Steak & Shake tomorrow — half price shakes + Guinness attempt


Want something fun to do with the kids tomorrow? Check this one out:

Steak ‘n Shake Celebrates 80th Birthday with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Official Attempt, New Birthday Cake Milk Shake

Join the Record Attempt and enjoy half-price Birthday Cake Milk Shakes

Why: To celebrate 80 glorious years of Steakburgers and hand-dipped milk shakes, Steak ‘n Shake is inviting America to a birthday party for the record books. Americans from coast to coast are invited to gather at their local Steak ‘n Shake to help achieve the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for the “Largest Birthday Sing-Along” and partake in the limited-time Birthday Cake Milk Shake.

You are invited to gather at your local Steak ‘n Shake locations for the first-of-its-kind record attempt, which will involve more than 20,000 participants.

Guests who participate will not only hold a place in Steak ‘n Shake history books, but also get to enjoy half-price Birthday Cake Milk Shakes during the attempt.

Where: All Steak ‘n Shake locations

When: 12 p.m. CT / 1 p.m. ET on Saturday, June 7

For a complete list of Steak ‘n Shake locations in your area, visit or

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  1. jane says

    That’s funny—for a minute I though it was going to be shakes made with Guiness…I was, like, “dh would love that!”

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