Starbucks coffee mashup!

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So get this: Starbucks has an offer going through Sunday 3/24: In Starbucks stores (or online, but you’d have to pay shipping), when you buy one lb whole bean coffee, Starbucks VIA 12 packs, K-Cup packs, or Verismo pods, you’ll get a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.


So get THIS! Head over to Groupon and do the $5 for a $10 Starbucks e-gift card deal.

  • Then, go to your friendly local Starbucks store and use your $10 gift card to pick up a pound of whole bean coffee, starting at $11.95.
  • Now you have paid $6.95 for a pound of whole bean coffee (the $5 you put out for the $10 gift card + the extra $1.95-ish it will cost over that).
  • AND you will get another $5.00 Starbucks gift card.
  • Making your net cost for 1 pound of whole bean Starbucks coffee just $1.95.

And then if you are lucky


Be sure that you have the Endorse app! They often have a 100% back on coffee offer (up to $3.00). I’ve gotten this offer several times (in my pic above, it’s an old offer I got a couple of weeks ago and redeemed), and Endorse offers are good anywhere, including Starbucks stores. Their offers flip on Thursdays, so if you don’t have it today, you might have it next Thursday — but of course, no guarantees, because this is if you are lucky! They will take receipts back six days, so if you buy your Starbucks coffee this weekend, hold onto your receipt til Thursday, just in case. :)

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  1. Sue says

    That’s awesome! Do they sell the k-cups in the store. My husband loves the starbucks k-cups. I don’t drink coffee so I never go to starbucks unless it’s a drive through for him. I would do the deal if I new the k-cups were in store. :)

    • says

      I don’t know — usually the special promos are not, and it does say “participating stores.” I’d go to a standalone store to be safe.

  2. liketosave says

    The coupons says you have to go online to purchase the coffee to get the e-card. I thought you stated we go into the store and buy and get the card of $5? Will a store give you a $5 card?

    • says

      When you buy the groupon, you need to redeem it online and print out an e-gift card. YOu then take that paper e-gift card into a Starbucks store and buy the coffee and get a $5.00 gift card

  3. Sharon says

    Does anyone know if this deal rolls? I got the groupon deal but I also have some other Starbucks GCs. So can I take the GC earned and an existing one and earn another one?

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