Six pack Miracle Noodles $8.44 shipped

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This six pack of Miracle Noodle angel hair shirataki zero calorie zero carb zero gluten noodles is just $8.44 shipped with subscribe & save right now — which is the lowest I have ever seen them.

Prices on Amazon often change quickly. You can cancel subscribe & save or skip a shipment at any time. You get 5% off and free shipping with subscribe & save, which increases to 15% off if you have five subscriptions on the same day/month, or 20% off if you have five + Amazon Mom with Prime — in which case your price will be even lower than shown above!

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  1. Sarah says

    Has anyone tried these before? Do they just taste like nothing but whatever sauce you put on them? I just started a low carb diet and am curious to try these.

  2. Becky says

    They taste like whatever sauce you put them in. I wouldn’t say they were gross it far from good. I just couldn’t get over the rubber texture. I would say it is a good replacement because of there being so little calories and they do fill you up.

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