Twelve Bags Garden of Eatin’ chips $14.99 shipped

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Amazon has a really nice 20% off coupon going for select Garden of Eatin’, which you can combine with subscribe & save for additional discounts!

The 20% off coupon is good for more Garden of Eatin’ and Terra Chips products — check those all out here!

Prices on Amazon often change quickly. You need to be logged in to see and clip coupons, which are limit one per account and will come off just the first shipment. You can cancel subscribe & save or skip a shipment at any time. You get 5% off and free shipping with subscribe & save, which increases to 15% off if you have five subscriptions on the same day/month, or 20% off if you have five + Amazon Mom with Prime — in which case your price will be even lower than shown above!

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  1. Suzann says

    There’s is a story out today about Amazon and their prime shipping. They are tacking on the cost of shipping to your product price.
    I picked the story up on
    I have never used prime since there is not anything I buy that cannot wait for the slower free shipping for over $35–I just let an order accumulate until its $35. And that kind of knocks impulse purchases!!

    • says

      I’ve been reading those. What they say is: There are are a couple of lawsuits that allege that Amazon encouraged third party vendors to add in the price of shipping to their fulfilled by amazon items that were Prime eligible. It’s not exactly the same as Amazon is tacking on the cost of shipping to all product prices, and doesn’t say anything about products sold by Amazon rather than third party vendors.

      I do use my Prime shipping, especially around the holidays, and feel that for us it is worthwhile — because it allows me to order toys and other items without tacking on additional products I don’t necessarily need for the free shipping at $35. It probably depends on your own shopping patterns.

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