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Carhartt recently sent over a pair of boy’s washed denim dungaree pants for Mr. 5 to put to the test — they’re bringing their knowledge of rugged workwear over to clothes that kids can play hard in. Well, he’s just the kid to test that out, trust me! We’re all too familiar with the hole-in-the-knee raggedy hems scenario here, because Mr. 5 never, and I mean never, stops moving. :)


He even tested them out upside-down for us…


And the upside-down halfway splits are a particular favorite… (excuse the cluttered background — boy also is not keen on putting toys away 😉 )

These are a nice, rugged pair of jeans. I’ve been buying boys jeans for a while, although Mr. 10 was never quite as hard on his! — and you get to the point where you can tell if they’re going to last. I am pretty sure Mr. 5 will outgrow this pair before wearing them out.


(And no, he doesn’t even sit still to play video games — he was all over this chair in every position possible!)


These Carhartt boy’s jeans are also adjustable-waist, which is a huge plus. I had to cinch these in quite a bit, because when you move that much, you also stay pretty skinny!


The other thing I liked was the lack of difficult buttons or snaps — these are easy for little fingers to latch.

Carhartt boy’s washed denim dungaree pants are available in sizes 4-7 and 8-16. They also carry washed five-pocket denim jeans for girls.

The fine print

I received a pair of jeans from Carhartt for purposes of this review. All opinions in this post, however, are my own.

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  1. luci says

    I believe that carhartt’s are made in the USA—-one of the most important reasons to purchase! Hopefully, things haven’t changed or their policies on American Made.

  2. Outlander says

    Wow, your floor is so clean! My carpet is, or I should say was the same color, but with all the stains on it, you can’t tell anymore!:)

  3. jean says

    My Mr.7 would make quick friends with your Mr.5. This past fall when the long pants came out of the closet he put a hole in the knee of a new pair of pants FOUR days in a row! Good thing I had gotten them all marked down at the end of last season – but still I was ready to wring the kid’s neck. He moves from the moment his feet hit the ground until we make him lay down at night. They are amazing, both boys and Carhartt.
    My big boys use them for working on the farm – good stuff.

    • seachicago says

      That is a fantastic tip! I am constantly ironing patches on jeans around here (and re-ironing patches). I’m going to give that a try. Thanks!!!

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