Remaining Dominick’s going 50% today

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dominicksLogoAn anonymous employee posted on Jill Cataldo’s site that the remaining open Dominick’s (that are not converting to Jewel) are going 50% today 1/13. If you have an open Dominick’s near you and check it out this morning, please comment here and let us know!


From Facebook comments: Aurora, YES. Shorewood, YES. Bannockburn, NO. Anywhere else?

Heads up from Amy: “It is not everything at the Aurora, no alcohol, produce, fresh meat, milk, shelled eggs…..” And from Pam: “I think those are the same restrictions everywhere that Amy mentioned–that’s how it is at Shorewood.”

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  1. Angie says

    Went to Shorewood store today. They have 50% off or bogo free items. Alchol , meat, shelled eggs,, dairy and organics r not included. I was a bit bummed that organics weren’t included. That’s what I buy when i regularly shop at Dominick’s so the sale wasnt all that great for me. Does anyone know if the meat etc. ever went on sale at the other stores?

    • peaches says

      Hi- Fresh meat does not go on sale until the end. By organics not being on sale, do you mean organic produce? They put the produce on sale at the end too. When I went to both of the Evanston stores, I got a fair amount of frozen organic though, including Kashi and Any’s. Alexi frozen potatoes were also 50% off, and I believe t hey are organic, although I am not sure. By the time the produce went on sale, it was either awful, or nonexistent. I remember I saw some organic greens there that were just awful., and I would not even take them for free…

    • Pam says

      I get real excited when the organic milk goes on clearance. That will probably be the same day that the meat goes on sale—like everyone said, toward the end.

  2. Kari O. says

    Just got back from Gurnee. It wasnt that bad since it wasn’t advertised and my checkout wait was only 45 minutes (compared to 1.25 at Fox Lake). I was able to find a lot of stuff at around noon. Be warned, there was three guys pulling up in a big moving truck and loaded in about 15 carts plus stock carts of stuff. Including all the bottled water and most of the cereals.

  3. LauraL says

    I went to the Aurora one around noon yesterday. Even at that time they were pretty cleared out of a lot of stuff – though there were still some deals. Check out only took about 20 minutes so at least it didn’t take a lot of time.

    I’m sure they will go to 75% off soon considering they are closing 1/25.

    Thanks for the post – I would have never known otherwise.

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