Shopping cause the bus didn’t come

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So… Junior High Guy’s school bus didn’t come today (don’t even get me started on the buses) and I had to drive him to school after he’d waited outside WAY too long in 5 degree temperatures, poor guy. Figured since I was out and dressed and driving around anyway, I’d shop on the way back. Today’s trip features free drugs, expensive drugs, and too much produce in a vain attempt to hurry spring.


So yesterday I went to urgent care, sure I had strep. Nope. It’s “a virus” — and they gave me steroids to clear stuff up and suggested the real deal Sudafed that works and is kept behind the pharmacy counter. After proving I wasn’t likely to make meth in my bathtub with my one box, a 48 ct pack of CVS brand pseudoephedrine ran me $9.96. Yes, it’s open, since I took some as soon as I got home, I’m that sick :( .

Then up front I got:

4 Excedrin extra strength, $19.96. Used four $2.00/1 from the 2/23 SS.
Mucinex Allergy, $7.50. Used $5.00/1 from the 2/23 SS.

Used a 20% off non-sale items coupon that randomly came in the mail. Paid $.87 and $10.00 ECB. Got back $10.00 ECB from Excedrin, for a net cost of $.87. Will send in for the $2.50 Mucinex rebate in the 2/23 SS, which will net me another couple bucks after stamp for a small money maker.

Pete’s Market

Lindt bar, $2.00. Submitted for $2.00 back on my Shopmium referral welcome offer.
5 lb red potatoes, $.98.
Broccoli, $.36.
Cauliflower, $1.23.
Asparagus, $1.12.
Mini sweet peppers, $.98.
Red apples, $1.40.
Green apples, $.88.
3 lb clementines, $3.99.
Sourdough bread, $3.29.
Meat ends, $2.27. Yeah. These are MashupDad’s new favorite thing, since you never know what deli goodness you’ll find buried in there, lol.

Got $.05 off for bringing a bag and paid $18.91. Should get $2.00 back from Shopmium for a net cost of $16.91.


5 avocados, $2.95.
1 lb roma tomatoes, $.79.
Mushrooms, $1.49.
2 lb strawberries, $1.98.
Flour tortillas, $.89.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
Fingerling potatoes, $1.49.
Taquitos rojos, $1.69.

Paid $11.83. So for the day: I paid $41.57. I’ll get back $2.00 from Shopmium and about another $2.00 after stamp for Mucinex, so net $37.57. Of which $10 was… knockoff Sudafed, bah! :)

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  1. cindy says

    I haven’t received a CVS email coupon in quite some time… so I thought I’d call to see what happened. Turns out that they monitor how much you spend (after ECBs and coupons) and send you coupons accordingly… Someone else told me that you might be better off getting a brand new card altogether to get the new coupons sent to you! Just a thought because that’s what I’ll be doing!

    • Victoria says

      Yea I thought that was the case. Even without extra coupons I am still doing very well I average OOP less than 20% much of the time it’s only tax. So a new card would do me no good they would stop sending me coupons in email within a few months if I keep shopping like I do.

    • Nancy says

      Actually, I lost my card last year and wound up opening a whole new account (it was a ton faster than waiting for a replacement card). Bottom line: I haven’t gotten a decent coupon with the new account, while the other one always got great coupons via email and the magic coupon machine.

      Go figure.

  2. Tammy says

    My husband loves the meat ends from Joseph’s in Crystal Lake! It’s like opening a secret treasure every week. They used to be .99, but now they’re up to 1.49! lol

    • says

      Yup. My Pete’s Market has them sometimes (as do other produce stores) — they randomly package them up and sell them. So you can see the top layer but not what else is in there, lol.

  3. Kate says

    Hope you feel better soon! And let us know how the strawberries are! Tomorrow is grocery day and I have plans to get some, but curious as to whether they’re good or not.

    • says

      Yes and they only let you purchase a certain amount in a month, I forgot now I think based on dosage. I was refused one time because I left my Aleve D at home and was already to work, but had just purchased it. Had to wait until I got home.

  4. maggie says

    Hej Rachel, did you get the Vit. D3 this week at Target? Totally works to fight infections. Take a couple thousand at once, do this a couple times/day. This really helps to fight whatever you have. Hope you feel well soon! :)

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