Remaining Dominick’s — meat 50% and liquor 30%?

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Andrea comments in Hot Deals on Facebook today: “Meat and liquor markdown began this morning at Aurora Dominick’s. Line to the back of the store to get into liquor department! But milk is still NOT included! The liquor is 30% and the rest of the store is 50%. Aurora Dominick’s is on New York & Eola, west of the Fox Valley mall.”

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  1. Pam says

    yeah I think it is CRAZY that milk is not included. The milk that they have at my Dominick’s expires Jan 26!! Which for organic milk is a very short expiration.

  2. says

    I wonder if they’re just selling it down at full price, then — if it’s that old they may just not have been stocking and might not have much left? But that’s just a guess!

  3. Becky says

    Does anyone know what is happening with the Bannockburn dominicks, they are still full price and pretty well stocked????

    • peaches says

      Hi- I also post on LTH, and somebody just posted a few days ago on there, that Safeway is in a legal dispute with the landlord, and right now they are contractually obligated to keep the store open, even though they were planning on closing it last month. Apparently they started their going out of business sale when most of the stores did last month, and then they were informed by the landlord that they were contractually obligated to keep the store open, and so they had to restock the store. From what I understand most of the stuff in their deli is deeply discounted, but that is about it, and they are not restocking their produce or meat right now. I heard a few weeks ago, that they were hoping to close on January 25, but right now that has been put on hold while they try to work things out. I am not sure when their lease expires.

  4. DON OCONNELL says

    NO KIDDING HU ? 12 MINUTES – WOW !!!! I was there about noon and got great deals on cheese and meat from the Deli

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