Had to spend $20 at Jewel shopping


I had to go to Jewel to spend a $20 Catalina from last week’s gift card deal, expiring today. It was pretty quiet over there this morning! Managed to lose my receipt, but spent $1.35 after Catalina + coupons on the above. Highlights: Got the free biscuits and $.39 brown sugar. Got Reese’s artichokes — $2.50 each and used two $.50/1 printables under All You Exclusives. (Alas, they were not some magical 63 oz can — my dreams of giant artichokes, they are shattered.) Got two Culinary Circle pizzas on sale 2/$9.00 — my free Redbox Rental code didn’t print out, but they did it for me at customer service. Got two of the Tyson grilled & ready, BOGO at $2.99.

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  1. Jane says

    Where did you see about the Free Redbox deals? I’m looking in the fliers and must be blind! I want the pop deal but want to make sure I have something to prove about the dvd printing out. Thanks.

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