Target — Four Juniors Jeans somehow $24 with free shipping

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Bump! Earlier this wasn’t giving free shipping. That’s fixed. And a couple of you commented with this:

  • Add four pairs to your cart, and on the last page of checkout they come to $24 with free shipping. It should come to $32, but some kind of extra weird discount is coming off. I tried it myself, and sure enough, on the last page the price dropped to $24.00.

Outlander points out this is why — I cannot read: “It says on Target page Buy 3 or more, get 25% off.”

Head over to Target’s Daily Deals site, where today’s is Mossimo juniors boot cut jeans, BOGO at $16.00 with free shipping. The last time they did BOGO it didn’t show up til the last page of checkout.

RDietz pointed out I forgot cash back, so here, go through for 3% cash back.

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