Super cheap Horizon mac & cheese at Meijer

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The $.55/1 Horizon mac & cheese coupon has reset, and with it comes a super Catalina deal at Meijer:

  • Horizon Mac & Cheese 6/13/14-6/30/14: Buy four, get $1.00 OYNO. Buy five or more, get $1.50 OYNO.

Horizon mac & cheese is reported on temporary price cut for $1.00 through July 13. (Double check to make sure this is valid in Chicago stores, but usually we get the same price cuts in the Thursday ad market.) So:

  • Buy five for $5.00.
  • Your best deal with multiple computers is to use five $.55/1 printable coupons = $2.25.
  • Get $1.50 OYNO for a net cost of $.75 for five boxes, or just $.15 a box.

If you have one computer, print two $.55/1 coupons. Buy four boxes for $4.00, use two $.55/1 coupons = $2.90, and get back $1.00 for a net cost of $1.90 for four, or $.48 a box. Or buy five boxes for $5.00, use two $.55/1 coupons = $3.90, and get back $1.50 for a net cost of $2.40 for five boxes, or still $.48 a box.

(Thanks, Meijer Madness)

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  1. Kristen VanDerMolen says

    I also had an mperks manufacturer coupon for $1 off every 3 and the Catalina machine has been spitting out more coupons. I have gotten both $1/3 and $.75/2.

  2. Kari O. says

    I read on shoppers apprentice that a $1/3 catalina coupon prints before you pay. So, if you’re using self checkout you can use that one instantly,

  3. ElizabethF says

    Well, my trip to Meijer didn’t go great. First, only some varieties are $1 each, others are $1.25. So, watch that. Second, I didn’t get the catalina. :( I waited for it to print and… nothing. Oh, well $0.45/box is still a good price for organic mac n cheese.

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