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I’ve been out and about all day, but had to drive a kid to Glen Ellyn — so decided to stop at Ultra and ALDI on the way there, and swing by Whole Foods on the way back. OK, Whole Foods is not technically anywhere near “on the way back” — but by the time I’m in Glen Ellyn I’m halfway there, lol.

Ultra Foods

The Planters Natural peanut butter is included in the 3/$5.00 sale this week! It’s not usually, so that was a nice surprise.

8 jars Planters peanut butter, $13.34. Used four $1.00/2 coupons: $1.00/2 printable here, or $1.00/2 in the 1/26 SS.
Asparagus, $1.08.
2 Stonyfield yogurt cups, $.96. Used $1.00/2 Facebook printable.
Eggs, $1.38.
8 lb potatoes, $1.98.

Got $.05 off for bringing a bag and paid $14.26.


Strawberries, $1.49.
Flour tortillas, $.89.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
Cucumber, $.29.

Paid $3.07.

Whole Foods

Organic Alexia fries, $2.69. Used $1.00/1 from this month’s Whole Deal (or printable here).
12 Luna bars, $10.69 after case discount. Used four $1.50/3 from this month’s Whole Deal.
2 Enjoy Life chocolate chips, $7.39. Used $1.50/2 from this month’s Whole Deal and two $.55/1 printables.
Beyond Meat crumbles, $5.69. Used FREE coupon from earlier promo (no longer available). Will get back $1.00 from Ibotta.
Rice Dream nondairy ice cream treats, $4.39. Used $2.00/1 Facebook printable + $1.00/1 from this month’s Whole Deal.
12 So Delicious yogurt cups, $18.25 after case discount. (They were nice enough to give me this even though I had some regular and some Greek — since they were the same price.) Used twelve $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons (in the regional 1/5 SS or $1.00/1 printables here) and four $1.00/3 from the Jan/Feb Whole Deal (expires today). Will get back $1.00 from Ibotta — it just keeps showing up even though I’ve already redeemed it!

Paid $15.90. Will get back $2.00 from Ibotta for Beyond Meat and So Delicious for a net cost of $13.90. So for today: I spent $33.23, with a net cost of $31.23.

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    • says

      If it makes you feel better, I only got $1.00 back from ibotta because I clutched and submitted the receipt before unlocking So Delicious :)

  1. Tamara says

    Did you have any problems with the Beyond Meat coupon? I forgot to bring it when I went the other day.

    Also, what is this case discount about? I don’t see that listed anywhere at the store. I saw Luna bars for $.99 or $14 something (which I imagined was the box of 15).

    • says

      When you buy a case of any single item, they will give you 10% off at the register. However, it doesn’t automatically do it, you have to tell them at checkout and then they will manually put it in. If you look at each item’s shelf tag, real small on the upper right it will tell you how many are in a case. Often it is 12, but not always. So Luna bars are $.99 when you buy singles, but 12= a “case,” so you just tell them at the register that you have a case of the bars and they will punch in the discount for you.

      And the Beyond Meat coupon scanned in just fine and automatically took off the $5.69 price.

      • Tamara says

        Interesting. I could’ve sworn they were 15 in a box, hence the $14 something price I see at my store. I also googled Luna bar case and they only seem to be in 15s.

        • says

          Eek, maybe it is supposed to be 15 then. The first time I got these I bought 12 and she said “oh, you have a case” — I never looked at the tag because it’s almost always 12, so I went with it. I would have bought 15 otherwise.

          • Tamara says

            So, my tag said .99 for one and $14.85 for a box of 15, which is literally .99 X 15. I figured I would only buy 6 in case I didn’t like them, but still wanted variety. I get to the cash register and she tells me it’s a 10% discount if you buy 12 or more. Therefore, the tag and size of the box and has nothing to do with it. Apparently, it’s just 12+ and it’s a discount. 😀

  2. John W says

    My Whole Foods (South Evanston) took the Beyond Meat coupon without any questions and it scanned right. They’re always good about taking any coupons. They also take my $2 off Dream coupons with overage when I use them on the single Dream treats (which are $1.69), which I assume is okay (the coupon doesn’t limit it). And don’t forget the $1 off kit’s organic bars, which make them free.

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