Stockpile Swap Saturday July 12

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Come on out and join us at our next Stockpile Swap, sponsored by Mashup Mom and! We’ll be at the Lisle Public Library, IL on Saturday July 12 2014 from 1:00-3:00 PM. Stop on in any time — all are welcome, and no registration is required.

Bring your unneeded stockpile items to share, and bring home new stockpile items from others. Did you end up with extra probiotics, but need low-dose aspirin? Do you have a glut of baby food, but need pet food? Do you have too much peanut butter, but need some soup? Bring your extras, and benefit from others’ extras!

Very simple rules

  • This is a free for all — items will be set out for anyone to take.
  • Please bring something if you’re planning to take something.
  • Be considerate, so that everyone gets a chance to leave with something new.
  • If you have a lot of stockpile items, feel free leave them in your car, bring in representative samples, and talk with others about what you have to swap — don’t hurt yourself, lol.
  • No selling. No money can change hands at this event; bring items with the understanding that you’re giving them away to others.

If you’re looking for something in particular (baby items, cereal, dog food, what have you) feel free to comment here or on the Coupon Trading Facebook group. If you have extras of something in particular, feel free comment with what you might be bringing to share. Swap at your own risk; neither the library, Mashup Mom, nor can be liable for how stockpile items have been stored, expiration dates, etc.

Any leftover stockpile items at the end of the event will be donated to the Lisle Township Food Pantry, which serves residents of Lisle and unincorporated parts of Lisle, Naperville and Woodridge.

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  1. Debbie says

    I wish we had one of these in Central Illinois! But I would need to see how this works so it is fair (trading baby food for pet food?! Hope it’s a jar and canned! Or a toothbrush for aspirin?!)! Sounds like it would be fun anyway!

    • says

      It’s a free for all — everything left over will be donated. Last time I brought 4 bags of stuff and left with one and a half, so instead of focusing on fair in terms of dollar amounts, the idea is to bring stuff you don’t need and would donate anyway, but come away with something you can use. :)

  2. Silvia says

    I like it and sad I missed the last one, I will be at this one. I would like food items like cereal , pasta, pasta sauce, pancake mix, Mac n cheese and things like Kia seeds or flaxseed. I have lots of drugstore, diet, items and will being it all for trade!

  3. Diane says

    I’m hoping to make this! If anyone has any Depend (or any brand) Undergarments size L that they don’t need I have someone who needs them. I have a few Tena size S undergarment samples and a variety of drugstore items I hope to bring. Thanks!

  4. Martha says

    Bummed I missed the last one and will not be able to do this one either :( Please do it again! Thanks Rachel!!

  5. jake says

    Sounds like fun but I have a better idea. Since people seem to have “stockpiles” why not just give it all to the Food Pantry. I can’t imagine there would be much left over or even worth while giving at the end of this event. We are very fortunate to have the ability to shop and save the way we do thanks to this web site, why not pay it forward. Just saying. Thanks.

  6. Agnes says

    I was there in April it was nice road-trip:)
    I’ll def. try to be there again:) I need baby items (wipes,bottles, unisex clothes 3mo+), also flushable toddler wipes, snacks, food items. I’ll have a variety of items I get mostly at CVS. I’m clearing out my stockpile now (making room for baby), so will prepare a mix of items to swap:)))

  7. CJ says

    Good Morning, While I love the concept (I do this with my family and friends occasionally) I have to agree that maybe this would be a great time to donate all the stockpiles to local pantry’s. It seems a little strange to be using a public facility for this and then giving the “leftovers” to the needy. We have all learned so much from this web site and for many of us helped our financial situations during difficult times. Maybe this could be an opportunity to help out others. Thanks for listening.

  8. Silvia says

    I for one, do not have friends that coupon anymore because of all the work and time it takes. Also, we don’t always have access to the same deals or same coupons for that matter.
    For these reasons, I feel very grateful for the “friends” I have made on boards like these and a swap so that I can get essential things that I need for my family without paying full price.
    Sometimes people, and strangly Couponers, think that we have sooooo much money cuz we save sooooo mucho couponing but that is really far from the truth. I work really hard and still have to chase the bargain to feed my family and sacrifice “luxuries” to make sure good is on the table, swaps help a ton to do that!
    Lastly, the leftovers are wonderful for the pantry and some pantries do exactly the same thing, swap for what their area needs most so let’s enjoy that mashupmom is organizing this to meet everyone’s needs!!! Thanks for listening!

    • jake says

      Your opinion is very valid but please keep in mind the “luxuries” that you sacrifice are probably not comparable to those of the people who frequent food pantry’s or shelters where these donations are made. I don’t think pantry swaps is also a fair comparison to one that is being held in a public library. I’ve been couponing since this web site started and never once been accused of having so much money due to my efforts. I have however been complimented on how I survived a very difficult time in my life which I am thankful for this site helping me accomplish that. Now that our lives are back on track I still use this site and what I’ve learned to continue to shop smart and now help others who are currently where I was. My comments were merely a suggestion for other ideas.

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