Shell — $.10 off a gallon 40 points on My Coke Rewards

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LOL — my points are dwindling really quickly now that I no longer drink Diet Coke! But over on My Coke Rewards you can redeem 40 points for $.10 off per gallon at Shell (and other select stations) through Fuel Rewards Network. If you have an existing Fuel Rewards Network account, just look in the upper right and enter the code you get from My Coke Rewards. If not, just sign up or link your green Fuel Rewards Jewel card at

(Thanks, The Shopper’s Apprentice)

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  1. laurac says

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m on a Coke Rewards spending spree today. Picked up the following today:

    – $5.00 gift card to McDonalds – 90 points (option when the Best Buy ran out)
    – 10 cents Shell rewards – 40 points
    – 1 year subscription to Good Housekeeping w/tote bag(they had me at tote bag) – 133 points
    – 140 points to St Jude’s Hospital.

    I still have 2900 points and I gave up soda too, BUT I get all of the points from the office soda machine and supplement the supply with free coke reward soda here and there.

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