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I’ve been out and about all over today, had lunch with a friend, and generally just got out of the house since it’s relatively balmy for the first time in recent memory! Plus, we were about out of produce… How about you? :)


12 Ice Mountain sparkling water, $6.00. Used four $1.00/3 coupons (ZIP 60126 then reload).

Paid $2.50. Also checked out the Valentine’s clearance, but it was pretty picked over and all the Easter stuff is out already…


Pork chops, $3.07 on clearance.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
Flour tortillas, $.89.
Fingerling potatoes, $1.49.
Tortilla chips, $1.19.
2 avocados, $1.78.
Nature’s Path Organic Love Crunch granola, $1.49 on clearance. (Both kids went nuts for this — should have gotten more!)
3 lb yellow onions, $.89.
2 packs mushrooms, $1.38.
Strawberries, $1.99.
Clearance bouquet, $1.99.

Paid $16.91.

Pete’s Market

Cinnamon pinecones, $1.50.
Celery, $.50.
Grape tomatoes, $1.48.
Cauliflower, $2.28.
Broccoli, $.55. Got back $.25 from Checkout 51.
2 lb carrots, $1.38.
3 lb clementines, $2.99.
Fuji apples, $.62.
Sourdough bread, $3.29. Got back $.50 from Checkout 51.
Deli meat ends, $2.35.

Got $.05 off for bringing a reusable bag. Paid $17.29 and got back $.75 from Checkout 51 for a net cost of $16.54. So today I paid $36.70 for all of the above, for a net cost of $35.95.

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  1. April says

    I drove through Addison today and stopped by Addison Aldi.
    I also bought onions and mushrooms, but noticed, that strawberries were $1.19 there. I got only one container, but now I regret that I didn’t get at least two.

  2. Charlotte says

    I went all over too, today. This morning, Walmart, scouring for clearance Lego. They had a lot of themed sets, like Lord of the Rings sets on clearance at around 30% off. Then to Food4Less for groceries. Onwards to Ace, then Goodwill (loads of clothing for $20) and then IKEA for free kids meals and an hour of playtime for them. Oh, and got 6 stamps on my Smaland card, so $5 off coupon for my next food purchase at IKEA. :)

  3. Hollis says

    Thanks for the heads up on the clearance Love Crunch granola – we never tried it before so I stopped in and my boys LOVE it – I think my youngest has just about polished off one bag already – I am going to stop back tomorrow and see if they have any left and buy some more!

    • says

      We’d never tried it before either, but it’s really good! I just figured that $1.50 for organic granola was definitely worth a try, so glad we did. :)

    • says

      We ate it dry. It has actual little chunks of chocolate in it (like really tiny chocolate bars) so I’m not sure how it would be as cereal. It would probably be really good on yogurt, too.

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