Saturday freebies

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Happy Saturday! Happy freebies! :)

American Family Sweepstakes

Sign up for the American Family sweepstakes and get a free brownie recipe e-book.

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  1. kay says

    apparently you can’t get the brownie cookbook if you are already a member of American Family.

    also eharmony ‘free’ weekends aren’t really free – you can ‘communicate’ thru their site but you will not be able to to have actual contact with anyone – actually talk to or email anyone without joining.

  2. says

    I’m not sure what the difference is? you mean you can send messages on their site but not get anyone’s email? I didn’t really look further cause I don’t think MashupDad would approve 😉

    • kay says

      you can ‘communicate’ using their ‘system’ which is asking and answering questions from a ‘set’ they have, like ‘where do you see yourself living in 5 yrs?’. Then they can answer and ask some, etc….but you cannot access anyone outside of their ‘system’, like get an email address or phone number or even see their full profile or pictures unless you join.

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