit four.
  • Edy’s ice cream, $2.88 limit 2.
  • Cool Whip, $.99. Use previously available $1.00/2 printable.


  • Ritz crackers, 3/$5.00 limit 3. Use $.75/2 in the 11/11 SS.
  • Coke 12-packs, 4/$8.88 must buy four limit four with additional $10 purchase. Look in local Centrella flyers for $2.00/4 12-pack manufacturer coupons to make these 4/$6.88!
  • Pepsi 12-packs, 4/$8.88 must buy four limit four with additional $10 purchase. Look in local Centrella flyers for $1.00/3 12-pack manufacturer coupons.
  • 7-Up, RC, Sunkist, Diet Rite 12-packs, 4/$8.88 must buy four limit four with additional $10 purchase.
  • King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls 12 pack, $1.88. Use $1.00/2 in the 11/11 RP or Nov. AY. Print $1.00/2 here. Exp. $1.00/2 in the 8/26 RP.
  • Princella 40 oz cut sweet yams, $1.49.
  • Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, $.98.
  • Stove Top Stuffing, $.88. Use the previously available $1.00/2 printable. Look for buy four get one ffree tearpads.
  • Colgin liquid smoke, $.78.
  • Reese baked ham glaze, $1.50.
  • Heinz gravy, $.88.
  • Libby’s pumpkin, $1.38.
  • Kitchen Basics 32 oz stock, 3/$5.00. Libbys 100% Pure Pumpkin 15 oz can Buy 2 Get $1 Off 2 Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk 12 oz cans in the 10/28 RP.
  • Carnation Evaporated Milk, $.88. Use $.50/2 in the 9/30 RP. (Or if buying Libby’s, above, use the $1.00/2.)
  • Keebler Club crackers, $2.00. $1.00/2 Keebler Club Crackers on Kellogg’s Family Rewards (no points needed — under promotions and coupons, online coupons). $1.00/2 Keebler 11/11 RP.
  • Keebler Fudge cookies, $2.00. $1.00/1 on Kellogg’s Family Rewards (no points needed).
  • Del Monte canned fruit select, $.88.
  • 1lb Domino brown or powdered sugar, $.88.
  • Dole canned pineapple, $.88. $1.00/3 Dole canned fruits here. $.40/2 in the 11/4 SS. $1.00/3 in the season of sweet entertaining booklet.
  • Nestle morsels, $2.00. $.50/2 Nestle Toll House morsels. $.75/2 in the 11/4 SS. $.50/1 in the 9/9 RP.
  • Goya yellow rice mix, $1.25. Print $1.00/2 here.
  • La Costena 26 oz whole jalapenos, $.89.
  • Lay’s potato chips, $2.00.
  • Hills Bros. coffee, $6.99 limit 1. Use $.75/1 in the 10/28 SS.
  • College Inn canned broth, 2/$.99.
  • Butcher Boy 96 oz vegetable oil, $4.99 limit 2.
  • Nabisco snack crackers, $1.88. Use $.75/2 in the 11/11 SS.
  • Libby’s canned veggies: green beans, corn, peas, 12/$5.00 limit 12. Use $1.00/4 in the 11/11 RP. That’s about $.42 a can, so just $.17 a can after coupon!
  • Pop-tarts, 3/$5.00 limit 3. Use $1.00/3 here.
  • Seagrams 1 liter, $.99.
  • Sierra Mist or Schweppes 2 liter, $1.00.
  • RC, Diet Rite, 7-Up, Sunkist 2-liters, $1.00.
  • Fanta or Minute Maid 2 liters, $.69 must buy four.
  • In-ad manufacturer coupon: $2.00/1 or $5.00/2 Bacardi and some other liquors I can’t read because it’s fuzzy faded white on red. Makes Bacaradi $8.48 each wyb 2 with coupon. Limit two total on the Bacardi.


  • Norbest frozen turkeys, $.58/lb with additional $25 purchase limit 1.
  • They’ll also match any competitor’s per pound price on fresh or frozen turkey with ad proof. They will NOT match $ off coupons, just advertised per pound price. Good through 11/22.
  • Centrella hardwood smoked spiral sliced half ham, $1.78/lb.
  • Frozen Butterball turkeys, $1.19/lb limit 1. Use the  previously available $1.00/1 printable (for turkey roast or turkey), or the 11/4 SS manufacturer coupon: $3.00 off a whole Butterball Turkey when you four participating GM products. This coupon is also printable here.
  • Fresh Butterball, Perdue, or Rosebud turkeys, $1.88/lb.
  • Centrella Signature hardwood smoked shank portion ham, $.99/lb. Butt portion, $1.19/lb.
  • Centrella Signature bone-in frozen turkey breast, $1.79/lb.
  • Farmland boneless center cut whole pork loin roast, $2.89/lb.
  • Perdue oven stuffer roasters, $1.19/lb.
  • Bob Evans sausage roll, $2.50. $1.00/1 Bob Evans product.
  • Corn King bacon, $2.50.
  • Eckrich smoked sausage 42 oz family pack or 39 oz beef family pack, $4.99. Print $.55/1 on Facebook.
  • Old Folks roll sausage 3/$5.00 limit 6.

Not food

  • 100 ct Centrum vitamins, $4.88. Shows “complete.” Not sure what all will be included, but: $3.00/1 Centrum or Centrum Silver in the 11/11 RP. $3.00/1 FlavorBurst in the 11/11 RP. Exp. $2.00/1 in the 10/14 RP. $3.00/1 FlavorBurst in the 9/30 RP. Print $3.00/1 Adults under 50, men under 50, or women under 50 on FB. And $1.00/1 Silver. And $1.00/1 FlavorBurst. And $1.75/1 Silver. And $1.75/1 FlavorBurst. And $2.00/1 FlavorBurst. I’m $3.00/1 Silver. ANYway, get these as low as $1.88, which is a good price for Centrum.
  • Halls cough drops, 4/$5.00. Use $1.00/2 in the 11/4 SS. Exp. $1.00/2 in the 9/16 SS. Print $1.00/2 here.
  • Children’s Advil, $2.88 with on-pack coupon while supplies last.
  • Children’s Dimetapp, $3.88 with on-pack coupon while supplies last.
  • 3-bar Zest, $2.00. Use $.50/1 in the 10/7 SS.
  • EZ foil roaster, $.98.
  • 16 ct Energizer batteries, $6.88 with on pack coupon while supplies last.
  • 9 mega or 18 double roll Charmin or 8 giant roll bounty, $9.99 limit 2 total. Use $.25/1 Charmin in the 10/28 PG or 10/14 PG or $.50/1 Bounty in the 10/28 PG.


  • 5lb bag Idaho or red potatoes, $.78 limit 2.
  • Broccoli crowns, $.38/lb.
  • Sweet potatoes, $.39/lb.
  • Avocados, 12/$10.00.
  • Fresh cranberries, $1.99. If the brand matches, $1.00/1 Ocean Spray Fresh cranberries (Facebook).
  • Eat Smart cut veggies or slaw, $1.50.
  • 3lb yellow onions or 2lb red or white onions, $1.50.
  • Celery, $.99.
  • 16 oz Green Giant whole mushrooms, $2.50.
  • Fresh Express cole slaw, $.99.
  • Fresh Express green & crisp or premium romaine, $1.50.

Things to know at Ultra

Just a few:

  • At many Ultras, Catalinas will NOT print at the self-checkouts, so use the registers. They recently put the machines back in Lombard — how about your store?
  • Ultra accepts expired manufacturer coupons back 30 days; they do not accept expired store coupons.
  • View the Ultra coupon policy here (click on your local store from this link and it will come up). They now accept manufacturer Catalinas from other stores; however, they will not accept Register Rewards from Walgreens.
  • Some Ultras will give you a $.05 credit off your total for each reusable bag you bring in and use, so be sure to mention them to your cashier.

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  1. Lisa says

    I am interested in doing the Coke 12-packs, 4/$8.88 must buy four limit four with additional $10 purchase. I checked my local Centrella flyer (Berkots) for $3.00/4 12-pack manufacturer coupons and it is not in last weeks or this weeks. If anyone know what store has it in their ad please let me know.

    • says


      Let me know if there are any problems with the dominick’s ad! I am getting off the computer for a bit before my head explodes, darn long thanksgiving ads, lol.

    • says

      They didn’t have a new ad out — this one went through Thanksgiving. Usually on Thanksgiving they won’t do a new ad the holiday week. There was also no sunday ad in tomorrow’s paper, so I guess we have to wait til Thursday for new sales. :(

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