SodaStream mail in rebate and places to use it — UPDATED

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Here’s a new $25 mail in rebate for SodaStream through 8/31 — must be used on a machine with a retail value $65+. Valid on in store and online purchases. Offer not valid with any other SodaStream rebate, coupon, or offer code. Options:


*** IMPORTANT UPDATE *** — I was just reading that on the last deal Amazon had shipped these in “frustration free packaging” with no UPCs for the rebate, so you may wish to purchase from Walmart rather than Amazon for this one.

  • Amazon has the black/silver jet starter kit for $69.00 with free shipping. It does have a 10% off coupon on the page, but this may invalidate the rebate since the fine print says not valid with any other coupon or offer code.
  • If you switch to the white color, the price drops to $54.95. Now, the rebate says retail value $65, so it should work with this sale price — but just a warning they might look at that as an excuse to deny. Look at the fine print on the rebate form and do at your own risk.

So $44 after rebate if you do the straight $69 price, less if you risk a sale price or 10% off code. :)


(Thanks, Time 2 Save and Moola Saving Mom)

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  1. Ellen says

    Probably too late but meijer…tonight.
    $10-20 summer bucks (part of 2 day sale ending today) depending on whether you buy the 79.99 one ($10 discount) or the 99.99 one ($20 discount)
    $20 cat when you buy one- cat expires 7/2 (but only print through today)
    Also, any reward categories…total purchase, home appliances
    I just got back and mine was about $30 net with tax

  2. Charlotte says

    If you order from Amazon, just print out a copy of your Amazon order, and enclose it. The guy I talked to at Soda Steam said with Amazon purchases, an UPC was not needed. Still waiting on the actual rebate however… When was the previous MIR? Hmmm…


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