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Here are the deals YOU found recently — Thanks! Share the deals you find with other Mashup Mom readers by emailing me, commenting on the blog, posting to the forum, or posting on the Facebook Wall.

Buy Buy Baby


  • From Marie: “I like to use this every once in awhile when I’m in a rush for online coupons. . . It’s a running online list of coupons regularly edited/added/deleted. Thought this may help you or some of your visitors. Here’s the link- it’s part of slickdeals website. It’s been pretty helpful for me!”


  • From feelgood: “Stopped at the CVS in Woodridge, IL (Boughton and Woodward) last night. As you walk in, there is a huge display of EVIAN Natural Spring Water from the French Alps – with a big sign: 2 for $1, after $1 coupon available from cashier. Aren’t these around $2 each elsewhere? Asked the clerk how long the sale lasted, he said all week. Didn’t see this deal in the weekly ad or posted anywhere else.”

  • For, Angela suggests “Use the coupon code Oprah15 for 15% off your first order and free shipping over $49. Includes cribs and furniture! Enjoy!”

Family Dollar

  • Michelle says they also have the Gain dish liquid for $1.00, making it free after the $1.00/1 in the 8/29 PG.


  • From Joelle: “I just saw the Meijer ad has Peter Pan peanut butter 16.3 oz jar for $.99.  There is a $.60 off 1 in the 8/1 SS.   $.39 for peanut butter works for me.”
  • Another use for the $5.00/5 Kraft coupon, from Matt: “buy 10 Kraft Shreds at Meijer ($1.66 each) pay $6.67 and get back a $5 Cat.” Ginny says: “FYI-if you do the deal at Meijer, the cat is a store q not a manufacturer’s q.”
  • And also from Matt: “Also if you do this deal [w/ the $5.00/5 Kraft coupon] at Meijer, you can get 5 Philly Cream Cheeses for $1.25 after coupon ($1.25 each, 5 for $6.25 before coupon). Use your $2 off $5 MPerks and get something for $.75 and you get all free cream cheese.”
  • Christy says: “Meijer is now offering a $2/$5 purchase through Mperks. This appeared on my account even though I’ve already redeemed the $5/$5 that was offered for signing up. There are a bunch of other new offers, too, including a $3/3 flavored coffee-mate. They’re on sale for $1.50, so I’m thinking if I used the 0.75 printables and combined with the Mperks, there might be some overage.”


  • Susan found one for World’s Best cat litter.
  • From Pam: “I found at Butera (and then later at Jewel) a MIR for any Snapple 6 pack (up to 6.99).  Receipt must be dated between 8/16/10 and 9/12/10 and posted marked by 10/1/10. Seems like the last one they were running several months ago.  Almost free snapple (tax / stamp).”
  • And another from Pam: “Found a Mail In Rebate at the Walmart in Crystal Lake for the Diswasher Magic – up to $4 and the product is 3.98.  The rebate is online at with Program Code: DWM001 so at least I don’t have to pay for a stamp ;-)”

  • Another ink deal from Matt: “They have a coupon for $10 off any HP ink purchase over $40 or $20 off any ink purchase over $80. You can only use the coupon online or over the phone and it cannot be combined with any other offers (expires tomorrow). 1 per customer. If the order is over $50 the shipping is free or have it shipped to the store for free. I had a $30 credit from bringing in ink cartridges, so I bought 2 black HP cartridges, which ended up being $2.11 after HP coupon and my Staples reward with shipping to my store. Link to coupons:


  • From Christine: “Target  in Hoffman Estates had tearpads for buy 2 Lays potato chips and get a free Sun chips, Lays $1/2 kettle cooked potato chips, Buy 2 Doritos get a sun chip free. (Exp. 9/9)”
  • And Pam found: “Found at Target today on the Hunts ketchup a peelie for Target – 1.50 off when you purchase both Hebrew National hot dogs and Hunt’s ketchup… but on the back it had a Target .50 off one Gulden’s Mustard which is on price drop until 9/5 for $1. This was at the Target in Crystal Lake.”


  • Caroline C. says the $2.00/4 Pepsi coupon is also in the Pete’s ad, if you get that. Use at Ultra or Jewel. And from Tina: “The coupon for the $2 off soda is for coke in my ads…I have a Tony’s and Shop and save, both have Coke $2 off.  Not sure if the Pepsi is in other ads, but who knows…”
  • Leslie says: “I found the made at home booklet at the Wheaton Ultra in front of the cereal. It was a HUGE yellow cardboard display. Only took 2!!! Left LOTS for everbody else.”
  • Another suggestion from Matt for the $5.00/5 Kraft coupon: “I bought 4 lbs. of Breakstone sour cream ($.99) and 1 Philly cream cheese ($1.50) to get the total over $5. Paid $.56 for all of them.”
  • And from Brenda (and Matt also noticed): “you could also use the $5/5 Kraft coupon here to get the Breakstone sour cream (its included on the coupon) and get 5 for FREE!!!!”. I did this yesterday and brought a coupon with the whole page printout showing participating products, because this coupon does beep and it doesn’t show sour cream on the coupon itself.


  • On the $1.00/1 Quaker instant oatmeal coupon, Brianna says: “in the upcoming Walgreen’s ad, Quaker oatmeal will be on sale for $2/5 with a $2 RR back making it 2/$3 and then after these nice $1 coupons they’ll only be $.50each.” This starts tomorrow 9/5 :)
  • From Coupon Princess: “Walgreens in Glendale Heights (Army trail and Glen Ellyn Rd) is remodeling the store and they have and will have alot of clearanced merchandise at  75% off. Here’s a few great deals I found: Pet food: Friskies cans 17c (Original 69c). Purina Whiskers Lickins 49c (Original 1.99) Purina One 4lb bags smart Blend 2.99 (Original 8.49) Pez dog treat *hilarious* 99c (Original 5.99). Personal: Just my size hose not knee highs 82c (3.29) Sheer Elegance Hose not knee highs $1 (4.29) Leggs 1.49 (5.99). Depends 6.19 (15.49) Olay Definity 14 day 9.99 (29.99) Olay Definity night 9.99 (34.49) Misc: MP3 speakers 2.49 (9.99) GE reveal 65 2.64 (7.99) GE Reveal 50 2.99 (9.49) GE Reveal 30-70-100 1.29 (4.49) Kodak Prem. Photo paper maybe 4x 6? 2.74 (10.00). I am sure there’s coupons for these products out there but these are things I don’t normally buy. BTW The managers and cashiers are Awesome there and most of them will even show you great deals around the store, help you use the right coupons and RR rewards (without getting upset at you because you forgot to add a filler and the register keeps beeping- that would be me when I’m in a hurry) and even help you look for the cheapest fillers in the store (this was a blast the other day we ran around looking for new ideas). This morning I was very thankful for their patience and kindness. KEEP UP THE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE GLENDALE HEIGHTS WALGREENS!!!”


  • From Tina on Facebook: “While at Woodman’s today, I noticed that on the Arnold’s 100% Whole Wheat bread, they have peelies for $1 off when you buy the bread and a 6-pack of Musselman’s applesauce. That is our fave bread, because it is only $1.69 (all the time, at Woodmans and Walmart) and it has no high fructose corn syrup. Their Musselman’s …applesauce is on sale for $1.49 right now, so 100% whole wheat bread and a 6 pack of applesauce for $2.18 as long as you find one with the peelie. Of course, you could also use that Musselman’s printable to get $.49 applesauce – but I could only get one of those to print and had already used it at Jewel! They also have $1/1 Reynolds aluminum foil coupons taped onto packages – and a ton of other random “buy 2 get this” coupons taped up throughout the store.”

Whole Foods

  • Several of you have commented that your Whole Foods butchers are telling you that the $3.99/lb grass feed ground beef sale is running at least through Sunday 9/5 (and a couple of you mentioned 9/7). So it’s worth a look!

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  1. Steph says

    Thanks for the sleep sack deal Kim! I just ordered two fleece ones (also on sale for $3.74). My son will be wearing yellow this winter, but he won’t mind :)

  2. Louisa says

    Thanks!! You are So Fast!! And do you know when the $5 Kraft (specifically crystal light) sale ends. Thanks!!! A TON!!!

  3. Jeanne says

    I received 2 catalina alerts at Jewel last night. Not sure if these have been posted.

    Buy any Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables between 9/6/10 and 10/3/10 and save up to $3.00 OYNO. Buy 4 – get $1.00, Buy 6 – get $2.00 or Buy 8 or more and get $3.00 coupon off your next order.

    Buy Pillsbury Refrigerated Crescents, Cookies, Sweet Rolls, Grands Biscuits, Grands Cinnamon Rolls, Pie Crusts, Dinner Rolls, Loaves, Breadsticks or Pizza Crust between 9/6/10 and 10/3/10 and save up to $3.00 OYNO. Buy 4 – get $1.00, Buy 5 – get $2.00 or Buy 6 or more and get $3.00 coupon off your next order.

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