Tried the ALDI gluten free brownies

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And here’s a totally unsolicited review that boils down to: We all liked them, yay!


And they look pretty much like conventional brownie mix brownies, don’t they? They’re only slightly more grainy, but ALDI really has the flavor and texture down otherwise. This mix takes 1/2 cup oil, 2 eggs, and 2 tablespoons water. The box did not specify dairy free, but also has no obvious dairy ingredients, so see what works for your family’s dietary needs.


So they’re not brownies of health food — here are the ingredients for your own perusal — but instead are brownies of: I want a mix that’s kind of like the ones I can buy on sale for a dollar at the grocery store, because I miss them. This mix cost me $2.99 at ALDI, and is a limited time special buy. If you eat gluten free, keep encouraging ALDI to bring in more gluten free products!

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  1. Lynda says

    I tried to find these in my store but couldn’t…where did you find them? By the baking products? Near the produce?

  2. Paige says

    I made these tonight and am totally sick. I clearly got glutened. Not sure what standards Aldi has to follow for gluten content but it’s going to be a long night for me. They were delicious though so at least I got some fun out of it!

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