Reader Deals 1/22/15

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

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If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.


  • Feelgood reports on the Color Changing Lightbulb, “Heads up if you ordered this item and did not receive it. I ordered this item December 4th, have not received it. Timeframe for delivery has passed, so filing a claim through Amazon.”
  • Don sent a link for a free “elevation mars” android app today only. He says, “3D Topographic Model of Mars Fully 3D rotation and view manipulation Raise and lower an artificial water level Select from a number of elevation coloring options Share imagery with your friends”


  • Brandy reports, “I very much dislike Butera as a market (produce is never very good), milk was $.99 and eggs were cheap as well (I think?). You have to spend $10, but I easily did that with a 12pk of beer that was also a decent price. Bacon is $2.99, which is cheaper than Aldi even.”

Check Out 51

  • Judy comments on Checkout 51, “Jewel Highland Park had a “try me free” rebate form on a display at for the Nature Valley® Nut Crisp Bars Dark Chocolate Almond or Salted Caramel Peanut varieties only.  Something to look out for.”

Coco Key

  • Liz reports on the Coco Key Half price deal, “I went to check the height restrictions on the slide and I noticed the day pass prices. Admission:Fridays: $10.00. Saturdays and Sundays: $15.00. So it isn’t quite half price.”

Container Store

  • Marsha says, “Some good holiday clearance at The Container Store – large, high quality rolls of wrapping paper (some of which didn’t look very Christmas-y!) at 90% off – $0.89. Some cute tins with stocking designs for $0.39. They also have stuff like wreath boxes, ornament boxes, etc at 50% off.”

Food For Less

  • Cathy comments on the Top 10 Deals,”DiGiorno Pizza is part of the buy 6 promo this week ($3.99 after instant savings).  I use printable $2 off 2 and received a cat for a dollar off next purchase.


  • Mary Beth commented on the Jewel Deals of the week, “The MyMixx worked last night but the cashier was not sure how to do it and the customer service person said it doesn’t go live until next week but put in phone number and it worked.  It is just hard to find it on the receipt. Also on the McCormick Grill Mate – the tubs are not on sale for $1.00 it is the envelopes that are $1.00.  (They have the wrong picture in the ad.)”
  • Jane also has a comment on the deals of the week, “Has anyone seen if the special instant Quaker oatmeals are included in the buy 5 deal this week? The one where you can use the new $1/1 insert coupon on. I was just there doing the milk deal yet forgot to look for them too! Thanks.”
  • Also, we did the Bud Light/ Red Baron pizza deal and there are coupons that make it even a better deal. Buy 1-12 pack of Bud bottles ($7.99) plus 2 classic Red Baron frozen pizzas and you get $5 off instantly. The pizzas are $3 each and there is an insert coupon for $1/2 making the whole deal only $7.99 for the beer AND 2 pizzas!
  • Julie reports on the Sara Lee snacks coupon, “FYI – It prints with a big ink/paper wasting ad if you only print a single coupon.”
  • Erin reports, “Jewel in DeKalb has Starbucks from Christmas reduced to $2. With coupon equals 1 dollar a bag! Also have k cups for $2 if you still have that coupon.”
  • Martha sent this, “I keep forgetting to post this. The Bolingbrook jewel at boughton & weber has these turkey broths marked down for over a week now. I keep expecting them to disappear, but they are still restocking them. They have long expirations too – December ’15 and later.



  • Anne says, “Thanks for posting this – awesome deal.  (Great Kleenex Scrubbing Bubbles) I did as above except did 4 toilet cleaner gels (because I like it a lot) and used 2 BOGO mfr and 1 Target.  It all worked great!  Also, softline clearance (except kids’ & baby clothes) and office supply clearance were an extra 25% off.  The additional 25% off DID work on kids’ shoes/boots and Bears clearance gear, though, and signs were posted on those items.”
  • Liz adds, “normally 4 pack jimmy dean delight (6.99) breakfast sandwiches on clearance for 2.02 in niles..and a 1.00 off 1 on mperks…”
  • Andrew commented on the Free Floss at Meijer, “Yes, this is true of any mPerk coupon of any value with a 10 for 10, 11th free sale. The free item will always be the “lowest” priced item. So with the floss example, the floss is free via mPerk and the system will assign a discount of $0 to the floss as the 11th free item. As another example, say you had $1/2 MQ for a 10/10 item. The system will make one of these items the “free” item and only apply a $0.50 discount to the other like item. This applies to digital mPerk coupons only. Paper coupons will not fall victim to the “lowest price” rule. The free item will always be the 11th item scanned if you have matching paper coupons. However, you want to make sure an item for which you have a paper coupon is not the 11th item scanned. The system will automatically adjust the paper coupon value down. With the $1/2 example, if these were scanned as items 10 and 11, the paper coupon would only take $0.50 off since one item was already reduced to $0.”

Reader Requests

  • Monique asks, “I’m new to using a smartphone. Is there any magic app that successfully combines grocery lists by store, pantry including what needs to be restocked and a price book?… I currently print out spreadsheets for grocery lists and pantry restock list and never have gotten the knack of using a price book. I’m guessing “not”. Short of that, any recommendations on where I should start?”
  • Letsshop asks, “Has anyone ever made yogurt ? looks pretty easy but scared since I know  no one who has made it before ! Including me  (:”
  • Kay answers, “Yes, easy! I make it all the time for my dogs (I don’t like yogurt) I heat milk in a bowl, until boiling in the microwave – using my temperature probe. Then cool to warm and stir in a bit of yogurt. I then put my bowl in a crockpot and fill around the bowl with warm water. I ‘cook’ it on low oevernight. Yogurt!”
  • Brandy replies about making yogurt, “I’ve tried to make yogurt with that Kickstarter yogurt maker that was super popular and it was a huge pain in the behind! I’ll never do it again. Gave it away on Freecycle. Hah.”
  • And from Suzann, “A long time ago I had a Salton yogurt maker and used every couple weeks.  Thought I would like this better than store yogurt since I do not like yogurt (too sour just like I hate sour cream as a garnish ).”
  • Liz has a request, “I need another person on my team for ibotta…anyone?”


  • Debbie says, “I’m sorry but the biscuits I listed were not a deal ($1.50).  I was comparing it to the Schnuck’s that was posted for your area, 10/$10 making it $1 for you, $1.50 for me.  I thought the price would be the same no matter which Schnuck’s you go to.”
  • Rachel responds, “I’m sorry, that was misworded. With any of these chains, prices can differ by store — especially when you are in different regions. The Schnucks deals I get from NIC are from up in the Rockford area so may differ down by you; always check against your local ad.”

Where to Buy Milk and Eggs

  • On where to buy milk and eggs, Maureen says, “The Post coupon and Catalina also works wyb one Oberweis half gallon at Jewel (although you won’t be able to use the Ibotta). If you don’t need the cereal, consider donating it to your local food pantry.”

Free floss at Meijer through 1/24

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Search “floss” on Meijer mPerks to find a digital coupon for $1.00/1 Meijer brand floss. This is on sale for $1.00 as part of the 10 for $10 get the 11th item free sale this week, so free after coupon. You may, however, wish to purchase separately — Bargains to Bounty reports that the last time an mPerks made an item free on the ten for $10 get the 11th free sale, it didn’t come off if you bought that product as one of your 11 items. So just run a quick transaction at self checkout to get one totally free, no tax (store coupon!) before you run the rest of your trip separately.

Meijer deals week of 1/22/15 – 1/28/15

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Here are the best Chicago Meijer deals and coupon matchups (for Meijer Thursday market ads) I see for the week of 1/22/15 – 1/28/15.

(Note: Smaller neighborhood grocery Chicago Meijers such as Niles, Melrose Park, Berwyn, and Orland Park, go off different and more localized ads, so some of your deals may differ from those shown here. Please verify against your own ad. Other states, Northwest Indiana, and downstate IL are on the Sunday-Thursday ad schedule, so sales there start the Sunday before the Thursday they start in Chicagoland in IL. I use the Bolingbrook IL (Boughton) ad for these matchups.)

Top Meijer deals week of 1/22 – 1/28

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Great Kleenex + Scrubbing Bubbles deal at Meijer

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At Meijer starting tomorrow 1/22 (Thursday market stores, already running in Sunday market stores) we have a new deal:

  • Spend $20+ on select cold & flu products, save $5 instantly.

We also have overlapping Catalina deals going here, so let’s have some fun:

So your best way to get to $20 is:

Remember that both Catalinas run through 1/25, so be sure to shop before then.

(Thanks, Meijer Madness)

Reader Deals 1/20/15

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Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

  • Email Rachel:
  • Comment on any post where it seems to fit.
  • Post on the Facebook Wall.

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.


  • Julie sent this, “For the CVS Softsoap/Irish Spring/Speedstick/Colgate ECB deal, be careful, it seems like the limit is 2 total, but 1 per transaction.  I bought 4 Speed Stick deodorants using 2 BOGO coupons ($16 toward the deal before coupons), but it only tracked $12 toward the deal.”

Free With Coupons

  • Pam sent some additions deals for Free With Coupons, “Meijer & Walmart – Wet N Wild Eye Shadow, Nail Polish, Mascara, Eye Brow Pencils, Lip Liners & makeup pencil sharpeners .98ea. Use $1/1 in 1/18/15SS = Free ;)  (Found new nail polish colors /new design)(Walgreens is currently BOGO 50%off)”
  • Catherine also sent some deals, “Wet N Wild eye pencils and eye shadow singles are 99¢ at KMART, so free with coupon there too. Also the Bic White -Out is 97¢ at WALMART, so free there with the Bic coupon.”


  • Shawna sent a warning on $17 All Day Gameworks Pass,”I bought this deal last month and wanted to warn everyone that the voucher works on the video games only. My kids love the games that give out tickets and those weren’t included.”


  • Jane commented on Post Great Grains and Milk Deal, “I decided not to take a chance on Target (but they do have Cartwheels on Post cereals right now).  Went to Jewel and found some Post cereals on end cap for $1.25/box. The free milk coupon worked great and the OYNO catalina printed, too. Thanks!”

Kellogg Family Rewards

  • Pam sent a couple codes, “Kelloggs Family Reward Points… “QUIZWHIZ50POINTS”  worth 50 points ;) and  “4THELOVEOFCHEESE” worth 25 points”


Reader Requests

  • Seachicago asks, “There was a great, comprehensive post on here a few months back about using Target Cartwheel.  I can’t find it, can someone help me locate it??!  I’m just now trying to use cartwheel (a little late to the game), and it’s really confusing to me, for some reason.  I could use the help!  TIA”

Free With Coupons 1/19/15

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Here are a few items that are free with coupons right now — no Catalinas, no Register Rewards, just straight up free. In IL, grocery store sales now generally run through Tuesday (except for a few stores like Meijer, whose sales change on Thurs.), and drugstore, Target, Walmart sales through Saturday. So, let’s shop for free!

Did I miss anything? Comment here.

Dollar Tree

Finds at Dollar Tree will vary by store!


  • Bic Wite-out is on price cut at Meijer for $.89 through 2/1, so free with the $1.00/1 in the 1/4 SS


  • Free PureVia (Stevia) thru 1/31! TPC $1.79 for the 40ct box. There is a  Target coupon and also $1/1 PureVia 1/4SS (regional).
  • Brita Bottle Filters 2 pack, $6.99. Use the $4.00/1 Brita Pitcher or Multipack Filters from the 11/16 SS and stack with this $3.00/1 Brita multipack filters Target coupon  to get them free.


Unadvertised pricing can vary by store and by region.

Awesome Scrubbing Bubbles money maker at Meijer

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And another good find from feelgood! Over at Meijer, get a $3.00 Catalina when you buy three Scrubbing Bubbles heavy duty all purpose cleaner with fantastik through 1/24. Through 1/21 (Thursday market stores), get $2.00 instant savings when you buy two. So:

Pay $.02 + tax and get back $3.00 OYNO for a $2.98 money maker! There’s also a $.50/1 Scrubbing Bubbles in the 1/11 SS1.

Print now for free Met-Rx later — Meijer

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Here’s a find from feelgood: Starting tomorrow 1/18 in Sunday market Meijer stores, or starting Thursday 1/22 in Thursday market stores (IL-Chicagoland), Met-Rx bars will be on sale buy one, get one 50% off. He comments: “Reg price is $1.99, so free with $2.99/2 printable.

Meijer deals — Ten for $10 get the 11th free returns 1/22/15

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Meijer will be running a new ten for $10 get the 11th item free deal, starting tomorrow 1/18 in Sunday market stores and on Thursday 1/22 in Thursday market stores (IL-Chicagoland). Remember that Meijer does not allow you to use a coupon on a “free” item, so make sure the 11th one down the belt is not something on which you wish to use a coupon.

  • Del Monte canned veggies. Use $.40/4 in the 11/9 SS.
  • Knorr sides.
  • Green Giant boxed veggies.
  • Coke, Pepsi, or 7-UP 2 liters. $1.50 off 2 7-UP 2 liters and Pringles.
  • Barilla pasta (excludes pasta plus, collezione, gluten free, family dinner jumbo cuts and lasagna). Use $1.00/2 veggie, white fiber, whole grain in the 1/4 RP2 or print $.75/2 here or $1.00/3 here.
  • Michelina’s entrees. Print $1.00/5 here.
  • Banquet entrees or pot pies.
  • Meijer facial tissue.
  • Red, yellow, or orange sweet bell peppers.
  • Chobani Greek, Oats, Flip, or Simply 100 yogurt. Get $1.00 back on Simply 100 on Ibotta.
  • Armour breakfast or lunchmakers.
  • 9 oz John Morrell smoked sausage.
  • Bar-S 16 oz meat franks or bologna or 12 oz cotto salami.
  • 8 oz whole white or mini bella mushrooms.
  • 5 lb locally grown round white potatoes.
  • 3 lb carrots.
  • Broccoli crowns.
  • Pomegranates or 8 oz POM wonderful juice. Use $.50/1 in the 12/7 SS1.
  • Bunch organic kale.
  • 2 lb organic carrots (shows Earthbound Farm).
  • Pascal celery.
  • Del Monte all natural fruit cups.
  • 4 ct King’s Hawaiian rolls.
  • Sobe or Rockstar.
  • Aunt Jemima great start breakfast entrees.
  • Old Orchard juice concentrates. Print $1.00/4 here.
  • Meijer 10 ct waffles.
  • El Monterey breakfast burritos.
  • Meijer frozen sandwiches.
  • Ore-Ida Easy Fries. Print $1.00/2 here.
  • Totino’s pizza rolls or party pizza.
  • Bosco stick singles or Cole’s mini garlic loaf.
  • 16 oz Meijer sour cream.
  • 56-64 oz Sunny D or Sunny D chillers.
  • 16.3 oz Pillsbury Grands. Use $.30/3 in the 1/4 SS1, 12/7 SS2, 11/23 SS, 11/16 SS.
  • Chex Mix or Bugles. Use $.50/2 in the 1/4 SS1, 12/7 SS2, or printable here. Also check SavingStar for $.50 back on two.
  • Nabisco or Keebler Go Cups.
  • Meijer Pretzels or Cheese Puffs.
  • 32 oz Gatorade.
  • Vitaminwater or KickStart.
  • Sparkling Ice.
  • Clif or Luna single bars.
  • Stride, Wrigley’s, Trident, Project 7, or Pur gum.
  • Theater box candy.
  • Meijer split top bread or hamburger or hot dog buns.
  • Hunt’s snack pack. Use $.45/3 in the 1/11 SS1.
  • Horizon organic milk singles.
  • GM, Kellogg’s, or Quaker cereal cups.
  • Jell-O gelatin or pudding.
  • Bush’s baked beans or variety or chili beans or chili magic.
  • Hamburger Helper. Use $.75/3 in the 1/4 SS1 or 12/7 SS2 or print $1.00/5 here. There’s $1.00 back on three on SavingStar.
  • Betty Crocker mashed potatoes.
  • Kraft original mac & cheese, easy mac, or Goldfish mac & cheese.
  • Meijer soft flour tortillas.
  • Meijer naturals salsa.
  • Meijer naturals 28-29 oz tomatoes.
  • Meijer dressing, croutons, tortilla strips, or olives.
  • Meijer 24 oz ketchup or 12 oz mustard.
  • 18 oz KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce.
  • Meijer 12.25 oz marinade.
  • Manwich.
  • Wolf chili.
  • Meijer premium chunk white chicken or solid white albacore tuna in water.
  • 24 oz Meijer pasta sauce.
  • 15-20 oz Meijer canned fruit.
  • Spaghetti-Os. Get $.40 back on 3 on SavingStar.
  • Campbell’s soup on the go or red & white bowls.
  • 50 ct Meijer reclosable snack or sandwich bags.
  • Renuzit adjustables. Print $1.00/3 here.
  • 14 oz Ajax liquid dish soap.
  • 4 roll Angel Soft bath tissue. Use $.45/1 Angel Soft in the 1/4 RP1 or print $.25/1 Angel Soft here.
  • 1 big roll Sparkle paper towel.
  • Fancy Feast appetizers or broths. Use $1.00/4 in the 10/26 RP (exp. 1/26) or print $1.00/4 broths here.
  • Whisker licken’s cat treats. Use $.50/2 in the 10/26 RP (exp. 1/26).
  • Beyond wet cat food. Buy 3 cans Purina Beyond wet dog or cat food, get one free up to $2.49 in the 1/11 SS2. Print $1.00/4 here.
  • Beneful prepared meals, medleys, or chopped blends.
  • 22 oz Pedigree wet dog food.
  • 5 oz Canine Carry-Outs. Use $1.00/4 in the 12/7 RP.
  • Meijer packaged bulk treats 3-6 oz.
  • 13 oz ONE wet dog food. Use $1.00/2 in the 10/26 RP (exp. 1/26).
  • Select Meijer first aid products.
  • Select travel or trial size products or bath poufs.
  • 6.4 oz Colgate paste or 4.6 oz baking soda & peroxide paste. Use $.75/1 in the 1/18 SS.
  • 6 oz Closeup toothpaste.
  • Meijer toothbrushes.
  • 30 ct Meijer cough drops or 25 c sugar free cough drops.