Spent too much at Target shopping

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The luck o’ the Irish was not so much with me today: My original plan failed because my Target no longer carries smaller bags of Purina ONE BeyOnd cat food, and they were out of the sale litter, and the price went up again on the cat food they did have… So I punted with the below and now am not sure I got a great deal — but the brand-loyal kitties still gotta eat!

Tidy cats scoop 20 lb litter, $9.19.
Purina ONE 3.5 lb SmartBlend, $7.99. Used $3.00 off cat food AND litter from the 1/26 RP1.
Two 6 lb bags Purina ONE Beyond, $27.98. Used two $2.00/1 printables.
Market Pantry eggs, $1.59. Used $.50/1 mobile coupon (THANKS or SPRING to 827438) and 5% off on Cartwheel, which dropped them to $1.03.
Fresh Express spinach, $1.97. Used $1.00/1 fresh veggies mobile coupon (THANKS or SPRING to 827438).

Used $10/$40 pet stuff Target coupon from this week’s ad. Paid $33.03. Meh.

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  1. Mary J. says

    Funny, I thought I was the only one who noticed that Target is not carrying as big of a selection as they used to and they raised their prices. GRRR!!!

  2. Tamara says

    I like that you show us your “not-so-perfect” shopping trips since it happens to all of us! Good to know that I can use the fresh veggies coupon the bagged spinach.

    • Jane says

      Target is funny about those mobile “fresh” coupons. They will take the veggie one on anything it seems but the meat one is funny. One time I tried to buy a FRESH roll of Bob Evans sausage and they did not take off the $1 as meat, but last time I bought Market Pantry lunchmeat and they took off BOTH the fresh meat AND the MP 9oz. lunchmeat dollar mobiles!

      • Jane says

        Also, you ARE lucky Rachel. Your cats can eat the store bought cat foods. We have to get Science Diet prescription from the vets and its a 17 lb bag and its about $55. It may be more…goes up every time and I try to block out the amount I just plopped down for my “stray cats” food!

        • says

          We have been there in the past with prescription foods for old cats — not at the moment, but one INSISTS on Purina ONE for whatever reason. Vocally. :)

          • Jane says

            Thanks very much for the tip on the $7 coupon for the vet Hills Science Diet cat food! I have actually been on their site before long ago (I had a name/pw) but I either forgot about it or did not know they had coupons. That’s a nice one and we are almost ready for a new bag. They give you 90 days exp. date as well.

  3. Nancy says

    Under the circumstances, you did really well.

    It is really frustrating when you have your plan mapped out and your coupons in hand, only to have everything fall apart because the store has run out of product.


  4. Maureen says

    Bummer. No luck of the Irish for you today! We’ve all had trips like that when things don’t work out as planned. Chin up!

  5. Amy says

    Bummer! Not sure this will make you feel better, but I had an awesome Target shopping day … bag of apples, 2 boxes of Triscuits and 3 Right Guard deodorant for $3 and some change. I was shocked my Target had everything in stock because it’s not a Super Target. My trips are usually like yours.

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