Southwest Airlines gift cards at a discount

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Raise has a number of Southwest Airlines gift cards at 5%-6% off face value. New Raise customers can use code RAISE75AF for $5/$75 through 4/30 for additional savings. If you’re planning a trip, why not save a little more on airfare?!

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  1. peaches says

    Hi- Has anybody had any experience with Raise? I am wondering if there are any black out dates for the tickets on Southwest? I am interested in buying tickets for New Orleans, and Southwest is the only airline that has any deals at all right now for when I want to go.

    • says

      They are gift cards. Gift cards don’t have blackout times, they are a method of payment. Blackouts only apply when you are actually buying tickets. When you buy gift cards on Raise or any of the gift card resellers, some are physical and some are electronic and will come via email. It will tell you when you are looking at the page whether it is a physical or electronic gift card.

      • peaches says

        I just checked their site, and they currently have 22 Southwest Airlines gift cards for sale, and they are all electronic gift cards. Most of them are $80 gift cards for $76, and so 5% off.

  2. Andi says

    If you are planning a trip, be aware that Southwest limits the number of payment methods per order to 4. So, you can use up to 4 gift cards. However, if the 4 gift cards are still not enough to cover your total cost, you actually can only use 3 gift cards and then a credit card to cover the rest. You could instead do separate orders for each ticket, but that would be more difficult.

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